Capricorn Cohan Outfoxes Leo Ellison (For Now) Gulf Update With Michael Edward on FAR Today

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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larry_cohanWatch out for that mustard Larry.

Okay, I just can’t seem to let go of the NBA at this point, especially now that BP has allegedly capped the well (more about that later). Today, Christopher Cohan, Capricorn (1/2/50) sold The Golden State Warriors, my local pro hoops team. Like any good Capricorn, Cohan wrestled the team from Jim Fitzgerald and Dan Finane, owners of The Warriors from the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties. Cohan was a minority owner and he decided to force Finane and Fitzgerald to sell by threatening to sue them. This tactic was something that Cohan would become proficient at over the years. It represents the shadow of his Jupiter in Libra, profiting off of litigation.

So Cohan staged his own little hostile takeover, but he did it when Mercury was retrograde. I don’t have the exact date, but I clearly remember when it was announced that the was taking control of The Warriors. I was listening to my radio and getting ready to pump some gas at the Union 76 on Lincoln. When I heard it, I knew he was screwed based on MR. Lo and behold, all these years later, almost everything that could go wrong with the team has. I won’t list the hit parade, but for hoops fans, I’ll toss out four names and you can draw your own conclusions; Chris Webber, Latrell Sprewell, Todd Fuller and Gilbert Arenas. Enough said.

In 2000, when The Warriors were hosting the All Star game, fed up fans booed Cohan. By most accounts, it was the last time he was seen at Oracle Arena. It has been a chilly detente ever since. It seems as though after today’s events, Chris Cohan has not forgotten that moment and used his Capricornian wiles to not only screw the fans of Bay Area basketball one last time, but also stick to computing baron, Larry Ellison, who was in the running for purchasing The Warriors.

Ellison, Leo (8/17/44) is a man known for not losing. He recently spent a fortune to those with lesser wallets to insure that he would win The Amerca’s Cup and he did. Once everyone got wind that Ellison was in the race for The Warriors, it was a fait acompli that the third richest man in America would not suffer defeat and take over the stumbling franchise. Ellison was every fans fantasy. Let me repeat that. EVERY FAN’S FANTASY. Denizens of message boards were foaming at the mouth. They couldn’t wait until Ellison squashed Cohan like a bug, cleaned house and ran the team like Mark Cuban or Paul Allen or Jerry Buss. Look out Lakers and Mavs, here comes Uncle Larry and The Warriors! Something funny happened on the way to the fantasy. Ellison lost. Larry Ellison rarely loses.

Everyone and I mean everyone thought it was a done deal, but in perfect form, honoring the retrograde compact he struck when he bought the team, Chris Cohan denied Ellison’s last bid (the highest bid by the way) and instead struck a deal with a minority owner of the Boston Celtics, Joe Lacob and his partner, Peter “The Reptile” Guber. Needless to say, Bay Area sports fans were shocked. It was like Chris Cohan just kicked them in the stomach one more time, not forgetting the humiliation he suffered at their hands in 2000. “You want Larry,” he said? “I’ll give you Larry, Larry Riley, the current GM, but you’re not gonna get Larry Ellison suckers!” And within one week, the NBA had managed to pull off yet another stunner, at the hands of yet another Capricorn. First it was LeBron and now Chris Cohan.

NBA Commish, David Stern has Saturn sitting right on his natal Sun right now. How do I know this? Stern and I share the same birthday. All of this Capricorn/Saturn energy has got to be wearing on him. He did not looked entirely pleased with the LeBron affair and was even less pleased with Dan Gilbert (yet another Capricorn) owner of The Cavs remarks around LeBron. In fact, Stern lived up to his name by fining Gilbert $100,000 for his comments–the largest fine ever levied against an owner in The NBA.

Warriors fans, no doubt disappointed that Uncle Larry didn’t go all in, can still have some solace that at least Cohan’s run is over and that the Mercury Retrograde spell is over. But not so fast.

The predominant energy of the chart of the sale is Virgo, with Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn all huddled together. Venus in Virgo was at five degrees opposite Chiron in Pisces. As we saw in the early days of the Gulf crisis, Chiron in Pisces was a major player (oil and water) and will continue to be during it’s reign. It’s interesting to note that Joe Lacob is on the board of directors of Gloroil, a company that specializes in using microbial agents to extract more oil from “mature” wells. On the day the oil stops (theoretically) the new Dubs owner has his fingers in the oil game. But perhaps even more damaging than Lacob’s connection to the devil’s crude is Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus in Aries (retrograde). This says to me that this group does not have the deep pockets of Ellison and might be over leveraged from the start. In addition to Saturn opposing Uranus, it’s squaring Pluto, as is Jupiter. Heck, even Uranus is squaring Pluto. We’re talking power struggles here. I’m not sure we’ve heard the end of this from Ellison. You see Ellison delivered what he thought was a winning bid, a bid higher than The Lacob/Guber group. In fact, here is what Ellison had to say; “Although I was the highest bidder, Chris Cohan decided to sell to someone else.  In my experience this is a bit unusual.  Nonetheless, I wish the Warriors and their fans nothing but success under their new ownership.” In essence, Ellison had delivered a higher bid, but Cohan and Sal Galiatoto did not accept it.

Again have a good look a those squares between Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus and the Pluto. Jupiter opposed Saturn, Saturn opposed Uranus? Frankly, I think The Lacob group will run into money problems with this team down the road. They’ll try to be shrewd and employ a lot of cost cutting measures with numbers based scouting and metrics. Lacob is into data (biotech) and owns a few websites on his own. As a minority owner of The Celtics, he no doubt spent a lot of time with Celtics GM, Danny Ainge, who is very into the science of judging players based on their brain types and subsequent personality traits. Ainge works closely with Joe Niedenagel of Brain Types.Com. Niedenagel essentially employs a version of the Myers-Briggs typology to suss out who has leadership skills and who doesn’t. Ironically, LeBron James is in the same brain type group (ESFP) as Brittney Spears and not Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Gary Payton, who are ISTPs belong to. But I digress. It’s that and similar types of data gathering that Lacob and company will employ to build both the team and the fan base.

I still find it hard to believe that Ellison lost out on this process. His natal chart matches up incredibly well with the transiting planets. He has Mercury in Virgo (20 degrees), Venus in Virgo (9 degrees), Mars in Virgo (22 degrees) and even Jupiter in Virgo (4 degrees). What the hell happened? Perhaps it’s that nasty Saturn (Cancer 7) opposition with Pluto that kept Ellison from going all in. Maybe it was his Black Moon Lilith at 20 Virgo, shadowing transiting Mars that made him overconfident? Perhaps his natal Chiron at 18 Virgo, also crossing over transiting Mars gave Ellison a false sense of confidence. As much as he had the Virgo transits working for him, Chiron and Black Moon Lilith were working against him. Throw in the Saturn/Pluto oppositions as well as his natal Sun opposing transiting Neptune and Uncle Larry might have underestimated his competition just a little. However, he always said that he would not overpay for The Warriors and in some ways he was true to all of that cautious Virgo in his chart and to his word. Outside of filing costs and some legal fees, he didn’t spend a dime on purchasing The Warriors. Is it over for Ellison? Has he thrown in the towel? Maybe with The Warriors, but perhaps not with owning a sports franchise as The Detroit Pistons are also for sale.

The big winner? It’s Cohan of course. His Mercury Retrograde style of sale fit his tenure to a T. With Saturn set to move into Libra, it will conjunct his natal Jupiter in Libra at 2 degrees and he “has a chance” to settle his karmic and IRS debt, once-and-for-all, however, with transiting Jupiter in Aries opposing his natal Jupiter, this may not be quite the done deal everyone thinks it is.


On Friday at 10AM PST< I will have Michael Edward on the show, live from Florida. Michael is one of the most unique and spiritually touched people I have run across. He's been on Jeff Rense a number of times and is the author of three blogs; The World Vision Portal, The Sheeple Report and Ecclesiastic Commonwealth Community. Please join me on The Daily Farcast with Michael as we really plunge into The Gulf.

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