Capricorn Eli, The Elite And Europe’s Mega Laser Project

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Eli’s coming.

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, I have been thinking a bit about Eli Manning (Capricorn). In sports circles, for the last six weeks, people have kept saying that Manning is an “elite” quarterback. In fact, his name “Eli” is embedded in “Elite.” So that association was easy enough to make; Eli/Elites. But there had to be a little more, more than just an obvious reference to “elites” Why Eli? Well I did a quick search and found something truly interesting. Europe’s next big project is called, “ELI” short for “Extreme Light Infrastructure.”

ELI is essentially a laser, but not just any laser. It will be powered by four separate facilities in Hungary, The Czech Republic, Romania and a fourth location TBD in 2012.

Here is what Wikipedia says about, ELI; “The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) is a proposed high energy laser research facility of the European Union. The facility will host an exawatt-class (1018 watt) laser, that will enable scientists, through relativistic compression, to produce intensities of 1023 W/cm2. It would be so powerful it may disrupt the virtual particles that inhabit space, and explore dark energy.

Fully supported by the European Commission, the decision to implement ELI as a distributed infrastructure will lead to the construction by end 2015 of three facilities dedicated to three of the scientific pillars of the project (attosecond science in Hungary, beamline generation of secondary sources in the Czech Republic and laser-driven nuclear physics in Romania). The location of the fourth one – the ultra-high intensity pillar – will be decided in 2012.

On April 20, 2011, the project was “definitively and finally approved” by the signature of EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn.”Source.

The first phase of the project is called “Apollon” or “Apollo.”

5 thoughts on “Capricorn Eli, The Elite And Europe’s Mega Laser Project”

  1. R

    With the collapse of the Romanian government and Hurgary experiencing major economic troubles it is highly unlikely that this project will even get off the ground, let alone beam anything into space. The idea that this project could be viable in 3 very poor countries in Eastern Europe is in la la land. The populations would love to see their taxes paying for this while their lives go down the pan /sarc off!

    1. a

      Its being funded by the EU (13 countries are involved) and it has less to do with the economies of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, than the whole. I’m linking to a PDF of a newsletter from 2010. If you go to their website, you can learn a great deal about it. They are very open with sharing their info. However, if they run out of money or if as you say, Romania, et al cannot afford to participate, that’s alright by me. 🙂

  2. f
    fuck you, that's my name

    @Rossa, @admin

    We’ll see who laughs last, you ignorant c-u-n-t-s.All I can read in your comments is jealousy.F-U-C-K-_Y-O-U!!!!!You’re most likely limeys or degenerate yanks

  3. f
    fuck you, that's my name

    One good thing happens to Eastern Europe and the anglo-saxon inbred scumbags have to ruin everything with their attitude.You might’ve sentenced to slavery dozens of millions of people in ’45, but you won’t have your way now.GTF out of EU and Europe!!!

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