Chiron In Pisces, The Heroes Journey And The Potential of AstroCoach

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Chiron_and_Achilles_c1922-1925_John_Singer_Sargent_cropped_Humanity-HealingThe Achilles Heal

One of the services I offer is coaching. I use the individuals chart to get into their life, past, present and future. It allows them (and me) to go deeper into their process over a period of sessions, not just one reading. When clients are in transition or going through a challenging stretch they can get support and clear navigation. They can choose to use their sessions whenever they want. They don’t expire.

I’m re-printing a recent post from one of those clients who benefited from the process as we honed in on the deep wound of Chiron. By gently exposing it and bringing it to light, she was able to accept, heal and transform her life. She’s since gone onto become a spiritual leader in her community, teaching yoga, writing and broadcasting. She’s also become a mentor. I asked her if I could reprint her post and she agreed. Here it is.

Chiron return: A Heroes’ Journey back to Self: Velvet Sullivan

About five years ago I had a friend who was studying to become an astrologer. She was learning about the major transits and just coincidently my husband was just beginning to go through his Chiron Return. She told me that at the time of her Chiron return, she didn’t have any idea what was going on and she cried every day for a year. That, coupled with what my husband went through and other friends since then have gone through during their Chiron return I was sort of afraid of what would happen to me through my Chiron return.

The Myth Of Chiron

Chiron in mythology was a Centaur. He was a healer and also a teacher. He mentored and prepared the great Heroes of his time for their Heroes’ Journey. He was injured accidentally by an arrow of one of his prize students, Hercules. The problem was that the arrow was covered in a poison that would keep the wound from ever healing. Chiron, who was immortal, got sick of the wound and his inability to heal himself and offered to trade places with Prometheus who was chained to a mountain for giving Mankind fire. During the day an eagle would come and pick out his liver and every night, his liver would grow back. The only way he could be freed was if another immortal offered his life in exchange for Prometheus’ freedom. Chiron who had his un-healing wound was willing to die to be free of his wound. So Chiron took Prometheus’ place and Chiron, died being released from his suffering.

In Astrology, Chiron represents the wounds that we experience in our youth. Through this wounding we continue to be wounded and/or inflict wounds on others. Then at about the age of 50, the astrological wheel brings Chiron back to the exact place in the heavens as it was during the time of our birth. On March 11, 2013, I experienced the first passing of Chiron over my natal Chiron. Just by chance I “impulsively” chose to have a reading done for my birthday, which was a couple of weeks prior. When I set it up, Robert Phoenix, my astrologer suggested that we wait until to do the New Moon to do the reading. It made sense to me, but I didn’t realize how much sense it actually made at the time.

When I looked at the astrology of the new moon, Chiron was exactly conjunct my natal Chiron. I knew there was something cosmic going on.

When he explained the transit to me, it made more and more sense to me what my particular wounding is about. Because my Chiron is in Pisces in the third house of communication. My wounding was tied to my ability to express the depth of my spirituality and my connection to creator.

The other trippy thing I learned about Chiron from him is that the degree of Chiron often represents the age at which your major wounding occurred.

My Chiron is at 10 degrees Pisces and it was at ten that my mother went to work and it was at ten when I was going through confirmation classes. During those classes I was molested by a preacher.

Robert asked me if I told anyone about it and wondered if I was afraid to tell anyone for fear of being considered crazy. To me it felt more like I didn’t tell anyone because there was no one around to tell. My mother was busy working as was my father. So I just stopped going to church and “forgot” about what the preacher did to me.

That’s when I started learning to take care of myself. After doing some coaching, I realized that I wasn’t wounded so much by the molestation as I was by the idea that I “couldn’t trust God” anymore. As a child I couldn’t separate the actions of the man from the actions of “God.” I had been a very spiritual child. I loved going to church and I would find a way to go to church, even if it meant going by myself. When the preacher molested me I started moving away from my connection to my spiritual self and my connection to Creator. I stopped trusting in my connection to the Divine. That is a sad loss for a eighteen-year -old.

Over the course of the sessions he went on to say that once a wounding occurs, you repeat the wounding, thus reinforcing the beliefs created from it. For me, when I was nineteen I was date raped. That experience was way more traumatic to me than being molested and instead of dealing with it; I pushed it down but it also triggered my memory of being violated in church. I became bulimic and started acting out in very inappropriate ways. I drank and became promiscuous. So I lost my connection to God at ten and then at nineteen I lost my connection to myself. I spent the next five years fumbling through school. I ended up doing okay grade-wise, but looking back I was pretty lost.

At twenty-four I began the long journey back to myself and to my connection with the Divine. Now over one quarter of a century later, I am just starting to feel comfortable in my own skin, to feel okay about whom I am and the amazing spiritual being that I am.

When I turned fifty, two years ago, I felt like the Fool in the Tarot and was stepping off a precipice of the last forty-years-of-my life. Not that I won’t have challenging times ahead, but I know now that with what I have regained of my connection to the Divine and to my soul that I will be okay. During the sessions that followed I learned that the coming years signaled a real breakthrough if I could heal from what had happened. Since then, I’ve tapped into spiritual gifts that I can share and assist others on their path.
Chiron in Pisces, the heroes journey.

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