Cardinal Rumination And Lunar Repose

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Where did it go?

The space is quiet. More still than other Sundays. Outside my window I can intermittently hear the leaves on my Avocado tree rustle up against the thick and burly trunk of the massive Redwood that stands so near it. These two are strange soul mates, so different in leaf type and purpose. The Redwood dwarfs it more and more with each passing year, blotting out more Sun in the process. If I owned this place, out of love, I would shear off a few branches of the mighty Redwood for that Avocado tree. Beyond them, the steady sound of the freeway is like a wind tunnel in the distance, producing airy octaves of steel rippling off the atmosphere. At this distance, it’s almost meditative.

The post I dropped on Friday is already having deep resonance for me. I woke up and the first thought I had was, “Where did the time go”? I flashed back on being eight-years-old and playing catch with my neighbor and it truly seemed just like yesterday. And then I realized that I have lived in this place now for two years, listening to the steady waltz of time through these trees.

It’s been two years since I left my home and the seed pod of my family behind. I cannot believe that much time has elapsed. It also seems like just yesterday when I hurtled down that concrete wind tunnel to a new life of sorts, more of a half life actually in the Bardo of separation. This is the power of the Cancer Moon in it’s final degrees, squaring off against a herd of ram; Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, all in Aries.

Squares create friction and spark, like flint on rock or steel. Provided with enough kindling (experience), burning embers begin to glow. With the Cardinal squares we have to be careful because if we’re not, we’re dealing with emotional bonfires that can quickly get out of control.

While The Cancer Moon provides the emphasis for deeper reflection and remembrance of what we call the past, that Cardinal energy is urging you to get going, get moving, asking you where you are in the priority of your own existence. Have you achieved your goals? Are goals even important? Are you at a point where you can be truly at peace with your life’s choices and decisions? How much “time” do you theoretically have left and what do you plan on doing with it? Is your life a sprawling picaresque woven together by seemingly random plot lines without an ending in sight or is it a tight novella, where you are carving out the main character and narrative with exquisite, yet very efficient detail? Questions like these emerge. In the background that Taurus Sun wants to make it all “real” and definable so that we can understand that our existence has a purpose.

Lives don’t turn out how we thought they would. Sometimes they are far better than we ever would have imagined. Other times we are crushed by the gravity of our choices, even if our programming has overridden the logic of what we “should” have done.

There is a stillness today, even as those martial planets are pressing in from all sides. I urge you to take advantage of the subtle void and know that it is never too late to choose how you want to live your life in accordance with your soul, for this is where we are the most happy and fulfilled. The Gods of steady and humble authentic expression are on your side. Love all that has been and all that is yet to be and the world will disappear into wholly new dimension of awareness, purpose and greater love.

Big shout outs to these sweet mothers: Aqua, Janet 11, Lemurian Love, EA, Lizet, KG (mother of an invisible brood) my own mother as well and any others I have neglected to mention. This day and everyday is yours. Gauisus Matris Dies.

4 thoughts on “Cardinal Rumination And Lunar Repose”

  1. D

    Robert…just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your soulful insights.

    I know that sometimes I feel that my life has been rife with compromise and failure.
    But, then I look at my children (three adults now–24, 21, 18) and I am so very proud
    of them and my heart is so full and I know I’ve done a good job raising them, along with
    my husband.

    I’d like you to know that your way with words and your philosophical and astrological
    approach to this world in which we live is unique and true and so very important. I, for one,
    believe this world is a better place with you in it and I’m proud of you.

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