Chiron in Pisces End of Days, Celebrating The Victim, Sunday Night Livestream, Webinar On Astrolada!

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

As the light fades from the astrological new year, the Sun slinks down into the nadir of my chart in Pisces. My work takes on a more lunar tone as the Moon rises on the MC, but in my own life, I want to retreat to the cave of my Fourth House and this year is no exception, but with a twist. I’m using the energy, and the pendulum of time to move. I’ve been in Austin since 2012, and it’s brought with it a kaleidoscope of memories, mostly good, some shot through a darkened lens, but always an output of my inner life, for better or worse. I’m not leaving the country, but headed deeper into it. I’ll be moving to a small town 75 miles west of Austin, Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg was founded by a group of Germans back in the 1840’s called “The Free Thinkers.” They were an unusual bunch that were hybrid of collectivists, pacifists, and pioneers. Their relationship with the natives was exemplary and even though they were more philosophical than religious, but they didn’t reject religion outright and even held their masses in latin, which was not a language that the Germans were known for. Their efforts to start a free state in the Texas wilderness fell short when they ran out of money, and a little thing called “The Civil War” broke out. Soon after, Fredericksburg became part of the Lone Star state.

To this day, the same German families that settled there, are running the place.

Back in 1996, on my first journey to Austin, I drove through that charming little town and after being on the lonesome stretch of highway that dominates the body of the state, Fredericksburg looked like an emerald jewel, an old school European town, tucked away in time. As I passed through it, just on the other side of town, I came upon a tortoise in the middle of the highway, flipped over on his back. I pulled over and jogged out to the middle of the road, and stared down into to the most psychedelic head I had ever seen. I picked it up and took it to the other side of the highway, got back in my van and took off. Maybe, today, I’m the tortoise.

Last night we had a party over on youtube as I did the last livestream from Austin. We looked at the chart for the “March in March,” the chart of the moment, and the charts of Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Johnny Knoxville and Jack Kerouac. You can click on the link above and watch the whole thing. Here’s the charts that we looked at below.




In two weeks, on March 24th, I’ll be doing a live webinar over on Astrolada. The last one on Saturn in Capricorn was a real success. I was on for close to three hours and I expect the same dynamic energy to be sparking on the 24th. You can sign up for the webinar RIGHT HERE. Okay, think that gets us up-to-speed. I’ll see you on the other side of the move.

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