Chris Cohan’s Retrograde Behavior, His Saturn Return And The Sale Of The Warriors

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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cohanSaturn says selling The Dubs is near.

A new reader. Tony, supplied me with Chris Cohan’s birth info. I’ve been trying to hunt it down for a while now, but like most things Cohan, especially at this phase of his life, the details, and even presence of the man remain rather elusive. While it is always a more complete experience to have the birth time to cast a chart, view angles, see the chart type, etc, it’s not always necessary to begin to grasp a an image based on where the planets align.

Chris Cohan was born on January 2nd, 1950. This would make him a Capricorn Sun sign and the rest of his chart, based on the ephemeris leaves some important clues regarding Cohan and his particular style.. As I scanned the planets, I was surprised by the lack of water in his chart. Outside of Uranus in Cancer, transpersonal and volatile at best, there is no water connecting him to his chart. Water equals emotion. People with a balanced number of water sign planets tend to have balanced and healthy emotional interactions. People with too much water tend to be hyper-sensitive, and as a result. overly emotional. People with little water in their charts have little feeling. The latter would describe Cohan.

He has Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius. What does all of this mean? It means he’s incredibly detached. Aquarius can be one of the most cool and impersonal signs in the zodiac and while Cohan might warm up just a little with Mars in Libra (more about that later), passion, fire, intensity, are not words likely to be associated with this chart. This is the chart of the scientist or the analyst who sits far above the fray, observes data, compiles results and then if he feels as though it might make some difference, finds a way to act on his findings. This is not someone who gets personally engaged in anything except litigation, which we’ll revisit (Mars in Libra) shortly. He was probably the type of kid that would take the wings off of a fly, just to see it try to get off the ground.

Even though Cohan might play the role of the mad scientist, but he has not sacrificed ambition. Sun in Capricorn make the individual ambitious, career oriented and striving to achieve a measure of success at a worldly level, some recognizable zone of achievement beyond just getting props from peers and friends.

People born with a Capricorn Sun can have competitive and even contentious relationships with their fathers. Capricorn is associated with age, karma, discipline and time. It is often related to Chronos, whom we know, ate his young. People with Sun in Capricorn are born with an inherent need to succeed, almost solely based on the elements in their immediate environment. Famous Capricorns who had dominant father figures in their lives include, Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson and Richard Nixon.

Cohan made his fortune based on the heels and work of his father (Capricorn) in cable TV, which is ruled by Aquarius.This perfectly syncs up with Cohan’s stellium in Aquarius and his Capricorn Sun.

Mars is the planet of action. Libra is the sign of balance, fairness and equanimity. The symbol for Libra is the scales, the scales of justice. When the planet of war meets the scales of justice, we see someone that has the capacity to be a fearless advocate of human rights, or one that is continually looking for an argument, to be right, to win against the forces of injustice in a court of law. Sound familiar? One of Chris Cohan’s most persistent business models has been litigation. He bought The Warriors brandishing the threat of litigation like a club against Fitzgerald and Finane. They were more than happy to sell to the young cable TV baron. But it didn’t stop there for Cohan. In fact, he even went to court against his current coach, Don Nelson! Litigation is part of Cohan’s DNA as much as it’s part of his chart with Mars in Libra. But what about Mercury retrograde, the hallmark of Cohan’s reign of sub-medocrity as The Warriors owner? Is there a clue in his chart? Does Dan Brown piss off The Vatican? The answer resides in Cohan’s Saturn in Virgo, and you guessed, it, is retrograde. How does one define this, how does it influence The Dubs and what does it mean in real time?

Every 28 years, Saturn returns to it’s place where it emerges in the birth chart. This is called, “The Saturn Return” and it takes roughly 28 1/2 years for this orbit to occur. When we hit our 28th year, it can be a time of immense growth, challenge, testing and trials. If an individual has not been doing their inner work, Saturn will make them learn in a hurry to get them up-to-speed for the next phase of their lives as an adult. If they have been doing their work, it’s all about building towards the next level, versus tearing down. Fears and limitations are faced during the Saturn Return and hopefully overcome. Chris Cohan is going through his second SR right now at age 59. He’s right in the middle of it and he’s no doubt assessing what works and doesn’t work in his life. His recent interview on Yahoo!, one of the few glimpses we’ve had into his inner life recently reveals a sense of regret. This would be inevitable in some ways during SR. Saturn in Cohan’s chart is in Virgo and I have mentioned it before, it is retrograde, so in the grand scheme of cosmic symmetry it would make sense that Cohan would buy The Dubs during a Mercury retrograde. With all of his air signs and detached vision, it’s the details, the minutiae, the granular bits of matter that make up life which is what Chris Cohan is here to learn about. I hate to say this Warrior fans, but Chris Cohan is working out his karma, his life-lessons on your watch. An old school astrologer would make the connection between Saturn Retrograde in Virgo and Mercury Retrograde (Mercury rules Virgo) that Chris Cohan would likely act during a Mercury Retrograde because it would insure that he would learn the most during those phases where he would have to go back and uncover the reasons why something doesn’t work, versus figuring out how they can work. But do not fear Warriors fans. Based on his chart, Chris Cohan is thinking long and hard about selling this team. Circle August 29th on your calendars, because that is when Saturn, which, ironically is retrograde, will reach 19 degrees Virgo, direct, in Chris Cohan’s chart. This will be the most synchronous and fortuitous time for him to sell The Warriors. Hopefully, he’ll seal the deal before the beginning of October, when Mercury goes retrograde again, in Libra, the sign that determines Cohan’s love affair with litigation.

In the end, I see him selling much in the same way he bought the team, with his hand forced and one final suit he’d rather not try on for size.

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    I can’t thank you enough for this. Thanks for investing the time in reading his chart. I truly hope he sells soon, but I won’t count on it. Hope is not something that is often rewarded in Warrior fans. If you have a link to that recent article from yahoo, I would love to read it. Thanks again so much.

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    Just a brief note. The Yahoo! story on Cohan was a hack from someone at Just my little contribution to Mercury Retrograde.

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