Bobbi Krisitna As Angel (Pisces), The Chart, Malcolm Butler (Pisces) And The Super Bowl Miracle That Might Just Save The World

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Katy_BobbiFailure to launch?It was Groundhog Day, just the other day and it took on a new meaning, a perverse twist in it’s cruel tale of six-more-weeks of Winter as Punxatawny Phil noticed his shadow. That’s the gift for noticing one’s shadow. The universe is like that at times and yet it’s honest and true. Just because you can see and identify your shadow, it doesn’t herald the arrival of your own, personal Spring. No, you have to slog through the ice and razor sharp wind to the face just a little longer. Ya gotta pay your shadow dues.

But this Groundhog Day has the dark and surreal spin of the rinse and repeat cycle that is becoming all-too-familiar with the likes meta-events, like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. As my previous post noted, Bobbi Krisitna Brown lies near the borderlands of consciousness, her breath mechanically moved, coma, medically induced, found face down in her tub, early last Saturday morning.

Bobbi is in the Bardo of dreaming life, caught between the slipstream of this world and the next. I have visions of her looking down at her semi-lifeless form, now as close to free as it gets, yet still tethered by the silver cord. In that space of time, she’s living out eternity as a ghost in her past. She’s an interstitial satellite whose consciousness is everywhere, including right here, right now. Could she have also been an angel on Super Bowl Sunday?

The Groundhog Day of this particular equation is that this has happened to Bobbi Kristina once before, when her mother, Whitney Houston might have taken the drowning death for Bobbi when she passed. That’s the word on the street. Bobbi was supposed to be Whitney’s sacrifice, her tribute, but she stepped in and saved her little girl. And while she might have staved off Bobbi’s ritual demise. Whitney died on 2/11/12. For all of you keeping score at home, that’s the month of Aquarius. Eleven is the number of the Twin Towers, Boaz and Jachin. The numbers add up to 18, which is “The Moon” in the Major Arcana. Moon is mother and more as we shall soon see. And here we go again, Aquarius and February rolls around and now it’s Bobbi’s turn.

As noted previously, Bobbi Kristina’s ASC is 29 Gemini. Here again, we have the 11 vibration/symbol, 29, 2+9 = 11. And of course, with Gemini on the ASC, we have the twin motif being repeated. Bobbi Kristina’s chart is a portal.

BKBLet’s review the details/headlines. She’s a Pisces and not just any Pisces, her grand, water trine rises like the Pyramid ascending to her Pisces MC, at 5 degrees, where transiting Neptune, the trident god, Poseidon approaches. Neptune had just crossed her Mid-Heaven. Fragile, frail, Chiron in Pisces, had just crossed her Piscean Sun. These aspects are major and not just for Bobbi and her family but the world as well, since it is all happening in the 10th House, the world stage, where the Mid-Heaven becomes a sacrificial altar for fallen gods of the lesser light. Kristina is the feminine for Christian aka “Christ-tian” or “Christ-like.” Sananda/Emanuel was sacrificed and thus the Age of Pisces was born. What’s ironic, is that he was for all intents and purposes, a true Aquarian, not by birth, but in spirit. He was a radical heretic. He despised the merchant/priest class with all of their arcane rituals, futile ablutions, and religious trinkets peddled at the temple. He was the light bulb showing how to plug directly into the socket. His mission was the embodiment of free energy, bypassing the middleman, short circuiting the pharisees franchise model.

Clipboard02A true Aquarian, he said it was for everyone and this was the most truly liberating and dangerous concept that he put forth. You didn’t have to be rich or powerful, or even particularly smart. None of that was a precursor to entering into a state of consciousness that was a vibration of unity with prime creation. Now that was a seismic jolt to the prevailing system. In essence, he was telling everyone that would listen that the kingdom of heaven and everything else you ever need is right inside of you and while he said you must come through me, it wasn’t the personality that he was referring to, it was the spectrum of consciousness, the divine vibration that was anchored and stepped down into physical form.

When I was in my early twenties, I went through a profound metamorphosis and felt very close to this type of consciousness and yet I never set foot in a church. To this day the thought of churches sends a chilled wave through my body. Too many charred and stoned past lives. Fine for some people–not for me–but I digress.

Sananda was a true Aquarian and yet, he has been aligned with the spirit of the Piscean Age and that is the symbolic sea change of where we are at, with the Age of Aquarius, knock-knock-knocking on the door. If you have followed this blog for any period of time, you might be familiar with my timeline theory that has to do with the death of JFK, 9/11 and The Twin Towers. The distilled version of this was that the 1960’s, were the time when the true Age of Aquarius was scheduled to bloom and this would have been the “Christ Consciousness” being activated by the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the sign of Virgo. My timeline work has the birth of Sananda as 9/11-3 BC (yeah old school) and that the Pluto/Uranus conjunction would have been the collective release of that spirit. Instead, we got murder, chaos, mayhem and the fractal split across all sectors of society, while the energy became diffused in a million hopes and dreams in search of some place to ground the transformational current.

Remember the number of the Moon as it relates to Whitney Houston’s death date. Bobbi Kristina has Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in her 10th House as well–the dark sacrifice of the mother, the black moon–the Madonna. Where is Bobbi’s Saturn? In the sign of Aquarius. Saturn was in Aquarius at the time of the death of JFK.

bobbi-kristinaBobbi Kristina is a Pluto in Scorp kid, with Pluto in her 5th House at 25 degrees. Saturn has been doing time on her Pluto for the last year. The 5th House is ruled by Leo and of course that was Whitney’s sign. I can only imagine her suffering and pain over the past year. Bobbi Kristina has that 29 degree Gemini ASC, the next sign/degree is Cancer, the sign of the mother. At that degree, she would be longing and aching to be with Mom. Her Chiron, the wounded healer is in Leo, again, Whitney’s sign. Whitney Houston is all over her chart.

So, while Bobbi was entering the borderland between life and death, Katy Perry’s star was ascending in Phoenix. As the fireworks shout out of the University of Phoenix stadium like a sulphuric ejaculation, seeding the night sky, clad in silver stars, a gold star trailing behind, the New Age was being heralded. It was the “Dawn Of A New Day” and yet, something did not quite go according to plan.

As Russell Wilson was about to roll out some of that ancestral magic that I spoke about, Jermaine Kearse (Curse) made one of the most improbable catches of all time. A little used rookie named Malcolm Butler was covering him. Butler did everything he could and had good coverage on the Seahawk wide receiver, who made a supernatural catch. It was shades of David Tyree and the famous helmet catch in the 2008 Super Bowl (Also in Phoenix).

On the next play, Marshawn Lynch nearly scored and only a game saving tackle by Dont’a Hightower stopped him.

Second and goal from the one, everyone and their brother, living and dead expected Lynch to get the ball again and for Seattle to win, but instead, they opted to throw a pass to a seldom used WR, Ricardo Lockette, on a quick slant. Malcolm Butler saw the play, not only from a practice perspective, where they had worked on that very same play in practice, but also from a vision space.

ButlerYou see, he knew he was going to do something great and he did. He moved at almost inhuman speed, clocked at 13 MPH in the direction of Lockette. He became a heat seeking missile and hit him with 800 pounds of pressure per square inch. The force of the jolt knocked the 6’2, 215 pound WR completely off of his feet. Butler hits him so hard that the shock recoils him backwards and yet, the ball flies into his hands and there it stays. A miraculous, game ending play.

Malcolm Butler is a Pisces (3/2/90).

Butler’s chart is heavily dominated by Capricorn; Venus/Mars/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune. Pluto is conjunct his Neptune currently and that is some cosmic, secret sauce. But here is where it gets pretty interesting his Jupiter is at 0 degrees Cancer, conjunct Bobbi Kristina’s Ascendant and his Chiron in Cancer at 14 degrees is exactly conjunct her natal Mars. As noted, both are Pisces.

While Katy Perry lightly mocked the Piscean Age in her beach scene during halftime with inflatable sharks, beach bunnies, primary colors from another time, it was the energy of Pisces that dominated the outcome of both the end of the game and our consciousness. With the celestial connections between Butler and Brown, could she have played the role of an angel in actually tutting not just the tide of the game, but the socially controlled and occult planned outcome. Can our apparent, collective fate shift with a flash of the spirit?

I don’t think this was the planned outcome at all.

Sometimes a game is just a game and a day is another day, like Groundhog Day where we inhabit the same script of Samsara, over and over and over again and then, there are days when the strange and truly unusual occurs that is more spectacular than the planned out spectacle itself. That is where we are. Now what are you going to do with that knowledge?

2 thoughts on “Bobbi Krisitna As Angel (Pisces), The Chart, Malcolm Butler (Pisces) And The Super Bowl Miracle That Might Just Save The World”

  1. T

    Amazing post Robert . . .
    For sure, the end of that game was the most incredible football most of us have ever seen.
    Your Bobbi Kristina take is very interesting . In one of your facebook posts about this you typed the word Roswell in all caps, emphasizing it, while stating that Bobbi Kristina is in a hospital in Roswell Georgia.
    Now, sure enough, we have coming up on May 5, 2015, A live International event ; discloser ; A live streaming event unveiling to the public, Slides of the Roswell Alien —

    if, this info is correct. :

  2. J

    Katy Perry Oct 25 1984 6:59 AM Santa Barbara CA
    All planets (save Chiron in Gemini) are contained by waxing quintile (the “star” aspect) formed by Sun/Pluto in Scorpio on end and MARS in Capricorn on the other. Transit Pluto conjoined Mars on Super Bowl night reinforcing the pattern. Just to confirm your one of you many fascinating astro-synchs, Robert!!

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