Back From The Darkside, U2 Rises Again And Bono’s Jupiter Gets Juiced

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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u2_band1It can happen to U2

I’m back online . . . sort of. The intensity of the full moon, conjuncting Saturn in my tenth house opposing Uranus in Pisces had a dramatic effect upon my life, to say the very least. As I get more distance from this event, I will share more about my journey, but for now, I’ll just say that writing about astrology links one into its transits in ways that others may not comprehend. A an old friend once said, “each is given unto according to their own beliefs” and this past week couldn’t have been more true. I’ll let the more informed who read this blog to speculate on how that transit impacted me.

achtungFor whatever reason, I have always had an incredibly sympathetic relationship to U2. When they first hit the scene on the Boy album, it was a time when my burgeoning sense of spirituality was looking for it’s double in the realm of rock and Boy was the perfect compliment, a mixture of innocence, yearning, rough hewn confidence and punk bravado. It was symbiotic to say the least.

I continued to connect with U2, winning tickets to their October tour show, by literally getting off the freeway and anserign a radio question via payphone (remember them?), then hearing Joshua Tree played at Aquarius Records in SF before it hit the stands, hearing that it was the new U2 record and instantly knowing it was going to be enormous . . it was. Achtung Baby mirrored my own descent into decadence as Pluto in Scorpio broke the plane of my consciousnees, moving from my 12th to my ascendant. Pop refelcted my already well entrenched interest in electronic and rave music and culture. “Vertigo” prefaced my own bout with vertigo, which landed me in the hospital and now “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” hits the airwaves and coincides with a bout a of madness that completely overtook me this past week.

A quick look at the lineup reveals Taurus (Bono), Scorpio (Larry Mullen), Leo (The Edge) and Pisces (Adam Clayton–March 13th–belated happy birthday). I’m not going to go fractal with each of their charts, but Bono, Edge and Larry form a T-Square, with Clayton’s Piscean wing, taking an edge off of the creative tension that the other three bring to the table. bono

The occasionally self-parodic Bono ( who is looking more like Robert De Niro with each passing year) is poised for perhaps his most powerful and influential run with transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjuncting his natal Jupiter in Capricorn at 3 degrees. Another interesting note about his chart is that each band member is represented in Bono’s chart. With Mars in Pisces (Clayton), Moon and Neptune in Scorpio (Mullen) and Uranus in Leo (The Edge). I haven’t forgot about you Twilight . . . jabs and crosses at the New World Order coming very soon.

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    U2 were playing on Letterman’s show week before last, each night. I almost did a post about ’em myself, but I’m fairly indifferent to them, and as I most enjoy writing about those I love or dislike a lot – I gave them a miss. Interesting astro links there though, Robert!

    Looking forward to a bout on the NWO – having my hands bandaged as we speak. ;-)

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