Cancer Lunar Phase, Jade Helm Launch, The Sisters And Eleventh House Radio

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

ImageJ=1.43uNew Moon Lunar Phase Begins

I haven’t scribed for a while since I’ve been deeply enmeshed in readings and teaching. It’s been a really fruitful time on that end and I have truly realized how much I enjoy passing on the knowledge of this ancient and essential art. I wouldn’t call myself the world’s greatest astrologer, nor would I even consider myself an astrologer in the classic sense. I really didn’t study with a well-known teacher, nor do I identify with any particular school, though my tradition is clearly, Western Mundane Placidus. Everything I have learned has been through personal study and osmosis. I have always had a knack for systems and astrology in its most pure sense, is a system. However, that said, having done thousands of charts, secrets of the art have revealed itself to me and it’s been such a joy connecting with people who want to get on the inside of it all. I have seen my students grow at an amazing rate decoding charts with credible and clear insight. It let’s me know I’m doing something right. That’s the best feedback a teacher can get when he sees his students “get it.”

One of the challenges I have faced is that I am a non-traditional astrologer in many ways, not from a technique perspective, but from a cultural one. I have and continue to use it as a tool for awakening, on both a personal and a cultural level. My views are often at odds with the trends of popular culture. I believe that the individual is the cornerstone of the castle and that healthy, informed, and sovereign beings have the potential to create an organic grid of community and awakened spirits. Out of that process, we form healthy families, healthy communities and a healthy planet, interdependent, bonded, yet free.

This is an inside out operation, meaning that personal authority rests within the individual. This is diametrically opposed to what’s happening in the world at large, which is making collective decisions by a small group of people who believe that their version of the world is better, more enlightened and well suited for the herd. They will insist on mass vaccinations and your non-consent will mean little when that moment arrives. They will re-define the nature of identity creating confusion amongst traditional gender identification, matching the confusion and chaos that’s being sparked across the globe.

Chaos is a revolutionary principle and it’s goal is the destruction of form, harnessed as a creative force. I don’t have a problem with chaos as a potential energy state. Chaos and improvisation flows through Jazz, Hip-Hop, martial arts, sports and sex but it’s not meant to be a permanent state. In Jazz, they always return to the melody. In martial arts you bow at the end resume life after confrontation. In sex you smoke a cigarette.

When I had Charles Ostman on my show last week, he talked about how US policy in Iraq was a total failure since chaos has descended on that part of the world. I mentioned to Charles that that was exactly what they wanted, because when there’s perpetual chaos, there’s no order, no center for an organizing principle. This will be the theme that will unfold for the entire planet over the course of the next few months and years; political chaos, financial chaos, gender chaos, identity chaos, climate chaos, race chaos, religious chaos and technological chaos. When Yeats wrote in “The Second Coming” he was channeling the tides of our times;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Chaos is the energy of Aquarius and with Uranus in Aries, the chaos (Uranus) has been set upon the individual where everything is turned upside down and identity (Aries/Man) is inverted so that there is no longer any man or woman. Humanity is being asked to redefine itself.

albert-ayler-1966-6I have no problem with transcending identity, because we are all spirit in matter and that spirit is boundless and an infinite expression of Prime Creator, the formless beyond the form; It’s the furious chaos of Albert Ayler’s sax solos, and the supreme order of Bach’s cantatas. But it starts from within, rooted in our organic form, the Terran agreement we chose before our first breath, whether we were fooled into being recycled batteries or not. On some level, we consented to the dream of forgetfulness, and in so doing created a puzzle to solve; the mystery of our own being and liberation.

In the days, weeks and months to come, you are going to be asked to surrender more and more of your autonomous being. You have thought you were a human, but in their reality, you are nothing more than a cow and you’re almost out of milk. You don’t know what’s best for you and even worse, the predatory nature of what we’re dealing with is masquerading as false light, abducting love and reducing it to a strategy that is cynically ideological and anything but truly heartfelt.

In the realm of spirit, the heart and mind of the logos, Prime Creator, we are all one already. We don’t have to imitate Baphomet and indulge in a unisexual reconciliation of opposites—we are already there–but the new rulers of Babylon don’t want you to know that, because they think they are the gods of this world. In their minds, through fiat money and credit, they have built the world. It’s in alignment with Obama’s statement that, “You didn’t build that business.” Since it is supposedly their world, you don’t have any say in what’s coming next and I call bullshit.

You are more powerful than you know. You might be laced with nano-particles, you might be hosting mycoplasma in your gut, sweating tiny bullets of aluminum and swirling near the vortex of the downward spiral, but I am here to tell you are stronger than you know and there is no challenge too great for you and you are not alone, trust me on this, both on the inner and outer plain. This is our network, our new dawn, a competing model that is as inclusive as the imitation Aquarian Age they’re peddling as social salvation.

As we move closer and closer to Pluto in Aquarius, rumor on the streets is that the Piscean Age must die and as a result, there must be a sacrifice–there must be scapegoats. It’s looking more and more like it’s the Christians turn again, mostly white ones at that, just like it was in Rome. It feels like they are being demonized at every turn and are becoming the frozen target in an Alinskyesque strategy of polarization, while the propaganda machine is working 24/7, stoking flames of enmity, summoning the ritual of blood sacrifice, the unholy fire starter of the new age.

sistersOver on Facebook I hang out a bit with the Kitchen Synchers, an interesting group who are into synchro-mysticism, which is decoding the assemblage of symbols and memes, some of which are intentional, manifesting as twilight language, astro-theology and other Manly P. Hall-isms. It’s connected to what I do in some cases around astrology, but the key to it is the synchronistic component of content that drifts into the realm of the ineffable. I’m not sure that they have a moral fix, as they seem to be more interested in phenomenon at times than change, but they are always interesting.

I managed to pry myself away from the computer for a moment to switch on the mindless void of cable transmission, which has become a full scale broadcast of predictive programming and sub-conscious conditioning. I surfed on over to TV Land, where they had a little “Gun Smoke” action going on–nothing like a little nostalgia over lunch. I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw.

Recently, a video that Melissa Harris-Perry, a news host/presenter on MSNBC made back in 2013 re-surfaced. In it, she states that your children don’t belong to you/their parents and that they need to be raised by the community, since the community has “communal” and not personal goals. I find this quite interesting coming from a woman whose daughters names aren’t even listed on her Wikipedia page.

Anyway, just days after people started barking again about Perry and the Marxists coming for your kids, this episode of Gunsmoke airs. It’s called, “The Sisters” and it’s a play on the word, “sisters.” The the sisters are nuns (sisters) and they are black (sisters).

The show starts of with them in a train car, but they aren’t traveling first class. The sisters are back in the cattle car with a white woman, her two kids and some cows. It’s kind of like a rolling manger scene and they supplant the three wise men and instead of the birth of Jesus, it’s the death of white mommy. But before she dies, the sisters vow to find the children’s father for the dying woman. The father, played by Jack Elam is a prospecting, gambling drunk who wants nothing to do with the children until he finds out that there might be some money involved. This shows his avarice and utter lack of morals. The children don’t like their newly found, drunken and smelly father. They’d rather be with the nice nuns, the sweet smelling sisters.

Unfortunately, crazy Jack Elam won’t sign the papers that will hand the children over to the nuns. Here is where it gets interesting, sheriff, Matt Dillon takes the law into his own hands and forces Elam to sign the papers or spend years in jail based on numerous charges some of which might just be trumped up by Dillon so that smelly dad will, “sign ze papers!.’’ James Arness/Matt Dillon looks like a cross between a a cowboy sanyassin and a Castro Street Top, dressed in ochre and pink.

dillonThe kids leave for a life in the convent with the three sisters.

The writer of the episode was William Kelly, whose claim to fame was winning an Oscar for co-writing “Witness” with Harrison Ford. Kelly was Gemini.

So here we have Melissa Perry Harris telling you your kids don’t belong to you and TV Land rummaging around and airing “Three Sisters” about the very same issue.

The episode aired in 1975 and the social landscape of America had changed. Norman Lear and Bud Yorkin had infiltrated Middle America through their TV screens and even shows like Gun Smoke which was firing blanks at this point, were emulating the decidedly liberal and soft Marxist turn that America was taking.

Coincidence? Synchro-Mysticism? Predictive Programming?

Thursday marks the New Moon in Cancer and this is a big one. The new, Cancer Moon cycle sets the tone/intention for the next six months, which completes and manifests in December, with the Full Moon in Capricorn on the day after Christmas. So on a personal level, get your intentions right come Thursday. There’s also an intense stellium of Cancer planets, Sun/Moon/Mercury/Mars all colliding at that time, with Mercury/Mars on the USA Sun 14/13, opposing trans Pluto. These are intense energies as Cancer wants to hold on and embrace. Capricorn makes the tough calls, the administration of what’s important for the bottom line. This dynamic is playing out in each of us in the cinema of our souls. What is essential? What do we hold onto? What do we embrace and if we need to, what do we let go of? Do we choose life and continuity or cool efficiency and hierarchies of the future? All of this by the way is happening with Jade Helm 15 operating in the background. So there might be some collective action happening as well.

Plant your most important and cherished seeds come Thursday and water them well for the harvest of the solstice, late blooms for a winters night dream.

To get more up-to-speed on the upcoming Full Moon, check out my podcast from this Monday.

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16 thoughts on “Cancer Lunar Phase, Jade Helm Launch, The Sisters And Eleventh House Radio”

  1. z

    Terrific stuff Phoenix-man….. Risen from self-doubt-ing seeds planted by the troll some months ago, warms the heart to read the first few paragraphs of healthy self-appreciation.
    May the ashes of self-doubt form ever more feathers in your wings !
    Again the motif of of the absent father figure…Hmmm, is there a healthy and inspiring meat-sinew-bones father figure…? Even internally, let alone in external sense ?
    Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear hug, unuk

  2. C

    So glad that you are back to scribing…. What an excellent post! Will comment more in the next day or two, but right on!

  3. p

    interesting post esp re: moon in cancer – i had been sitting on some paperwork not sending it b/c i was urged to wait until after the new moon tonight…i now am covered in chills for why spirit spoke to slow down (SIMMA DOWN NOW!)…thanks robert!

  4. M

    Great thought on maintaining balance amongst the pressure to descend into the materialistic morass…
    I just wonder when it will peak and decline, the rich are richer and the development, logging, gentrification, and inflation keep rising as Wall st doles out free money to the insiders, while poverty rises lockstep with the S&P 500
    Maybe a few more years when Jupiter leaves its wide open sky…who knows…

  5. L

    Hi Robert. It was so nice to finally see a blog posting; thank you. I have really been feeling things amp up lately and knew in my gut something was up and whatdaya know, yesterday they deliver us 4 dead Marines on American soil. We now have homosexuals, transsexuals, felons, soldiers of fortune and even men and women who aren’t American citizens in the ranks. Its a fucking free for all! I’m on some Facebook veterans groups and they are getting very itchy fingers.
    You can wear the right uniform and have all the “right stuff” but they don’t want us to know who we are or who is the real enemy. Circles within circles within circles.

    Yesterday I saw a commercial for Aveeno body lotion for kids with the gay rainbow everywhere, the same day Caitlyn Jenner gets the eh hem, Arthur Ashe courage award? I remember back in the day when boys and girls were proud of their new equipment.

    Keep on keeping on, Robert, and be that beacon of light for us. God knows, we need it.


  6. g

    Do you intend to add the daily ephemeris to your new format ? It was good to be able to touch base (obligatory baseball metaphor) with the location and aspects. I got to your site through Smoking Mirrors about four years ago and have followed your work avidly.I look forward to your radio shows,it’s like visiting an old friend .

  7. J

    Thank you very much for writing this post. The “elite,” and their “sacrifices,” are becoming the issue of the day. Chaos speaks to the need for alignment with the good, and an intention to see all individuals thrive in Aquarian times. We have to be able to see beyond the chaos and games. I don’t have a problem with women/men and vice versa, but it should be a individual choice, not something coded in to images and forced upon the young along with the music and dance to support the concept. Our children don’t “belong” to us, but it is our responsibility to train them and teach them how to listen carefully, and not be fooled by those who would use them as pawns.

  8. Beautiful. Glad to see you back at it. I’m feeling pretty inspired myself. Something in the ether.

    And the new web digs are great. Clean, polished, and presentable.

    Keep up the good work,


  9. C

    Chaos…I adopted the handle for comments on a Real Estate Blog that I used to frequent. I would use astrology to present a different perspective to the herd. The irony of the herd on that blog…is that they thought that they were different from the rest of the sheep(le) going about their daily business. It was my hope that my brand of chaos would provoke them into exploring different thought processes.

    My brand of chaos didn’t make a dent in their reality, because their reality is based upon the status quo chaos. Any change to the status quo chaos would be disastrous for them. Investments, financial commitments, the future all based on the status quo. No freedom for those sheep.

    Regardless that the status quo is a fantasy. A creation. A construction. The message is hammered home constantly. The message is reassuring, comforting. The message becomes the truth. Whoever controls the message…controls the truth.

    How it is supposed to work is that out of chaos comes order. How it’s working now is that the new order is constant change…no breathing room to integrate and evaluate the change…just adaptation to change.

    In my opinion, human beings adapt to change best when it occurs over a long period of time. Being of the “boomer generation” I’ve seen a lot of change…not all of it good or even necessary. But as an aging ancient I at least have some perspective of how it used to be and what it’s like now.
    Young adults and children do not have the benefit of my experience…they think that their reality is normal.

    The question to be answered is how much bending of reality and acceleration of change can these young bodies, minds and spirits accept and integrate?

    I know that on every level I’m ready to tune out, get an Airstream, a dog and head for the boonies. That may not be much…but it’s the fantasy that I cling to. Sounds like a formula for chaos.

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