Captain America Wins The Super Bowl, Gemini Trump Flips The Script And Aries Gaga Descends

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

bradySquare jawed and resolute, Captain America, er Tom Brady led an unflinching and epic come back over the Atlanta Falcons in a Super Bowl worthy of mythical comparisons. The game started at 3:30 (33) PM PST. It was the first overtime game in Super Bowl history and a toned down Lady Gaga was undertaking her next career pivot; mainstream darling. More about her later.

This was the first Super Bowl under the Trump administration, but the Patriots have been wining them all the back to Bush II. This one had some rather personal connections, as both Brady and Bill Belichick were open about their support of Trump. In a week where socio-cultural fires have been raging across America this was not the outcome the Left would have wanted. Watching the Falcons swoop in on the Patriots, claw heir faces and abscond with the Lombardi trophy would have been a mild dose of schaudenfreuden, sticking it to Trump both symbolically (Patriots, MAGA) and directly through his jock proxy in Tom Brady.

From an astrological perspective, it would be tough sledding for Brady with the Sun in Aquarius opposing his Saturn/Sun in Leo (5th house (pastimes) and 11th House (teams). But Brady isn’t ordinary, might not even be human. The adversity of the game wound up getting played in essentially two halves. The first, dismal half, where a blowout was imminent–no team had ever come back from such a deep deficit–but that’s exactly what the Pats did.

Brady's_ChartThere are two, major astrological factors at play here. The first was the transiting Gemini Moon, conjunct Brady’s Part of Fortune, in the 8th House, and a wider conjunction with his Mars in Gemini, also in the 8th House. The emphasis on Gemini gave the game a look of two different games separated by opposing fortunes and Gaga’s family-friendly halftime fare.

Another key factor for Brady in this game and all Super Bowls played during the first weekend in February is that the Aquarian Sun, while opposing his Sun/Saturn was in trine with his ascendant and TN in Libra. As long as Brady plays and the game is always in the first weekend of February, he’ll get the shot of sunshine beaming through the prism of self, becoming a laser of focus and self-actualization. In essence, this is Tom Brady’s time of year. Meanwhile, over on Fox News.

While the Pats were in the process of torching the Falcons, Trump was under the glare of lights with the awful Bill O’Reilly. Now I don’t know if O’Reilly is a Mason like fellow Fox man, Sean Hannity, but he certainly wasn’t doing Trump any favors. He queried Trump on Russia and accused Putin of being a killer and when Trump didn’t disavow Putin immediately, O’Reilly accused Trump of enabling a psychopath, when Trump shot back that, “There’s a lot of killers in the world–we’ve done a lot of killing.” Just when you’re about to hate him even more, distance or disown him, he comes up with am incredibly truthful gem like that, one that knocks O’Reilly back on his heels. This is why Trump is fascinating. He’s far from perfect, but he’s fascinating. Did Obama ever admit that we did a lot of killing, for all of his anti-American antipathy? Nope. That’s because Barry worked for the CIA, was and has been part of the deep state all of his life, plucked from his red bed in Oahu, groomed and programmed by Uncle Frank. Hillary, and Bill were likely CIA too. GWB’s daddy was the head spook. Trump is outside this sphere of influence (and protection), but under the Gemini Moon, in wide orb, conjuncting his TN/Sun/Uranus, he, let it rip. That was a clear shot at the CIA.

maxresdefaultBack at the game, Aries Lady Gaga descended from the roof of NRG stadium like a fallen angel. This was also a nod to Bowie and his Man Who Fell To Earth role. Gaga ran through her songs with nary an intrusive image or symbol to lock onto, but they were there. The flaming, twin towers on the stage were stand ins for Boaz and Jachin, the esoteric twin pillars of wisdom. Stars had crashed all around the stage, just like Gaga, a fallen star from heaven. On the left side of the stage (feminine) the upside-down star was a buried pentagram pointed down, towards Hell. On the other side of the stage, right side, masculine, a star was pointed towards heaven. At the end of the set, Gaga leaped from the stage and descended down further, beneath the horizon, into the underworld, completing the journey of Lucifer to Satan. Yes, it was very subtle, but it was there.

gemMark Gray over at “Cosmic Doorways” Did a simple gematria on “In the year of the American patriot” and it comes out to 3/22, the number of Skull and Bones, also the start of the astrological New Year (Aries) and Bill Belichick and Gaga are both Aries (masculine and feminine) and of course Mars is currently in Aries. Interesting to note that former spook chief and Skull and Boner, GHW Bush or his cloned self, whomever that smiling and waving cartoon is, was there before the game with Aleister Crowley’s daughter.

Meanwhile it’s more heartache for Atlanta. More self-immolation. The South trashed again by the North. One owner has perfected the craft, while the other was left blank.

It was a Super Bowl for the ages and now with the distraction of football behind us, it’s raw Trump and the new breed Ziocons. Last night’s livestream below.

6 thoughts on “Captain America Wins The Super Bowl, Gemini Trump Flips The Script And Aries Gaga Descends”

  1. p

    Its rather shocking to see not a peep from you about the WWE nature that Sundays game was..even average dudes i wouldnt expect to question it – are pointing out how scripted it all felt…but instead brady bunch is “mythical” b/c yes they created the myth…vick is the best quarterback to ever play…oh and in 2011 deflategate proved NFL is not a legitimate sport – its entertainment for the entrained…is there any authentic beings awake around? send them my way please 🙂

    1. a

      I looked at the game twice. If there was a WWE element to it, they sure shrouded it. When I looked at Arthur Blank’s hangdog face on the sideline, that wasn’t the mug of someone that was in on the fix. There were three defensive holding on three third-downs in-a-row, was pretty questionable but two calls were legit, one wasn’t. I thought that was shady. The Falcons were running away with it. I think there was some leverage applied there. But I think it had more to do with leveling out the game so people would keep watching. They don’t want blowouts in the Super Bowl. They want people to keep watching. Even when the Ravens were killing the Niners, they managed to the game flow to keep the Niners in it.

      But the Falcons had a real shot.

      Was Kyle Shanahan on the take? All he had to do was run the ball three times at the 21, kick a field goal and the game is over. He blew it on that play sequence. He also made a bad call on 3rd and 1 and sent Ryan back to pass, where he was sacked and fumbled. The game changed on just those two plays.

      Did the league want a closer game? Sent in a call to let the Patriots hold?

      Vegas lost money on this one. The big money was on the Pats.

      I think they wanted a close game.

  2. M

    Fascinating review
    Did not watch the whole game; but loved the Ads and the direction they were trying to influence with throughout.
    Gaga (still not sold on her) but so relieved we didn’t have to endure more bullshit political sentiment from entitled celebrities.
    Not sold on Trump; but I love your neutral stance on examining every side. This makes you fair, brave, honest and accurate.
    What Trump did say I thought was profound also; and I couldn’t be more thrilled as a woman to have ANYONE but Hillary in the White House.
    Refreshing to listen to your shows and read your work because you are a truly fair and brilliant mindful person.
    Keep it up!

  3. p

    not buying it brother (why does everyone automatically go to the players and not the controllers, ie refs?) – falcons owned em, refs pushed them off the line and then off the receivers giving enough breathing room for the jab jab hook combo that beat the speed out of the falcons…fixing is much too strong of a word/connotation…guiding is more like it…it started as soon as two touchdowns were scored setting up the “impossible comeback” meme…

    lets see if this makes a dent in the tent…–Scripted-55545

    1. a

      There are degrees of being fixed.

      1) There is collusion between both teams. If you go back to the last Super Bowl that New England was in against the Seahawks and there was the improbable call at the end zone by Carroll. They run the ball a couple of times and the game is over. They didn’t. That game felt like collusion, especially based on the reactions of Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman after the game.

      2) There is not collusion between both teams. One team is favored over than the other. This would be more likely the case in this game. But if Kyle Shanahan calls for three runs at 1st and 10 at the 21, the Falcons simply have to kick a field goal and likely win. They didn’t.

      3) If Alford intercepts the amazing catch Edelman made–game over. If Edelman somehow drops that ball and the replay shows that he did actually catch the ball, the outcome is not a given.

      4) Brady actually has to make those passes. If he doesn’t make the passes, there is no great comeback story.

      I think the refs let the Pats get back in. You and I don’t disagree, but there were opportunities for the Falcons to have a different outcome. They couldn’t do it.

      But that doesn’t negate the aspects of Brady’s chart, and the key transits. If it does, then just forget the transit report you recently ordered altogether. 🙂

      The Falcons just fired their D coordinator because “they couldn’t stop the Patriots.” Maybe Arthur Blank needs to go to a different temple or something, because he’s clearly not as powerful as the mighty Bob Kraft. I agree there was an avid attempt to make the game closer. I still think the Falcons could have won based on play calls (bad) and variables. At this point we’re going to agree to disagree, but with Mars in Aries, you’ll have plenty of fire around this. 🙂

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