Cancer Moon, Taurus Sun, Manifesting Thought And Feeling, Mothers Day

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Mother Mary flanked by reason and feeling.

Here’s you’re weekend astrological weather update. The Moon is firmly Cancer now and will align nicely for Mother’s Day. What better aspect for appreciating the woman in your life responsible for giving you birth and sustenance? For some people that is not always their birth mother. I remember once when I was doing tarot readings down at Fisherman’s Wharf, I had made friends with an older woman, a royal-looking beauty from old world Europe. She was ebullient and commanded a room in a way that only a double Leo could capture. After giving her a reading and her sitting down talking with me, she uttered a phrase I had never heard from my birth mother; “I’m proud of you.” Translation? The universe will succor and feed us in ways that are non-traditional if we allow it. Love will find a way.

The general mood and atmosphere over the weekend will be marked by feelings of sentimentality as this is an aspect of the Cancer Moon, but when it sextiles the Taurus Sun, the feelings become even more rooted in the past and what we have loved and cherished. While this can be beneficial in order to stimulate the cellular memory and re-kindle feelings of warmth and security from safer times, it’s always useful to bring that energy into the present. As we honor mothers with candy, kisses and cards, if you can raise your awareness to encompass others this weekend, a great feeling of empathy can emerge.

In the New Madrid Fault zone, the waters of the MIssissippi are rising to crisis levels. I have addressed this as the recreation of the flooding of the Nile Valley (Memphis/Memphis blowing the levee at Cairo, Illinois). With Moon in Cancer, especially early degrees, cojuncting Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, water levels and emotions rise. But the saving grace is the Taurus Sun. Ground. Earth. Mud.

One of the greatest conspiracies of all time is how we’ve been tricked into thinking our thoughts and feelings don’t “matter.” They do. Focused thought aligned with true feeling can move mountains. This is one of the lessons of the Cancer Moon, which is receptive and magnetic and the Taurus Sun which is solid, concrete and tangible. Draw what you need into your life through gratitude and appreciation. If you’re invested in the planet and lives of others, a psychic-bodhisattva, you can use this Cancer/Taurus energy to visualize the receding waters of the Mississippi and affirm that there are forces greater than we can understand, working to maintain an equilibrium for existence. Your thoughts and feelings do “matter.”

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The divine Sinead O’Connor.

3 thoughts on “Cancer Moon, Taurus Sun, Manifesting Thought And Feeling, Mothers Day”

  1. Clay!

    “The universe will succor and feed us in ways that are non-traditional if we allow it. Love will find a way.”

    Very true. I was lucky enough to have figured that out at a younger age. It’s amazing how planning and expecting
    this or that can ruin something perfectly good sitting right in front of one.

    Enjoy your day.

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