Black Hole Sun, The Great American Eclipse, The Death of Chester Bennington & The Specter of John Podesta

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

2169597-bigthumbnailThe infernal furies of dark planetary ritualization have been unleashed. Chester Bennington’s (theoretical) suicide on Chris Cornell’s birthday is a black mirror, the unholy release of life force, augmented through the amplification of tragedy. This is not just the sadness left behind for their respective families, but for millions of people tied into their spirits through their music.

This is how it works.

As we cord into the cult of celebrity, jacking into the star system, e-motion gets transferred, from one entity to another and it’s not always a biological transference. while this most certainly abducts our emotions, as we’ll see later on in the post, perhaps there’s also something else going on.

Chester Bennington was born on 3/20 which places him at 0 Aries. Bennington was born on the Spring Equinox, which is the birth of the astrological New Year in the northern hemisphere. There’s immense energy at this degree and Bennington was an organic point of pure will.

Chris, Christopher (Christ) Cornell was also born on the 20th (July). 20th and 20th are also a mirror, and when we get into the aspect of reflection, we’re tapping into Gemini, which we’ve covered numerous times on this site as Gemini is the target zone of duality and separation consciousness. The number 20 is also the number of the Aeon in the major arcana that is the end of one age and the beginning of another. It’s the “dawn of a new day.”

While Cornell’s death was labeled as a suicide, it’s also been suspect due to his personal investigations into child trafficking and abuse. So theoretically, we not only have twin deaths, but twin (supposed) suicides, twin twenties that translates into 22 (Number of the Master Builder). All of this is leading up to the Black Hole Sun and the “Great American Eclipse” on the 21st of August, one day after the 20th.

Chester Bennington was haunted by depression for most of his life. The father of six 20+20+20 = 60 or 6.Can we see where the depression originates in his chart?


carte.domificationBennington’s MC is at 29 Leo. The 29th degree indicates the completion of some cycle, in the life but most likely from another incarnation. With the 29th degree of Leo on the cusp of the world, Bennington was forced to perform in some ways, tied to some performance unfinished, driven towards completion on the stage of life. His 10th House is dominated by Virgo, a sign far that is less outgoing than Leo. Virgo turns away from the world. There’s a fundamental disconnect at the apex of his chart.

When looking for indicators of depression in the chart, Saturn can reveal where the depressive tendencies show up in a chart, especially in square to either the Moon or Mercury, but also in very close conjunctions with planets as well. While Bennington’s Saturn isn’t in direct conflict the Moon or Mercury, there’s a hidden aspect, the Yod aka “The Finger of God” Saturn is inconjunct with Bennington’s Moon/Neptune in the First House. Transiting Mars in Cancer has been on Bennington’s natal Saturn over the past week, triggering the indefinable stress of the inconjunct.

Mars has been there before in Bennington’s chart, and when it would cross that point, I would bet worthless federal reserve notes, that when Mars would cross that point, his depression would be heightened and triggered by the affliction of Mars in Cancer.

Another interesting note is that Bennington’s Saturn was conjunct Cornell’s Sun in Cancer (26/28 degrees). Cornell’s death would also trigger the Saturn inconjunct. They had a very deep, karmic connection. Likely, this all started when the Full Moon in Capricorn opposed his Mars in Cancer at 1 degree. Ironically, I share the same Mars aspect with Bennington in the 8th House, separated by 1 degree. There’s a lot more to this twin tragedy, but clearly, the dark energies of the Great American Eclipse, the Black Hole Sun, are coalescing, rising to greet Donald Trump’s ascendant on the 21st of August, the dying rays of the Sun King.A cursory look at Bennington’s past reveals some eyebrow raising details. Bennington was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. His father was a detective that worked on child abuse cases. Bennington talked about being abused from 7 to 13. This was from an “older” male friend. According to Bennington he didn’t want to reveal the details due to the fact that people would think he was gay or lying. Like most people, he sought refuge and escape in a myriad of substances. With Neptune/Moon in the 1st House, Bennington would be drawn towards personal modes of either drowning or transcending the self and the emotions connected to the self. Squaring Mercury in Pisces, Bennington was covering up something, and Mercury, along with Venus and Black Moon Lilith are all in his natal 4th House (home/emotional values). Pisces is one of the most difficult energies to manage in 4th House. Issues ranging from lack of boundaries, to drug and alcohol abuse, to martyrdom and mania ferment in the 4th. Another aspect for children who have Pisces on the 4th House cusp is that they alternate between playing the role of the savior and the scapegoat. With the square Neptune/Moon square to Mercury in the 4th, Bennington, while admirably candid was likely covering up for someone and something else.

In the aftermath of his death, an investigation for murder has ensued. This is no longer under the suicide headline.

Who might have been the “older” friend that Bennington was referring to and how does it relate to not only his death, but Cornell’s as well.

The rumor has it that Cornell had come into contact with a black book, a book with names on it that were directly connected to child abuse and trafficking. Cornell supposedly knew many of the names on the list. His foundation was dedicated to helping abused children. On the high strange meter, a connection to Bennington and the notorious John Podesta have emerged.

7Mxh2PIt’s rumored that Bennington is John Podesta’s bastard son. As strange as this may seem, clearly, there is some physical resemblance. Historically, elite men like to have children with women outside of their circle so that they can come back later in their lives and literally farm them if they show any promise. This goes all the way back to the Nephilim having children with the daughters of the Earth. In so doing, they reinvest themselves in an ancient mythology of gods walking amongst us. Rumors have long persisted that Bill Clinton was Winthrop Rockefellers son and not many people in Arkansas would challenge you if it were brought up. The film, “The Devil’s Advocate” with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino uses the life of Clinton as a cipher, but also details the process of elite insemination.

Details on Podesta’s chart are difficult to come by as one might imagine, so in order to cast a chart, we have to rectify his time. I chose 8:55 PM for 1/8/49 in Chicago, Illinois. The reason I chose 8:55PM is that Pluto in Leo is in the 12th House (for obvious reasons). But also a look at Podesta reveals the craggy visage that can be associated with Saturn on the ascendant and in this case, it is in Virgo. Also, looking for clues around “unusual” relationships with children, we see both Mars and Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th House, the house of children. The inconjunct with Saturn in Virgo at the end of the 12th indicates a hidden connection/relationship between Venus/Mercury (dominating and communicating through radical Aquarius) and Saturn (hierarchies). Virgo is innocence and purity. Aquarius is rebellious and overturns established orders. There’s an invisible trail between these two aspects.

But is there anyway that a chart can determine paternity?

In the natal chart, if a person has Saturn in the 10th, it’s often a sign of the absent father or a father that places such incredibly high standards on the individual. It can also indicate a rise in the eye of the public and then a precipitous fall.

With the absent father theme in mind, John Podesta’s Saturn in Virgo is in Bennington’s 10th House. We’ve already seen Bennington’s own Saturn in Cancer, in the 8th House, which is where Pennington’s Saturn is. Here is what Liz Greene says about Saturn in the 8th; “This placement may signify the death of the father, or he is emotionally cold and rejecting. Furthermore, the environment in which the individual lives may show sexual problems between the parents. In the worst case, beatings and assault can occur which leave deeper emotional scars than any other Saturn placement. The father may also be possessive and domineering, and his early death may teach the child the painful lesson of letting go.”

So we have Podesta’s Saturn in Bennington’s 10th and Saturn in his 8th. These are especially troubling aspects surrounding the father. Is it enough to indict Podesta as a missing father? Not likely, but given some strong physical mirroring, and the fact that Bennington has a strange past associated with abuse, including a father that was a detective who worked in child abuse, we’re in the grey area of symbolic speculation where there’s enough ciphers to not deny it in an outright dismissal. Just 28 days to the black hole sun. John Podesta’s rectified chart below.


7 thoughts on “Black Hole Sun, The Great American Eclipse, The Death of Chester Bennington & The Specter of John Podesta”

  1. D
    Donna Doom and Gloom

    Fascinating Robert. Bennington sure does resemble Podesta.

    Something interesting I ran into on the internet several months back about this similar thing. Someone on a blog wrote about how it was rumored that Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain visited Jeffrey Esptein’s island and it mentioned this might have some connection to Cobain’s death. I was shocked, I mean just how many of these celebrities are or were involved in all of this ugly stuff.

    I’ve always been a fan of Courtney Love, but after seeing the video that goes with her song “Happy Ending Story” (the slow version of the song) uploaded by SG on youtube, I’m beginning to wonder IF maybe they did indeed visit the island. If you watch the very end of the video, it might shock you as much as it did me.

    Changing subjects, the great American Eclipse coming. Well, I come from the family with the last name of Doom and Gloom. I’ve always looked at the glass half-empty because that was all we were given to drink, but I’m trying, I’m really trying to look at those glasses half-full now.

    I’m thinking a lot of astrologers are saying this is the end for U.S. But, I’m thinking there are thousands and thousands of people who love astronomy and they have booked motel rooms by thousands and thousands and they are traveling many many miles across this beautiful country of ours to see a few minutes of that great American Eclipse. I’m looking at my glass half-full now.

    AND the Cord into the Cult of Celebrity you mention …. I really think the cord is broken and that is a problem for most celebrities now. No one really cares about them anymore. I really really do not think that people are into celebrities like they use to be. If it seems like we are, I think it is mostly smoke and mirrors, hired fans and spectators by the PR firms to give the illusion of celebrity lust.

    I enjoy your articles. Have a nice day Robert.

    1. a

      I totally agree with you about cutting the cord. It’s happened. No one over 22 really gives a shit anymore about celebrities. Do you know about Courtney Loves conception? Her mother was date raped by the man that would be her father.

  2. A

    Amazing! I looked up pictures of Chester Bennington when I first heard of his suicide and I remember thinking that he resembled John Podesta.

  3. S

    That’s some serious reasearch and writing, Robert. Thanks …the mind boggles !!!

    It’s going to be a big fruitful month for those that care to engage the conscious waves.

  4. J

    Robert what is the Sabian Symbol reference to the degree of the eclipse? Maybe you have written or spoke about it and I missed it. Sorry. Great article! Thank you.

    1. a


      KEYNOTE: The focusing of the collective need for order and structural interdependence into a personage who incarnates the answer to this need.

      The husband role of fecundator of nature here takes on a collective social significance. We are at the stage where a powerful realization of the very purpose of the cycle of existence faces the chaotic remains of a dis-structured past. The character of the leader is always delineated by the need, subconscious though it may be, of the unformed agglomeration of entities he is called upon by destiny to lead. In time the leader will be worshiped as the “divine Father” of the society he structured.

      At this third stage of the thirty-third sequence we see a new type of characterization of the many-faceted polarization of positive and negative. We have before us a personage endowed with CHARISMA, this elusive and mysterious power that comes from a man’s or woman’s openness to the power of planetary evolution.

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