Robert’s worked with thousands of people over the last ten years. His methodology of teaching and breaking down charts was in such demand, that he created his own teaching series, the sixteen-hour video course, “The Eleventh House Academy.”


Boo Movie

If a movie portrayed bees getting gassed in a hive like it was a concentration camp, a famous black comedian represented as a bloodsucking insect, Winnie The Pooh getting hit with a tranquilizing dart, and the Caucasian race getting blamed for the exploitatation of bees for the production of honey, would you take your kid …

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There Is A God!

If anyone has been looking for irrefutable proof that there is a God, Gene Simmons’ hideous facelift is proof positive. This “knight in the service of satan” has been transformed by the divine scalpel from leathery, rock predator, to a puffy and harmless, living apple doll. Ironically, Simmons may only recognize himself when the facepaint …

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