Chiron In Pisces, The Gulf Crisis, Obama’s Waterloo, Individual Genius, Jupiter In Aries

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

oilbirdBP’s new corporate symbol.

As of 12:03 PM, PST, on May 16th, the undersea volcano of methane and crude oil continues to gush into the gulf. BP is falling far short of any sort of solution or strategy in capping the worst eco-disaster of our time. With Chiron’s immediate arrival into the sign of Pisces, our relationship with water and fluids on all levels is brought directly to the surface of our conscious awareness as Neptune rules not just over water, but oil as well. Together, the two co-mingle at sea, the light and the dark, an elemental miscegenation that crosses the brain/blood barrier of the planet itself. Chiron in Pisces, 0 degrees. Ground Zero.

What has been the response of our leadership? Well, Mr. Obama has done what he does better than anyone in recent memory and that is inject lots of concern. I’ve never seen a president offer up concern and studied gravitas quite like Obama. By the way, doesn’t anyone else think it’s interesting that our last three presidents have all been Leo’s, sign of actors and kings? So, as he scans from teleprompter-to-teleprompter and the sincerity is ratcheted up a few degrees, his utter lack of cognitive dissonance should be enough to sway us–it is not.

We spent eight years forming new, complex pathways in our collective brain under the spell of George Bush. Well, at least some of us have. That eight year stretch was a daily struggle to reassemble reality from the surreal deconstruction that was going on around us. From 9/11 to Lyndie England and Abu Grhaib. From Pat Tillman getting shot by guys in his own company, to Dick Cheney shooting a guy in the face and the guy profusely apologizing, we had to re-wire our connections in order to maintain some semblance of sanity. When Obama came along, some of us had unplugged enough to not fall prey to the hope and change exchange, the three-card-monty for not just our votes, but the last few ounces of hope left in our nearly bankrupted psyches. We got off that train when Bushco came roaring through town. Jaundiced and cynical, we were chided by our progressive friends. No, not just chided, derided. In a stunning display of group think, many Obama supporters turned on the few of us that said the emperor is wearing the same clothes, which are no clothes at all.

Of course, here in Lemuria-by-the-bay, people like SF Gate columnist, Mark Morford blew their holy horns, trumpeting the arrival of “The One.” Morford’s now infamous column about how his friends, people that really know a thing or two about this, told him that Obama was special, not just a new presidential model, but a new model period. That “he was the one we had been waiting for.” It was this kind of mass psychology (Neptune in Aquarius) that entrained so many, right up through his historic acceptance speech in Denver, the highest city in the US, the one closest to heaven, where he addressed the dazed and panting masses. Yes, they would not tolerate anyone saying anything negative about their destined redeemer.

A good friend, someone I thought had been dedicated to the truth refused to even remotely consider what failure under Obama would look like. He would not allow for any scenario in his mind that would change his opinion of him. I was, quite frankly, rather stunned. I knew right then, how deeply this trance had permeated our collective psyche. Even now, it’s the evil oil companies that are responsible for the disaster in the The Gulf. That might remotely be the case, but in the aftermath of this event, the onus of accountability shifts to our leadership and the one man in the land that promised to stand for something at one point in time.

The murmurs are surfacing that this could be Obama’s Katrina. I think it could be his Waterloo. Outside of presiding over some feigned struggle around healthcare reform and deepening our involvement in Pakistan and Afghanistan, what has he done for the average American? The natives are restless and not just the sheep herded tea baggers. Many of the once entrained left are snapping out of their didactic hypnosis. But will it be enough and do we have a enough time to make truly deep and profound change, not just here in The US, but the world over?

Inasmuch as the global economy is linked via a complex and byzantine labyrinth of bad debt, toxic credits and esoteric swaps, it is now and for the immediate future, linked in it’s profit and losses. That means that what happens in Greece or Iceland or Thailand or Mexico is not just their problem anymore. It’s our problem. The tainted waters in the Gulf will reflect this as well, as they continue to spread outward to sea. Profound change is deep and planetary at this point.

The Battle Of Waterloo

The name “Waterloo” is interesting in and of itself when talking about The Gulf. The “loo” as most people know is also “the crapper,” aka “the toilet.” It’s where shit gets dumped. Water speaks for itself. The battle, Napoleon’s downfall occurred on June 18th, 1815. Guess where Chiron was? If you pulled Pisces out of your magic top hat, you would be correct. Chiron was in Pisces at 13 degrees on that fateful day of days. In fact, it went retrograde on that day. Not only was Chiron in Pisces, but so was Pluto and Mars. In fact, they were conjunct 23/24 degrees. Mercury was in Cancer and The Moon, in Scorpio. It truly was a Waterloo that day. Interestingly enough, Barack Obama has Chiron in Pisces in his own chart. Chiron is the wounded healer in traditional astrology. In Pisces that wound or in our situation, wounding, since we are in the midst of it, represents vulnerability as it pertains to fluids and liquids. In a recent newsletter, Janet Swerdlow mentions that one of the largest aquifers in this country, The Ogalalla Aquifer is running dry. Where is that water going?

In his book, “Penetration,” Ingo Swann, the architect behind the government’s psychic spy program, “Operation Grille-Flame” recounts a story of being taken to a lake in Alaska where a UFO was sucking huge amounts of water out of the lake. The website that I culled that bit of linked text from is called, It has literally dozens of cases like this on it’s site. Swann thinks they are taking the water back to The Moon. So now we have extra-terrestrials in on the water game as well. Can Obama’s Chiron in Pisces return not just have to deal with the impending water crisis, but also disclosure? In any case, he is going to meet his Waterloo in the realm of fluids and the viscous nature of reality and it starts now. He is on the clock with The Gulf. When Chiron recedes back into Aquarius on July 21st, he will have the opportunity to apply innovation and genius as a solution to what’s happening there. If he does not, it will likely signal a severe break in his standing with the public that could irrevocable.

Profts and Waterloo

One of the thing’s we’ve already witnessed was the profiting off of the Gulf disaster. Some people were shorting TransOceanic stock like crazy just before the fated explosion on that rig. Someone it seems had the canny prescience to know that something awful was going to happen. It wasn’t the first time in recent memory that this occurred. Both United and American airline stocks were shorted just prior to 911. To this day, the initiator of those transactions has not been revealed. In The Battle Of Waterloo, one of the world’s richest families added considerably to their wealth. The Rothshchild clan had been funding both the British and The French armies, knowing that the winner would be beholden to them, regardless of the outcome. However, when Bonaparte lost to Wellington at Waterloo, they used knowledge of the outcome before anyone else to manipulate the financial markets of London to accrue both position and wealth, Here is one, fairly credible version of the story:

“The Rothschild banking family was already famous across most of Europe for providing a secure funding source for national governments. The Rothschild’s had established five branches of their enterprise. The largest, most important were based in Paris and London. The final Napoleonic war was largely funded by Nathan Rothschild of the family’s London branch. This house had provided large sums to both the British and the French. The Rothschild’s were famously indifferent to rulers and governments. Nathan Rothschild once famously remarked, “The man who controls the British money supply controls the British, and I control the British money supply”.

His goal was to profit no matter whom was in power or won a war.
Nathan Rothschild knew that early knowledge of the winner at Waterloo, details of the battle, the severity of the loser’s defeat would be invaluable in financially manipulating markets to profit from the result. The family had invested heavily over the decades in field agents that forwarded tips and messages, fast packet ships and trained carrier pigeons to speedily deliver notes.

The arrival of the carrier pigeons in London with specific battle results from Waterloo provided Rothschild the information he needed to begin to plant rumors. Initially he spread the word that the British had lost. Investors began to adjust their bond and security positions in reaction to this negative news. Rothschild took opposite positions, and then, he strategically released the actual truthful news that Wellington had vanquished Napoleon. This enabled the family to profit on both sides of the trades. It is estimated that the Rothschild family extrapolated an increase in wealth of 20 times their pre-war capital.” Source.

So you can rest assured that someone has not just profited off of this tragedy, but will continue to.

Just plain genius.

obama-beach-photoAs you all probably know, we are about to witness the titanic shift of both Jupiter and Uranus from Pisces to Aries and while there is enough in those two transits alone to occupy about a dozen posts on their own, for the sake of brevity and this already extended entry, I will focus on one, salient aspect and that is the thrust and rise of individual genius.

Just days after the blast, CW Roberts VP, Chuck Roberts along with subcontractor Otis Goodson demonstrated how simple hay could be used to clean up oil. The demonstration is so simple that it’s mind boggling. There is no investment in heavy chemicals, no threat to marine life, no toxic dispersants. Just good old fashioned mother earth. This is indicative of the individual genius that we will see in the days and months to come with both Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. Brilliant, simple and cost-effective solutions will abound during the next 12 months and beyond. The onus of honoring such grassroots innovation will fall upon our leadership, particularly Barack Obama, because in the information age, the internet is the new carrier pigeon and has leveled the playing field to a degree. The video is on Al Gore’s Current TV site and as such cannot be far from the radar of the executive office, even though Obama professes a serious lack of aptitude when it comes to technology, taking a rather medieval stance on it in general.

Here is your chance Mr. President. If you want to avoid your Waterloo, you’ll have to acquiesce to your own platform and agenda, the one you set in motion before you got elected, the one you served to the public on a platter of crushed ice, just as cool as you, when you emerged from the very sea itself onto our consciousness, glistening and new, fresh with promise and hope. Your legacy lies with the Chuck Roberts and Otis Goodson’s of the world, not the Jamie Dimonds and Tim Geitheners. Your platform has not been nearly as inclusive as you professed it would be. If you don’t honor the inventive genius of the individual, it could be the tragic downfall of your legacy–remember, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Witness the pure simplicity and genius of Chuck Roberts and Otis Goodson.

11 thoughts on “Chiron In Pisces, The Gulf Crisis, Obama’s Waterloo, Individual Genius, Jupiter In Aries”

  1. K

    funny alchemy…strange how they say that water, the blue gold, will be the new black gold, and now these two are coming together in a tragic way.

  2. D

    The problem with making any astrological determination about Barack Obama–and extrapolating anything from it…like a rhapsody on a theme by Paganini, eh?–is that neither his birth time, nor his birth date, nor his birth name, nor his birth parents are by any means certain or verifiable. And not only Obama…but a number of recent presidents and coudda-been-a-contenduhs…are simply not who and what they are purported to be, according to some assiduous researchers’ findings. We have been played like Strad fiddles and now the curtain is rising on the cacophonous grand finale.

    Will ETs play a part? Have they had input into presidential selection and design?

    What is especially worrisome about the current State of the Union, astrologically, and I am a mere astro-observer, is that America’s progressed Sun has apparently moved into Pisces. Of course, there is dissent about the timing of this country’s actualization, but having our Sun in Aquarius for the past 30 years would jibe well with a wonderland of technology. And now progressed Sun in Pisces, coupled with Chiron in Pisces, to me, is a signature for MAJOR suffering and dissolution to come. Jupiter in Pisces could magnify that…and also bring good luck. I have read speculation that as Pisces is such a spiritual sign, our dilemmas may require non-material, transcendental prowess and solutions, not 19th-century mechanistic ones.

    Being the 12th sign, Pisces is about letting go, of the shedding, especially, of material things. Pisces, “the dustbin of the zodiac” as an astrologer has dubbed it, must “serve or suffer,” not an optimistic portent. The nation is certainly facing group karma…what have we done to millions of “innocents” abroad in the name of oil…well, the chickens have come home to roost. I have fretted over the “Greece…grease” paradox…and, Eureka! I think I’ve got it: The Greek legend of the Midas Touch (I just attended a Greek Festival today… thanks, Mount Olympians) wherein everything greedy Midas touched turned to gold! Will everthing we touch be coated with OIL?

    The Gulf Coast, New Orleans in particular, a very strange locale, I feel, has some ancient, heavy karma that may well need clearing before a new phase can be begun.

    In any event, the Gulf debacle has put paid to the fantastic lie of “fossil” fuel and Peak Oil. Abiotic oil, we may see, in spades, is Earth’s ever-replenished resource. Perhaps Uranus in Aries will accomplish the overthow of the Ancien energy Regime and usher, not gusher, in the new.

  3. a

    Great call on the abiotic oil Dawn. Could not agree more. You are also quite correct around that region, which theoretically could involve Atlantis in it’s proximity, however I am not sure that people have to necessarily suffer due to the karmic energy of a place and in fact, I am, not sure that karma as we know it really exists the way we think it does, however I do believe that certain amounts of energy are carried over in life, but I don’t feel that there is some sort of moral implication or directive to be acted out attached to that energy. I also agree with you regarding Obama and birth time, place and certificate. Yes, most presidents have dodgy birth times. McCain’s is rather hard to pin down, so is Palin’s for that matter as well. However, I am dealing with the planets on the day that Obama was theoretically born. Even if he was not born on August 4th, 1961, in Honolulu, it is the prism for the person that is associated with that date in our consciousness. Consider it the eminent domain of that person/sign. So therefore, I used that date. I usually try to avoid using Obama’s chart at all in regards to this, but Chiron in Pisces screamed out at me to be noticed.

  4. d

    the oil is very much tied to addiction as well. overcoming addiction. healing totally to a point where it is impossible to be abused.
    I love how simple the solutions are and how impossible it is to abuse these solutions – to profit – in such an extremely toxic way – off them.
    And, at a dinner on a night coinciding with Obama’s Noble Peace prize, I do remember being isolated and abused (my vocab seems limited to addiction and abuse this mornin) – quite frightening the lack of true thinking these days….which is why I am ever grateful to this mindpower of Robert Phoenix. Thank you.

  5. a

    I always tell my friends that people that read my blog are of uncommon intelligence, taste and compassion. :-) Truly, I am blown away by the perspectives that come through the comments. It gives me hope.

  6. I think they want to kill off the Gulf so the government allows oil to be pumped as much as possible. Just set up a modest allowance for coastal areas affected and Drill Baby Drill

  7. p

    Progressed Mars for 4 July 1776 is retrograde and has been {credit to Mark Lerner for a great series years ago on how the USA was to be overextended ala Bonaparte in Russia etc}. The USA is being dismembered and its abuses returned. The suffering working and middle classes are suffering what has been dealt out all over the world. In sum, the whole sham is coming down with the Saturn/Uranus (temporarily Jupiter/Pluto Ceres T-Square is going to break this wide open. I expect a mass recognition that “Something” is seriously wrong and it is not soon going to be fixed.

    Again, I suggest that we focus on staying in calm, courageous, love&compassion-based cardinal virtue regardless of the provocations and the mind-controlled public’s coming mass irrationality.
    By next year at this time, we will be living in a radically transformed world.

    Suggestion: interview Gary Null or Liam Scheff about the fraud of HiV as “cause” of AIDS. Then move to vaccines. Then to chemtrails. Then to the scalar weapon [weather altering, earthquake enhancing/generating/plane crash making] controversy with Tom Bearden.

  8. B

    Undercover of incompetence pure evil oozes…

    …Can’t one of those wankers come up with a giant condom thingy? … … … more sad symbolism

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