Chiron In Pisces As Purgatory, Working Out The Ghosts Of The Past, Soul Activation

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

705px-Sousse_neptunePoseidon is coming to town

It’s been at least, three, maybe four years now, since we’ve all been feeling like the other shoe is about to drop. What’s that all about? Why have many of us been living our lives in some form of suspended animation? Why do most of us couch our hopes, dreams and wishes in some sort of calculated version of a very uncertain future? Oh sure, the ascensionists don’t have any qualms about the future at all, that is until their denial cannot hold up the fortress walls of their delayed expectations any longer. When that happens, all the darkness rushes in like icy black rivers pouring over the sandbags of their dream like encampments, unaware of their shadowy, emotional tides. When that happens all Hell breaks loose. Well, it occurred to me the other day that the reason why many of us feel this way, like we are on the verge of something cataclysmic or catastrophic is because we are officially in purgatory. We are not quite in Hell just yet and the promise of Heaven seems obscured by the heavy weight of this world. We are in a holding pattern, doing the best we can to raise kids, make love, balance the end of days against our 401K’s, counting each decimal to how much it will cost to live when we cannot do it for ourselves any longer. some of us do our best avoid dangerous foods, dodge the little plagues and breath moderately fresh air and clean water. It’s worse elsewhere. Make no mistake about it. If you think we have it bad here, you’re not seeing the big picture, not even close.

I have had this fascination with Chiron lately. A few posts back, I likened Chiron to False Flags and why they occur as they are an outgrowth of our inability to live authentically, and in that instance, others decide to imprint a reality upon us, usually based on some sort of crisis and an excuse for conflagration or the outright theft of resources and rights. Lately, over the past week, I have seen this manifestation of Chiron as the state of purgatory itself, the fluidic field of judgment, replete with all of our thoughts and actions, swirling in a miasmic ocean of karmic retribution and drastic outcomes.

When we deal with Pisces, we are immersed in the totality of all things. Most of the time, we hope (a very Piscean notion) that it is the spiritual, soul cleansing, deeply compassionate, cathartic and joyous version where our troubles are lifted from us by the great hand of grace and we are born again, renewed with eyes that see the truth, hearts that love and a tongue that will take no quarter when it comes to casting out anything other than the sweet grace we have earned by going through the Neptunian depths of suffering. That would be the classic, Christian version, circa Age of Pisces. But Pisces also offers up delusion, illusion and the turgid other.

Recently, the trident has made a stunning, symbolic comeback. It’s everywhere! On the tail of a jet, the hood of a Maserati, the guts of a skyscraper, the flag of a country torn asunder by war. It’s the devil’s pitchfork as personified by Poseidon’s scepter. Poseidon isn’t a sweet and loving deity that swims with dolphins and tickles whale bellies. Poseidon is a furious demiurge, every bit as angry, vain and violent as Zeus, except he lives underwater. :-). He is the God of the oceans and the oceans are the aqueous version of the underworld. While Pluto may be dwelling deep down, in the Earth below, Poseidon has the oceanic depths covered. The invocation of this deity isn’t one that is about immersing ourselves in the mystery of our watery origins. He is being brought forth and summoned to wipe away our historical legacy, perhaps and hopefully, metaphorically, but nonetheless, burying the last 2,000 years beneath a watery grave, just like what happened to Atlantis and Noah’s nonbelievers. That’s the game plan from this perspective.

So here we have two versions of Pisces in action; Heaven and Hell.

Lately, I have had Chiron right on my South Node, which is conjunct my IC, of course, opposing my North Node, conjunct my MC. This has been an incredibly trying phase as I have had to sort through deep, familial issues, watching them get played out holographically, often in conjunction with my son, a Pisces. Over the Summer, I watched him go through an intense trial and initiation of sorts with Texas baseball. His coach was just north of Atilla The Hun at times and he had zeroed in on my son as a scapegoat. Coaches do this. They find someone who might be younger or more emotionally sensitive than the others and work on him, push him hard so that the others can see what happens when they don’t perform or worse yet, buckle under the pressure. And my son took it. I watched, observed and did my very best to support him as I knew, we were both going through some passage of sorts. I kept his head straight and did the best to keep mine screwed on right as well. He got better as a player and tougher, more focused as a young man.

Just before we went into the playoffs, said coach was hitting hard grounders and one hit a divot, jumped up and smashed my son in the face, just below his lower lip. It hit him so hard that his bottom teeth went through the flesh. There was blood everywhere. Minutes later, we were in emergency and had five stitches put in. Two days later, he was back on the field, playing third base and saving a no hitter for said coach’s son.

Something had changed. Something had shifted.

You see, I had had a tempestuous relationship with Poseidon himself in the guise of my own father. His Mars in Scorpio was in my 12th House, the fury beneath the sea. And, through my legwork, I also found out that the coach also had Mars in Scorpio, also in the very same sector of my chart. So, in essence, he was playing the role of my father and my son, in this case, was me. I was the guide that wasn’t there for me during those turbulent times. All of this broke when of course, Mars had entered into Scorpio. We were all living out some kind of dream theater that if we were conscious enough, we could see the flicker of light cross the framed off cells of our lives, unreeling our past, seeing the movie for what it was, not what it currently is.

Fast forward to last week, The Super Moon, still effulgent and bold slipped into Pisces. I was back East, visiting family of course, on the Jersey shore, why not very far from a town called Neptune. Another chapter unfolded, one that is almost too dark and personal to speak of here, but suffice it to say, I was living out yet another chapter of my father’s life and legacy, through another set of players, this one however, directly related to me. And it almost felt like there was even a sense of temporary possession, like something which would occur in Candomble, and a spirit would enter someone, temporarily for some sort of appearance and perhaps even resolution. I felt the ghost of my father yet again, channeled by cheap grain spirits and an angry uncle. When I step back and look at these things from my own history, they are staggering in their potency and their immediacy. Again, the script is being rewritten, the movie re-edited.

With Chiron in Pisces, we are healing our souls. This is another layer to it’s mystery. As we do so, there is the feeling of a final judgement circulating through the ethers. Look around you for a moment. Events are being stage managed by lesser demons. In Ferguson they wear gas masks, kevlar vests, riot helmets and cruise through the streets on DHS purchased tanks. In Syria and Iraq, they wear Muslim headgear and go by ISIS of all names. In Ukraine, they are the modern equivalent of Hessians, soldiers of fortune. In Gaza, they are the IDF commandos. The planet is starting to catch fire. Theres’s talk of plagues and whispers of economic collapse. And we witness the death of The Fisherking himself, the symbol of Pisces for all time.

If you are lucky enough, your slate is clean or cleaner than most and you might not have to go through any of the psychic purgatorio that is sweeping the planet. However, if you are like me or the rest of us, the time has come to make piece with your soul and this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. A caramel latte at Starbucks and a little self talk won’t cut it. This is the time where we are playing for keeps and the quality of your journey, from this point forward, whether in this world or the next depends on how well you can navigate the straits and narrows of Chiron in Pisces.

Do your best to cooperate with the forces of Spirit and let it take you into your Neptunian depths, where you can re-emerge once again, re-born with both purpose and faith, healing the Chironic wound for not just you, but for the rest of us as well.

26 thoughts on “Chiron In Pisces As Purgatory, Working Out The Ghosts Of The Past, Soul Activation”

  1. Z

    In terms of resonance, this is a “Spinal Tap” approved “11”. I see it all around me in 3-D and know this to be a unique period of being, ahem, “highly encouraged” to sort out that deepest, darkest matter that is blocking the flow we are needing to FINALLY merge onto the next on/off ramp…….or whatever comes next.

    Congrats on being a fully-engaged witness in your own sphere, as well as illustrating the mechanisms behind it all for the rest of us. I truly appreciate your efforts. Z

  2. T

    Scrumptious reading, Robert, as usual 🙂
    The word corn is in the word Chiron ,
    and I tried growing my own corn this summer
    and failed. Though, I won’t give up until accomplished.

  3. H

    I’m right there with you Robert.
    I haven’t commented in a long time, but I’ve been listening to your radio show and reading your blog regularly.
    I wanted to tell you again how much your thinking, writing and INDEPENDENCE has given me strength and the ability to continue on my own journey.

    I’m finding more and more that I have a few bloggers that I really love. They are all truly independent thinkers. They are not associated with any institution, left, right, big, little. And they make me think! Even if I reject some of their ideas, their intelligence, insight and love for humanity shines through and I learn something. And I think more and more this is the way it is. These seemingly small voices get through, and they will transform the world, because they speak their truth. That’s what the world needs: truth.

    Thank you again Robert for being who you are and speaking your truth from the heart.

  4. Very well-written! Thanks for the astute reflections, Robert.
    The collective UNconscious could stand a colonic and some foot-reflexology!

  5. R

    UHHHHH, well timed, much appreciated…..
    Dream this morning….many dolphins, penguin, sealions, hundreds, maybe thousands, leaving their new-borns with me, and adults are off to do something in the depths….chat with poseidon perhaps.
    Much old family history coming up last weeks, spontaneously, to be re-processed, and released… Thanks for sharing… now when is chiron out of 12th house/pisces?
    Thanks again Robert
    Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear hug

  6. S

    Thanks for this insight into this strange period we have entered. Poseidon should be getting pretty sick of humans desecrating his oceans…

  7. M

    Robert, when you interpreted Chiron as our challenge to be authentic and used the metaphor of a ‘false flag’ to bring life & expression to the premise, my mind & heart nearly exploded with understanding and also the ‘okayness’ of acceptance of who I truly ‘am’. Thank you, my friend, or should I say “soon to be friend”. Magnificently creative insight that was so helpful to me. I learned of this from one of your audio shows & actually took notes! Thanks, again.

  8. D

    Robert, it feels like being stretched from the fourth world into the fifth-The past is being literally destroyed before our eyes ,before and after pictures of fabulous capital cities ,people,families ,groups around the planet destroyed abandoned, people ,families killed and forgotten -and the roar of more to come .

    Many of our generation are trying to construct a emotional, physical, spiritual reference point, tracing lineages , hoping to building a origination point to events in our lives both positive and negative working to put some skin on the bones of ancestors . The world we knew is sitting on shelves between magazine covers ,dehydrated like raisins, snippets of music used to peddle goods and services .We know where the “yellow went”, and planet hollywood formerly known as earth is becoming strictly a timeshare venture.

    What the silicon age offers is diffusion. The moments we experienced,our family,our loves ,relationships are written in our faces and where we discover ourselves in the present moment. The fluid relationships racing through glass fiber supplemented by G P S apps drain into the ocean of the forth world.
    The roaring thirties ,the riotous sixties,the eighties silent majority,two thousand and one and nine out of eleven believe and comply. I feel like a “motherless child” when I hear don mclean sing “And the three men I admire most
    The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
    They caught the last train for the coast
    The day the music died
    Diseases like alzheimer’s and dementia that rob people and families of the very things that locates them in the context of their and our lives.
    The political and economic salt statutes that litter the fourth world are crumbling.
    I embrace your observation that
    ” With Chiron in Pisces, we are healing our souls. This is another layer to it’s mystery. As we do so, there is the feeling of a final judgement circulating through the ethers. Look around you for a moment. Events are being stage managed by lesser demons. In Ferguson they wear gas masks, kevlar vests, riot helmets and cruise through the streets on DHS purchased tanks. In Syria and Iraq, they wear Muslim headgear and go by ISIS of all names. In Ukraine, they are the modern equivalent of Hessians, soldiers of fortune. In Gaza, they are the IDF commandos. The planet is starting to catch fire. Theres’s talk of plagues and whispers of economic collapse. And we witness the death of The Fisherking himself, the symbol of Pisces for all time.”

    The tide rolls in and rolls out, the beach is washed.
    Poseidon curses Odysseus to wander the sea for ten years,will our time be longer?
    Your observations refresh my spirit-much love

  9. P

    Oh, my …. I’ve missed you Robert. By tuning in now on the Chiron Pisces ….having just experienced the most awesome act of self betrayal when there was an opportunity for self empowerment. In a court of fake or ‘civil’ law. Chiron in Asc. opp. Mercury in 7th whilst square Scorpio 8th house with Saturn on natal Venus.. It is to do with my home (Pluto sq moon) Uranus opp. Moon. Always the wisdom of hindsight but in this case there was no excuse for such niaivetter. OK yes, extreme and unrelenting duress but excuses won’t cut it . For an apparantly ‘reasonable’ cut to the major threat, I’ve bound my self into a journey of no return. Handing lethal weapons to the enemy via distorted Pisces/Chiron empathy and healing – totally inappropriate. Creates self inflicted wounds. In the moment of a decision, a whole life can change for better or worse. I guess this huge wake up emphasises all the little unconcious ways the dynamic plays out over a lifetime. But oh, how can I forgive misrepresenting my SELF? As Dieter says, it’s all about healing our souls and I’ve just committed an act of suicidal stupidity. All that Libra plays out in an overly co-operative dispensation and deep desire for harmony. I wonted to share this and trust it is of some value. x

    1. a

      Hey PB,

      I’m sorry to hear that you have triggered some self-sacrifice. I was in a very long and detailed discussion with a good friend yesterday and we were going over the Christian mythos, which, at a core level is completely enabling to the psychopathic rulers of this domain. finding compromise, balance, compassion, win/win, etc., is often an opening for these forces (devils) to devour us. And once the devouring has occurred, we are shit out and decomposed versions of our former selves. Now, to continue on the Christian mythos and vector, the only way out is through and compassion and forgiveness has to be practiced regardless of the circumstances. When that occurs, the vision and gaze is affixed to the next world and not this one, since your thoughts and actions are being judged for the sanctity and quality of the afterlife. We, are, by association, the inheritors of this tradition, through ritual and blood. For the whole thing to work though, everyone needs to be on the same page, hence the need to convert and become missionaries. It’s fight for souls and spiritual real estate on Earth. So, if you are in this place, sequentially, the next station would be forgiveness, at the very least of self. I’m sure it’s quite difficult, because I sense the severity of your choice(s) and the impact they have and will have on you. But the bigger question is; Why did this occur? Beyond the parochial conditioning, what was going on so that you would have to deal with this immense challenge in your life? Sometimes, I think if we could merge John The Baptist, with Jesus, we would have the perfect expression of being, but unfortunately one loses his head and the other the totality of his being, so it’s difficult bringing those two archetypes together. You’re a great spirit and I have no doubt that this will lead to something powerful and soul altering. Even though it’s under difficult circumstances, it’s good to hear from you.

  10. P

    Wonderfully intuitive, Robert.x Yes, the hardest part is forgiveness of self in the major ‘false flag’ event of my life to date. I forget everything I know in an instant because I’m emotionally dealing with ‘human beings’ and my nature is open as if we lived in that kind of world. Like most in the wicked witch of the west, we’ve been programmed since birth (especially those baptised as I was) with self-sacrifice which is virtually undetectable until something major hits ourselves in the face. I had my first session with Katie Gallanti earlier this year. Read as 100% karmic – Atlantean. These are the pits of the dark stuff. It’s way beyond time to ‘grow up’ and heal the split between playful empathic child and warrior. Did she ‘jump’ or was she ‘pushed’? Just a word on Katie, send some love, she’s in a pretty bad way at the moment. We can’t afford to lose such a force of beauty. Love you still. Your writing’s amazing.

  11. C

    The power of Neptune squared, the fork in the road(literally), the Rainbow Bridge. the Wounded Healer and a person with emotional problems caught between a sword and a slow moving fog bank.
    That person was Robin Williams. Moon and North Node in Pisces caught between transiting Neptune and Chiron.
    Hello Super Moon v/c between Aquarius and Pisces…Goodbye Robin.
    Just my take…we all know of course that Astrology is complete nonsense.

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