Robert’s worked with thousands of people over the last ten years. His methodology of teaching and breaking down charts was in such demand, that he created his own teaching series, the sixteen-hour video course, “The Eleventh House Academy.”


Webinar Alert 3/26 10:00AM CST – Decoding The Sabian Symbols

One of the tools I like to use when diving into a chart is the Sabian Symbols. There seems to be an inherent relationship with the Sabian Symbols and synchronicity, which I don’t believe is a coincidence as the symbols emerge from the same place that archetypes emerge from. They represent archetypal novelettes, soundbytes for …

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Relationship Reports

The astrology of relationships is one of the most critical components of astrology, whether it’s business partners or lovers understanding the dynamics of the most important connections in your life is essential. There are two “main” types of charts and interpretation of relationships in astrology; Synastry and Midpoint Composite. THE RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS REPORT The Relationship …

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