Back On Gaiam With Regina Meredith, Breaking Down Charleston And The American False Flag

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

robert_summerIt’s gonna be a long-hot-Summer.

When I was with Regina Meredith two months ago, we looked at the astrological aspects for the current season and one of the aspects that I covered was transiting Mars in Gemini conjuncting the US natal Mars, also in Gemini. When we deal with Mars, violence, anger, aggression, will, motion and energy are the qualities that surge to the forefront. Gemini traffics in duality, polarity, opposites and reflection. Put them together and we have combustible situations that don’t always look as they appear. It’s a hurried and restless energy that occasionally skirts details for action.

The US Mars is at 21 Gemini in the 7th House of Relationships. I think Ben Franklin had a malevolent streak when he charted the future of America and perhaps, encoded the restless nature of Mars in that house. Not only that, but he also made sure that the U.S. had the Moon in Aqua. Benevolent sage that he was, the rumor has it that he pushed the signing out two extra days so that the Moon could be in the cool, kinky and decidedly detached sign of the rebel, versus the cool, prudish and decidedly detached sign of the goat. America was being aligned as the new Atlantis as per the vision of Bacon and the Aqua Moon was essential to the Atlantean cosmic codec.

Two of the main components of that Moon include a quality that is decidedly non-judgmental and open, but also with the hidden seed of revolution buried in it, to crack into the spirit of the Aquarian Age.

The result of transiting Mars hitting the natal USA Mars can be seen in what occurred in Charleston on the 17th. It’s clear that the message was a white on black hate crime, desecrating the sacred ground of a black church. But can we trust what we see and hear under this aspect?


When the Boston Tea Party tossed the boxes of leafy green into the Boston Harbor. The so-called patriots were led by Paul Revere and were dressed like Mohawk Indians. While it would be clear to the East India Trading company that their product had been plundered and ruined, it certainly didn’t do the Mohawks any favors.

The first state to declare rebellion against the crown was Massachusetts, of course during the sign of Aquarius, 2/1/75 The Battle Of Lexington began on 4/19, when British troops were baited by the nascent, revolutionary (according to researcher James Perloff), who fired upon the Brits, not the other way around. Sam Adams, the famous beer dude was apparently behind the Tea Party, the Massacre and Lexington. Here was one of his ideas; ““Put your enemy in the wrong, and keep him so, is a wise maxim in politics, as well as in war.”

Perloff uses a succession of paintings about the battle as well as British diary entries about the confrontation to show how it was originally depicted and then canonized later on, as the shot heard round the world. It’s a fascinating look into how a revolution was fomented and provoked by the founding fathers and not at the hands of the tyrannical Brits. He also establishes Samuel Adams as a world class shit disturber who would make Bill Ayers blush.

The next battle at Concord was full on, the real deal and so it began.

4/19 has a special place in American history for these types of events, especially in the late 20th and 21st centuries. On 4/19/93, the 51 day siege of the Branch Davidian compound came to an end as it was set ablaze and then bull dozed, where eighty-one people including women and children were buried alive. Two years later, the Murrah building in Oklahoma City exploded as (patsy) Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were arrested in conjunction with a fertilizer bomb that blew a concrete and steel building to smithereens. Upon further inspection after the explosion, they found thermite and explosive wiring in the basement of the building. The records for what went down in Waco were stored at Murrah. Also connecting Murrah to Waco was the deaths of five, former Arkansas state troopers who were essentially Bill Clinton’s car service in Little Rock, shuttling him from one tryst to another.

Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Conway LeBleu and Todd McKeehan were all killed at the inception of the government’s intervention at the Branch Davidian compound. As one looks at the video of all four entering the building AFTER the lead BATF had already gone through the upper window, it’s clear that they were taken out while the BATF agent that preceded them got out alive. That was the action that kick-started the siege.

In OKC, Alan Wichner didn’t get the memo to stay home that day, as another former Clinton bodyguard and BATF agent bit the dust.

After OKC, Bill Clinton passed the Anti-Terror Act, which became a precursor to the Patriot Act.

In 2013, the Tsarnaev brothers were sucked into the Boston Marathon drama amidst members of Craft International and what clearly resembles a drill with crisis actors.

4/19 holds a special place in American history where agendas are pushed through the manipulation of reality, truth and often innocent lives to create a sense of urgent distortion, broad shocks to the system where large masses are led like cattle with digital prods. We have become so engaged in the collective-reactive-anguish-process, also known as CRAP that we whip out the plastic for survivors benefits on demand. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Red Cross or the Sandy Hook Victims Fund.

In the USA chart, Aforementioned Mars in Gemini is square natal Neptune in Virgo. The Mars/Neptune square is one of the most deceptive and draining Neptune squares in astrology. Both planets act as an angular siphon, spilling out the vital energy of Mars, steaming up Neptune, steaming Neptune into paroxysms of fear and loathing. Neptune in Virgo is in its detriment. In the 10th House, it wants to merge, wants to be a sacred emblem of hope and redemption for the world, but in critical Virgo, there’s always strings attached. Think of Mormon missionaries in the South Pacific, offering financial aid to the Ebonites in exchange for their loyalty and deference to John Smith. It looks like selfless redemption on the surface, but then there’s that Virgoan fine print, not too mention the dualistic bait-and-switch of Mars in Gemini. Speaking of which, there is an online petition that’s circulating demanding that no dual citizens can serve in the U.S. government; this is in response to the dualies of USA/Israel, who bounce between the two countries like they’re neighboring counties. I don’t expect it to do much, since the online petitions work about as well as a Kleenex condom.

charlestonSo that brings us to Charleston where Dylann Storm Roof slaughtered nine people in the house of God. Just days after the massacre, it was business as usual at the AME. Do you know how much blood nine people would leave? A lot more than your average clean up crew could deal with in just a few, short, albeit forgiven days.

Let’s take the death scene and blow it up, just a bit, since we have now officially entered Saturn’s return to Scorpio. It would take at least, 2-3, perfect shots to kill all nine people. After the first two-three shots, people would be ducking behind the nearest St. Paul or Virgin Mary. I’ve heard hard oak pews make formidable barriers.

So let’s say that that happened, well now, Mr. I Hate Black People has to go on a search and destroy mission, and literally hunt people down, which takes a lot of time or use a wide spray of gunfire, which would do a lot more damage than what appears to have occurred.

If he had gone on a search and destroy mission, he would have taken a lot more time and in the age of cell phones, the police would have been there in less than three minutes, since the sheriff’s department is less than a mile away on a main drag (Broad St) at 9:00PM. So angry muffin hair would have had to have been ruthlessly efficient to kill nine people and not have at least one person get on their cell phone, call and have the cavalry charging in to erase that white stain. Do you know why that didn’t happen? No, it’s not because they don’t answer 9/11 calls from black people, but because it likely didn’t happen the way we’re hearing it.

Remember, this country was built on false flags from Boston Bay to the Bay of Pigs.

Did you know that there just happened to be one of those drills that they just happen to run at the same time this fruit cakes flipped his wig, after just writing his superbly radical and hateful manifesto followed by a couple of the latest beta blockers and a 16 oz Mountain Dew?

Look, if these twerps were serious, they wouldn’t be posing with photo-shopped South African and Rhodesian flags on their jackets or whatever hateful icon they pull out of the terror 101 kit. Hell no. Real hate is stealthy and doesn’t want a one off. Real hate is like John Muhammed, the DC sniper, who hid in the back of his car, laying down in the trunk, waiting for Lee Malvo to give him the signal to gently squeeze that trigger. That’s how real hate works—it has an investment in it’s own self-preservation to do as much damage over the long haul as possible. Real hate grows and feeds upon itself like a demon feasts upon the willing soul. Real hate isn’t symbolic. That’s left up to the architects of oppression and illusion to conjure up.

Sometimes so-called-reality and the inner narrative crash into each other with spectacular if surreal results. I was thinking about a false flag going down at a Carl’s Jr. where some guy is running around the restaurant in a diaper, claiming that he’s really a lemur and that if people don’t believe him, he’ll shit on their tables and bite their noses, meanwhile I get slipped a Whopper instead of a Carl’s Star. I was going to use this analogy to demonstrate that while we have been “grieving” over Charleston, Obama got congress to fast track the odious, TPP; promised a star, get’s a whopper. Then when I got home, I read that the Charleston police took Dylann Roof to, you guessed it, Burger King, where I’m sure, he got a “Whopper.”

The former analogy was brought to your attention, because while we were all sturm and dranging, debating and forgiving, the American Pharaoh fast tracked the evil TPP through Congress, where the Senate couldn’t vote and pass on it fast enough.

Ink and blood dry at the same rate.

Now, the USA is linked up through the Pacific Rim countries, Mexico and Canada and Europe via the TPP, NAFTA and GATT respectively. Pluto in Capricorn, flexes it’s muscles as the titanic superstructures assemble themselves as official overseers of every transaction, emotional, fiscal and otherwise. The grid gets tighter.

Mars has just entered into Cancer. It’s aggressive nurturing at it’s finest. Mars in Cancer doesn’t strike out. It’s not a fighter but it is a defender of the highest order. But it is also deeply subjective. At 0 degrees, the Sabian Symbol for it is “On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One.” This is fairly apropos, given that the Confederate Flag was taken down by the South Carolinian government.

Given that I have zero investment in the Confederate flag, I could care less, however, the removing of symbols like flags is important on one level of consciousness where the dynamics of psyche and subconscious dominate. On the 12th Level of consciousness flags are about as important as a go kart is to a cricket. However, the Sabian symbolism seems on point. Speaking of flags, false and otherwise . . .

Just off shore of Charleston, S.C. lies Fort Sumter. Sumter was a fort occupied by Northern forces, pre-civil war. It was where the Civil War started in what amounted to a Gulf of Tonkin type of incident, where the South fired upon the flag, but if you follow the true, historical narrative, the North was pumping troops, supplies, guns, ammunition, etc., into Sumter and they drew the South into their trap so that they could gain more support for a war that a lot of people in the North just didn’t want. Revised History has a pretty good summary on what went down.


Beyond Ryan, I mean Adam Lanza’s goofy doppel, Dylann, what went down, astrologically, that night in Charleston? At the time of the event, Capricorn was rising in the East. Yes, our old, old, friend was driving the bus at 4 degrees. Pluto retrograding at 14 was in wide conjunction with the ASC, meaning that this was a situation that would have a deep and transformational impact (Pluto) on a social level (Capricorn). At this point, it’s agnostic. But then we see the opposition to the Moon, in Cancer, exact at 14 degrees. The Cancer Moon is in the new phase, so this is a time of using the darkness to program, set intention and create an emotional template. Here in Cancer, emotion is heightened and has a deep, collective, sub-conscious affect. Keep in mind that at this degree, the Cancer Moon is just one degree off the USA Cancer Sun, stimulating a heightened sense of emotionality. Pluto in Capricorn is extracting its essence, feasting on the emotional output of the Moon.

Uranus comes into play, squaring the Moon and Pluto, right on the IC in Aries. Yes, that’s guns, violence, men, especially young men and in the home, 4th House, Cancer again. But something isn’t right here. There’s a hurrying, a speeding up of events that feels forced. Calls for gun (Aries) control were issued forth just mere days after the event by both Obama and Hilary. Uranus accelerates the issue, precariously beyond social acceptance. It’s the cool/cruel nature of the square that has left people feeling like they’re being played. Now, I am sure that if you are on the other side of the equation and let’s face it, most astrologers are, then this becomes a radical sense of urgency to grab those firearms!

Reality is a set of frames that can be arranged for our own point of view based upon deeply justified bias. No one is perfectly neutral and omniscient, so I am, to the best of my ability, decoding this based upon how I am seeing the events unfold, not necessarily on the vision of the type of world/agenda that follows a party platform or philosophical plank. I do my best to follow the giant lead of Jupiter in Sag in my 1st House, conjunct the Galactic Center to lead me closer to some larger vision of truth. It’s not always greeted with warm and fuzzies.

So what we have here is a T-Square very close to Cardinal points on the chart, which means that this is a powerfully catalytic capture in time. There’s also a square between Chiron in Pisces and Mars/Sun. When we deal Pisces/Neptune in square with Mars, there’s that draining effect, which reanimates the spiritual wounds that haunt us all, from the garden to the fall.

One of the things that I have been contemplating as of late is how grief, when it is manufactured, as it is in ALL false flag events, robs us of our ability to get down to the bottom of our suffering and truly let it out, fully and thus setting the table for a deeper level of real transformation. In essence, by staging these events, we respond to synthetic emotional presets and we can never really have a true, emotional catharsis. It’s deviant level of control that gives us an approximation of reality based on our emotional interactivity, but it’s completely false and reinforces the Maya of our existence. The world is an illusion because our emotional connection to it is staged at a very high level. Once we understand this and pierce the veil of sentimentality, the whole construct collapses. By refusing to be manipulated by the theater of the emotional simulacrum, we unplug from this world, leading us closer the words of the master, “To be in this world, but not of it.”

I wonder how forgiving people will be once they fully understand the level of deep, historical and gross manipulation they’ve been incarcerated by for the past five centuries.

13 thoughts on “Back On Gaiam With Regina Meredith, Breaking Down Charleston And The American False Flag”

  1. g

    Robert, are the pictures of white men gathered around a dead black, from years past, smiling, posing for selfies, taking home a parting gift from the corpse,”false flag”, 2? You may not post this but your conscious will. Look, take up for black people, clean your energy of hate, the devil, father of lies, & excuses. Robert you know better. Life communicates to you rob, it communicates fairness, death communicates Robert, it communicates unfairness, inbalance. No more preferring “christians”, or “whites”, your purpose is bigger than that. Remember it was Muhammad Ali who was against WAR, not to mention many a white.Be balanced, Robert. Only the very spirit “Jesus” ran out of the chuch(aka EARTH), is benefiting from you playing the whites dont owe anybody anything card. Wake up Robert, something is amiss in you. No, you cant change the past, but Yes you can change the future. Blkz&whtz r forced to fight by banksters. Whites were tortured by “BANKSTERZ’, for thousands of years in Europe to form them into clone_robot_drones that kiLL w/little care, & work mindlessly like drones(w/o a souL/heart)….seen “Mad Max Fury Road”? i love you brother Robert & grab knowledge from your work sometimes.Lets grow Robert, lets not be pro christian, but pro-2Legged, anti-bankster.Who cares what other’s think. if you take my challenge & dig in deep, you will one day be known as an HONEST man.

    1. a

      Gabriel, I find your hypothesis confusing. I am trying to point out that people are being manipulated and that the entire country has been built and predicated on false flags and we are staring down yet another. Why isn’t there more outrage for children bombed and killed in Gaza by a ruthless regime who parades as a democracy but is in reality, an apartheid state. We are being divided and conquered and it seems to be working pretty well based on your reply. I know my heart Gabriel and I don’t have any hate in it. I do have a distinct and peptic reaction though to being manipulated. I suggest that you view some Red Silver J vids on this subject. He happens to be a brother. Why don’t you go to his youtube page and ask him the same question. And here’s another brother chiming in. If you are a true biped, hopefully you’ll wake up. Big Love.

  2. H

    You always give so much to ponder, a great gift.
    What you say about false events changing reality and not allowing people to connect with themselves really touched a point in me.
    Just yesterday I was telling a friend that I’ve never read much fiction, but a lot of non-fiction. And that during a time when I was going through some really tough stuff it seemed all my friends were reading mysteries, sci-fi or new agey stuff. I felt they didn’t want to/couldn’t connect with me so they divorced themselves from my pain/their pain/world pain by reading fiction. False flag = fiction. These things seem to be a substitute for real life, one is placated.
    I guess fiction has its uses (I still love children’s picture books!).

  3. t

    now add today’s gay marriage decision, and you have a barrage of NWO forced change aimed at humanity, revealing the NWO to be the very thing they (falsely) accused the Creator of being, tyrannical.

  4. n

    I do not know, sometimes I see false flags covering up the place where Reality is Fiction.
    To suppress the anomalous and create a mechanical consensus is a very human form of self selection, and self destruction.
    It is almost like trading two dimensions of Space and two of Time for a hologram as a form of shame and avoidance.

    Probably a bad trade. Or a bad mockup of a Probability Engine.

    Birthrights, and such.

  5. K

    Excellently articulated perspective, I cannot find a better astrologer for seeing through the matrix. As a young info junkie, I’ve followed false flag terrorism and the “Order out of chaos” / Hegalien (spelling?) Dialectic that the Dark side uses every time a crisis occurs, conspiracy or not. “They” are certainly using the Charleston massacre to disarm the law abiding public. Even though we each manifest our intentions, not everyone has good intentions. To quote Maynard from TOOL “the universe is hostile, so impersonal” ~ I know this vampyrical force may not be pleasant to acknowledge, but if we are to help balance the scales of good and evil (individually and collectively) than we will eventually have to shine our light on the darkness. I suggest the “light workers” start by seeking the truth regarding geopolitical issues.
    Robert, not lionizing you, but I truely appreciate your courage to go against the grain of the “new age” industry and perpetually explain the unfortunate synchronicities so that we may realize how to utilize the astrological forces for peace and prosperity.
    I plan to do several readings with you some day soon.
    Please enjoy my free original music at
    All the best to you and your son,

  6. Thanks and well written Robert!

    If only more of us would turn off the tell a vision (TV and other radiant boxes ) we could really begin to see our true & beautiful potentials here!

    Let’s call out the LIE here on Earth and reclaim our organic world.

    It would be a good time to invite Katie Gallanti on the show and talk all things light warrior!

    Power to you. xx

  7. p

    perhaps life is a stranger to fiction 🙂

    the last five sentences, have to be the best you’ve put to this blog yet…

    for One here, only recently, have the emotions “ceased” moving and AYA, what a world, resting, behind it all – IN DEED 🙂


  8. H

    Greatly stated as always Robert. It seems to me that the S.C. shootings were staged. It is amazing that just in the aftermath of these shootings, our congressman were voting on a bill for “Fast Track.” Have you watched the movie “Kingsman the Secret Service?” If not, youtube search for “Kingsman Church Scene.” Could this scene be a trigger for such an event? If so, there would be something astrologically that would point to it. I am guessing there is, but I can’t read the charts like Phoenix, but I see just as Saturn is leaving 29 deg Sag on the day of the shooting, it went out with a bang. here are the charts for anyone intrested. Day of Kingsman release:

    and day of shooting:

    Cant wait to see Rob on Gaiam again.


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