August 14th, The Astrology Of Tisha B’av, The Everything Reading

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

everything2On yesterday’s show, I got into the decline of Hillary and why I think that while Donald Trump is a deeply flawed candidate who is getting closer and closer to be looking like a Zionist frontman, I also re-iterated that the Sun/Uranus/TN conjunction in his chart is the ultimate wild card. Trust is the issue here and trust me, even his controllers/influencers don’t trust him. It’s the energy of improvisation and unpredictability that is what’s the most important, natal aspect in the chart as it has the potential for change. Whether the change is positive or negative, we don’t know and can only make estimated projections at this point. But it’s potential for a radical break of some sort in the Trump chart that is noteworthy and sets him apart from the other candidates. We know what we’ll get with Hillary; she’ll be Obama 2.0 with a Necocon topper. Imagine the Bush regime infecting the last eight years and you’ll get a sense of this beastly chimera that’s waiting in the wings.

I also touched on Tisha B’av, a day of Jewish sacrifice and slaughter, which falls on the 14th of August (Sunday). Tish B’av is connected to the destruction of both temples and the slaughter of 500,000 Jews by the Romans. And while the author of the piece does some remarkable work on Tisha B’av as it relates to the Georgia Guidestones and the missing cube, I’m not completely in agreement with how he relates key, Jewish historical days into the context of his analysis. That said, the numbers are compelling and it’s lined up in a way that the illuminists love, a trigger point in the calendar of this current timeline, where we are in a cultural deconstruction that’s been underway since 9/11/01.

At 11:11 on the 14th, in Eleberton, Georgia, home of the Guidestones, we’re still dealing with the mutable T-square (Mars/Saturn-Neptune-Venus) and the Uranus/Pluto square. The elements of change, which have been in the air for the past year, along with the friction of catalytic forces, the people (Uranus) squaring off against the system (Pluto) are still driving the collective surge towards some breakdown/breakthrough based on frustration and even force.

As the day progresses, the Moon draws closer to a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Dark, lurid and ancient energies come into the mix. Sacrificial comes to mind and yet. This day portends a birth, but a dark one. It has the feeling of a spec of anti-matter that begins to grow. Look for signs and clues around powerful, Plutonian types; Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Hillary (again), Obama, and Putin.

Will the world come to an end on Tisha B’av? Will the prophecies of the Georgia Guidestones be consecrated? My sense is “no” but something emerges, something darkk and the next point of celestial prophecy and attention moves forward to the 21st of August, with the conjunction of Mars/Antares/Saturn all at 9 degrees (999) or (666).

In a related note, since we are hurtling towards a nexus point on the event horizon, I’ve decided to offer what I am calling, “The Everything Reading.” It’s a two-hour summation of the birth chart, the draconic chart, your numbers, tarot symbols and more. You’ll get it all in one reading. To learn more about it, CLICK HERE

Here’s yesterday’s show, full treaming on youtube.

2 thoughts on “August 14th, The Astrology Of Tisha B’av, The Everything Reading”

  1. t

    Robert, I’ve been to the Georgia Stones, back in the 90’s, weird to say the least, that cube must have been very high up, I never saw it. Back then there was no “brochure” from the local tourism office like there is now, there aren’t any houses around and it’s not really close to town.
    My first comment is: any estimate of Jewish “slaughter” from a jew, I question.

    Second point is this: a couple years ago, when I -had- a twitter account I would retweet the devastating stories from families with autistic (vaccine damaged)children.
    Guess who was a frequent tweeter acknowledging these families and agreeing it was vaccine damage, corruption of CDC/Pharma and the ghastly vax schedule? Donald Trump.
    I also tweeted the horrors and travesty of the disaster of common core. Again, who tweeted frequently his disapproval of CC? DT.
    These are not items he talks much about now, maybe to prevent another “complex” from attacking him. I know vax and CC may be thin arguments for support–but anyone aware enough to even -know- about these issues tells me he may know alot more than he’s saying.
    (My final arguments)!
    If he is such a scary, creepy, psycho how do you end up with beautiful, intelligent loving children? I know scary psychopaths-their kids end up crazy, drug-addicted, in therapy or in jail.
    I have friends from NYC, one was in real estate and they have nothing but praise for DT and reminded me what a brutal landscape NYC is to make it in.
    My last point: years ago I remember reading from one of the top Feng Shui masters that DT, would -never- buy a building/property without a FS reading.
    It was info about DT’s appreciation for FS the FS crowd knew all about.
    This tells me he certainly has an open mind to that invisible side of life.
    So that’s all, I have no idea what kind of prez he’ll make, it may be too late anyway for anyone to turn the titanic around.
    I am in no way trying to sway your opinions of the man, just sharing the reasons why I’m willing to give him a try. I also met Hillary, which shapes my stance.
    Again, I don’t know anything about astrology, but enjoy your explanation/discussion of what may be coming our way based on the stars. Sorry for the epic comment, Tracy

  2. thanks Robert! I enjoyed this post.

    Hey, it would be great to see Katie Gallanti back on your show to round up all the amazing energetics in play!

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