Avatar As False Ascension? Pluto In Cap Meets Uranus In Aries And The Revolt Of The Robots

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

snow-pilesComing to a city near you?

Two days ago the top searches on Yahoo! were 911 attacks and cloning. Is something in the air? If a butterfly flaps it’s wings in China and there’s a storm in Africa, what happens when small pecks of random thoughts enter the noosphere, circulating like digital neurons around a collective, virtual soultron, accumulating mass faster and faster as The Hadron Collider spins, bending the space/time curve while HAARP is carving crystalline divots in the sky just prior to the lurching of plates and the slumber of dragons interrupted? How does all of this affect our thoughts as we send them out into the teletype of the void? We cannot predict. This blog has readers the world over and it’s not the only one. We are transmitting and consuming information at light speed, at a rate that even the hardiest mainframes in Geneva cannot keep up with. Ultimately, we are the virus in the program, not the other way around, though it seems like it at times.

Illusion reigned supreme in Hollyweird, Neptune’s children under his watery Sun, second Sun, Venus and Uranus, nuzzling in their warm proximity to the gilled god were feted and celebrated. But did it really matter? Did anyone really care? My doppelganger won for best actor. I’m happy for the dude. Sandra Bullock proved that she has more staying power and box office clout than Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts combined. But what about the big ticket items? “The Hurt Locker” and “Avatar” ? Ironically the films were directed by an ex-husband and wife and they were about a make-believe war on a distant planet, and a make-believe war in a distant country. Illusion reigned supreme.

Some months back, I started to muck around the fibril goo of trans-humanism, getting all sloppy in Uranian vats of Piscean possibility and pleomorphic fetishes. Remember, Capricorn was once a Sea-Goat, a hybrid from another space and time. The archer is half-man/half-horse, Chiron his kindly brethren. The zodiac is sprinkled with transgenic modeling. Are the twins really twins or did they emerge from neighboring test tubes on a continent now submerged? Is history about to repeat itself? Is Rahm Emmanuel part ferret?

I remember one time when I was landing my bodysuit, ever so gently after a group experience on some mighty medicine and one of my fellow travelers was stuck between worlds, caught in the net of his own ego. What’s a pro-active shaman (not me) supposed to do? Why hit him with a spike full of Ketamine because he can’t get off the fence of course! I watched him devolve into a proto-human, howling for his caged soul to be released, not as 20th century man, but something more primal and hurt from lifetimes of pretending to live by rules that were contrary to it’s nature. There’s way, way more to our DNA than we know or might even imagine.punch-card-riter

“Nonymous,” one of my favorite readers hails from Italy, so he might know a little bit about fascism. He chimed in with a comment that the last time Uranus was in Aries, it gave rise to The Third Reich, which of course was where Eugenics really took hold in the modern world. Huxley must have been stiff for weeks on end when he found out about IBM’s punch card technology, employed to begin mapping the racial genome of Europe. That handy little piece of technology, as primitive as it now seems was the operating system of Eugenics, which now goes by a new name, “Trans-humanism.” I suppose you could thrown “Trans-genics” into the mix as well. And guess what we have coming around as Uranus slides into Aries? The national census again typing, branching and grouping. Categorizing our status. Is it really necessary?

When I ask if it’s really necessary, I’m not decrying it’s implementation, nor am I advocating that you burn it in some faux revolutionary fuck you. But let’s be real for a nano-second. You have a computer, you have cable TV, you have a cell phone, you have discount cards to any number of stores. You have credit and debit cards. You might even have a fast tracker on your car to speed you through toll lanes. Gotta GPS? Now I ask you, with all of those open access ports and all the loopholes in The Patriot Act, with Facebook tracking your every post, Yahoo selling your emails to The DOD, Verizon and other cell phone providers offering key codes to back doors, do we really need a census? Isn’t there enough of us out there already? Just a thought.

Back to Eugenics, I mean Trans-humanism. Nonymous nailed it when he made the Uranus/Aries fascist connection. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think history plays out the same way in every incarnation or iteration of its holographic import, as the stars wheel round and back again to the place they last were when they imparted a celestial gnosis on our historical shadow play. It’s always just a bit different.

Take Pluto in Capricorn, last seen during the time of The American Revolution, opposing all that crabby, “Don’t Tread On Me” ethos. Instead of blue-blooded Freemasons and Rosicrucians schooled on Plato and Bacon, we’ve got AARP Angels channeling Glen Beck and cooking bacon. See, it’s different. Now I don’t want to sell the red bloods short. They are just the first wave, even if they are astro-turfed and led by shit grinning gatekeepers such as Sarah Palin. Behind them are layers and layers of disaffected sleepers, rising from their material slumber. Behind them are a generation of teeming youth (Pluto In Scorpio), with bullshit meters that go to eleven. Schooled on Harry Potter, they have been raised in a occult incubators, encoded and hardwired with symbolism and stepped up with graduated, trauma based programming, leading them further and further away from the last vestige of their Christianiac roots. But what happens when the symbol makers get the symbols reversed on them? What happens when the magic comes lashing back to them in sheet lightning of will and resistance to their prescribed roles as robots, serving the masters of false time? This is what I am talking about. History may come around, but it never repeats

So here we have Pluto in Cap, about to hit the same degree the day the they signed The Declaration Of Independence, the revolutionary movement, overlapping Uranus in Aries, which begat the rise of fascism. Even if you just want to hide in a cave somewhere, don’t you at least want cable to see how it all plays out?alg_movie_avatar

I’ve been wanting to write about “Avatar” for quite sometime now. I saw it when it first came out and James Cameron didn’t get any more of my money. Not that it wasn’t cool, or wasn’t an interesting trip on some level, but there were issues I had with the film not the least of which was the great white savior bathed in blue, come down from heaven to restore order to a peaceful world. But there is something deeper, much deeper happening in “Avatar,” that I can only begin to hint at. A lot of it has to do with James Cameron (Camera On).

Cameron is a Leo, 22 degrees Sun, 22 degrees Moon in Pisces, both are master numbers. When Avatar opened, Cameron’s Moon was conjunct Uranus in Pisces and his Sun was opposite both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. While the light of his Leo Sun, illuminated the frames of his imagination in Jupiter and Neptune, its the Moon/Uranus conjunction that has me piqued, along with of course the master numbers. Uranus in Pisces, for me, is where the source of life gets shaken around in test-tube cocktails, sloshing species and genomes around like sloppy drunks at a science frat party. Cameron’s Moon is aqueous and driven to depths both in and out of the water. Much of the imagery from “Avatar” was derived from his excursions in the Benthic zone, the abyssal layer of life that feeds off the heat of deep sea vents, producing luminescent beasts of a very different nature. Cameron brought those images to the surface, but others as well.sea-cucumber

When we look back on his career, we see a collection of films that portray a mostly dystopian future populated by cyborgs and nasty alien hybrid species. Cameron was tasked to entrain our imaginations to get us used to the irrelevance of being human. Even in his one, pre “Titanic,” feel good film, “The Abyss” it’s a strange alien species that can moprh itself to memory and emotion that is superior to ours. Cameron’s gig was deconstructing our humanity, even when John Conner was busy trying to save it. Then of course, Cameron makes a “Titanic” shift, abandoning the techno-terrorism for a tale of pure heart and emotion. This is where it gets interesting. You see, there are folks out there that think that James Cameron is Mason and not just any Mason, but a Master Mason and not only that, but that he switched sides, jumping from the control based “Sons Of Belial” to the more beneficent “Law Of One.” It’s said that Cameron cast “Law Of One” Masons like Leo Di Caprio and Eastern Star, Kate Winslett to ensure both secrecy and emotional integrity for “Titanic.” He went from being a cinematic prophet of doom, to a messenger of hope. It was a very long time before he would make another film and “Avatar” is the synthesis of his Bi-Cameron self.

On Pandora, we see “The Sons Of Belial” enforcing their will upon the Na’vi. However, within the warring ranks of The SOB’s, there are enlightened and brave beings, guided by science and humanitarian principles, not greed. They develop an hybrid Na’vi that can be inhabited by their human drivers. These avatars are a product of biosynthesis, a transgenic modification of species. Here we come right back to Trans-humanism. Of course, our hero is an avatar in a gaming sense, an identity that can be occupied to interface with a virtual world, but he’s also an avatar in a classical sense, descended from heaven, a bringer of new culture, sustainer of life, upholder of values and continuation of a species at the next level. Without the avatar, culture flat lines, perhaps even fades. With him, it ascends to another plane of possibility, just like a game. It’s interesting to note that Jake Sully, our avatar is played by Sam Worthington (also a Leo), who also happens to play Marcus Wright (Mark us right) in “Terminator Salvation.” He plays one of the first transmodified humans that actually becomes an Arnold-esque cyborg. In essence, in “Terminator Salvation” he plays the first non-man, man. Does that make sense? He’s Adamic in some ways. In “Avatar” he is clearly Adamic and Christic. Why Worthington in both roles? But the pattern is clear; manipulation of the human species, towards something other than itself. Has James Cameron really switched sides or is he just peddling a softer version than storm trooping cybernetics?

metropolisOne of the things that I think went right by most people is the fact that the world of The Na’vi may not be as natural as we’d like to imagine and in some ways worship. Sigourney Weaver’s character makes note of the fact that there is electricity flowing through the roots of trees. Some might like to interpret this as electricity as life force, but I think Cameron is being literal here and that the Na’vi with their fiber optic braids are some sort of synthetic hybrid. They themselves are a transgenic species that jacks into reality. “Ehywah” aka Yahweh is more than just a tree of life, it’s a mainframe computer that holds all of their history and transgenic memories. I don’t think Cameron is being allegorical here. I think he’s being literal. The Na’vi are some sort of synthetic hybrid already and Sully is just another permutation on the mutation. The scene where his body is dead but his spirit is transferred is merely the uploading of one program onto the mainframe and transferred to another device. I don’t think Cameron is crafting a myth of some beautiful, pre-fall psychic landscape, but actually preparing us for some sort of upload to another realm, a virtual reality that might even simulate what some people would lovingly call the “ascension.”

So there was wife and ex-husband, battling it out for the little golden man, the accepted avatar of excellence for Hollyweird, “Oscar” or Oz Car, the vehicle that takes you over the rainbow, a vehicle for your dreams and nightmares, the cinematic plane of self, where we project onto the celluloid avatars of all time. It’s nothing new. We’ve been practicing it all of our lives.

detroit-hmed-1250p.h2Where I really wanted to take all of this, in a roundabout way is this little snippet, I caught on MSNBC, about leveling Detroit and returning parts of it back to wilderness, crafting the 19th century out of the demolished and useless machines of the 20th century. Sounds quaint, doesn’t it? But do you think that they are doing this so that we can return to the land en masse with better, smarter, technology? Do you think they are paving the way for our na-vi-gation to a pre-industrial world where we can all sing kumbaya beneath a sky that still has stars? Think again. Do the math.

With less useless eaters, there is potentially more useful land mass. It’s just a matter of getting those useless eaters out of the way. Strip them of their work, their ability to earn, their pride, their ability to provide, strip-mine their souls and leave them naked at the gate of their abyss, consuming sound-bites of hope, full of empty calories. Take a bulldozer to their lives but leave them no better. They are now worthless tokens of so called progress. In Detroit, they made it a standard business practice of creating planned obsolescence. Little did the workers themselves know that they were on the assembly line for the species itself.

Are we really The Na’vi? The Indians that finally prevail as the good guys in the end, sending the cowboys ass hurt and packing? Or are the Na’vi how the elite see themselves, supra-pantheistic, roaming free like supernatural gods across an unspoiled world, free of the needy and in the end, far inferior humans?

Oh, yeah, I will be on FAR tomorrow or today, when or whenever you read this for two hours, doing free mini-readings, ranting, raving, praising and serving your needs as was agreed upon before my very first breath.

12 thoughts on “Avatar As False Ascension? Pluto In Cap Meets Uranus In Aries And The Revolt Of The Robots”

  1. Yes, the world of the Na’vi was indeed a hybrid of nature and tech, as were the Na’vi themselves. I thought this was shriekingly obvious when I saw it, as what sigorney’s character said and the na’vi love interest referred to “times of strife” in the past.

    I do not ascribe malevolence, per se, to Avatar nor do I percieve it as salvation. I do appreciate that it seeded some uplifting Memes into the collective consciousness but in the end it’s just a signpost on the journey our collective consciousness is taking. And the malevolence/salvation are two sides of a coin anyway.

  2. Cameron did an “Inside Actors Studio” on March 1st. Try to catch the repeat, if you can. From that interview, and quite a few others that I’ve caught, he is not Mason. He does identify with new age, hippie, tree-hugger themes. He’s said as much. He is in love with sci-fi, storytelling, and what one can do with camera and film. When he saw ‘2001,’ he realized he could be making $ doing what he loves.

    ‘Titanic’ was made as a means to get someone else to fund his dive to the real ship after a friend shot the Titanic IMAX. ‘Terminator’ came from a nightmare…he thinks nightmares are far more exciting than anything else. His talks on the meanings behind ‘Avatar’ storylines are wonderful. He is very aware of collective consciousness, the impact of film on both the masses and individual, and how vision and creativity can delivery a statement artistically.

    Tight Sun-Pluto conj in Leo, Pisces Moon, Neptune in Libra, Capricorn Chiron opp Uranus making double tight yod’s. He naturally has what a Mason must learn to embody with the bonus of natural storytelling, a love of learning, and group work.

    ; )

  3. I had heard most of the things in the Cameron piece before. I am in the admittedly hypocritical position of finding many conspiracies believable as well as solipsistic. As Robert Anton Wilson discusses in his Illuminatus! there is no coincidence that conspiracy theories tend to align with whatever the theorist’s personal views happen to be.

    I do find it incredibly odd the theorist would claim that Libertarians are immune to mind control. Now I lean libertarian and I think we may have more on the ball than most, but I’m not sure that one’s political views would shield them from mind control. I also find it odd he would invoke Luciferian imagery as a close to his piece while spending quite a bit of time railing against the new world order.

    My two cents…

  4. a

    You know Mark, that’s why I did not include that link in the original post, because it’s soooo out there with a lot of noise in it, but there’s also some pretty interesting stuff mixed in there as well, especially as it relates to Douglas Cameron. Cameron is an interesting name in and of itself. Duncan Cameron is one of the main characters from The Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk Project. The lead character in “Scanners” is named “Cameron Vale” or “Cameron Veil” perhaps a thinly veiled allusion to Douglas Cameron, by a fellow Canadian, in director David Cronenberg.

    For me, I’m more in the Terrence McKenna/Freeman camp and see this as strange attraction and mixed media and a surreal hall of mirrors, but not one without some sort of moral ballast. I’m not interested in complete nihilism or end game existentialism either. We’re uncovering the meaning from moment-to-moment, while the synchronicities tease and amuse us along the way.

  5. Yeah, I don’t mind at all bringing stuff like that up for debate. Like anything else conspiracy theories have elements of truth as well as an example of “what the thinker thinks the prover proves.” And if anything prove our wondrous ability to create intricate universes out of disparate information.

    As an aside, the other day Deepak Chopra Tweeted “Conspire=Co-inspire” I do not agree with him all the time but think he has good insight…

  6. d

    “Cameron was tasked to entrain our imaginations to get us used to the irrelevance of being human.”….makes me really think. Had some female colleages who desperately wanted children, but hated men and so went ahead with AI – read the other day that the DNA of testtube babies differs up to 10% from natural conception.
    and yet, there is somewhere inside a memory that is not just my seagoatness.

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