Astrology Matrix — Live Tomorrow Night

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

far2Go FAR this Sunday night.

I’ll be taking calls live, tomorrow night on Free Association Radio (FAR) for nearly two hours. I’ll be riffing on astrology, politics and sports.

If you have any questions regarding astrology, or want me to do a quick reading based on your Sun/Moon/Rising, please join me at 8PM, PST on FAR.

14 thoughts on “Astrology Matrix — Live Tomorrow Night”

  1. E

    Thanks so much Robert. I just got off the phone with you and you were so wise and so very nice and accommodating in giving me a quick reading. It was very in-depth and right on. I’m so excited to purchase a reading this week when I get paid, I can not wait!! I thought I loved your site before but you are a truly fantastic and caring person and I feel so thankful and lucky to have been able to speak with you tonight. I am highly enjoying your radio show too 🙂 Thank you again.

  2. Thanks Robert, great show last night.

    I prefer to doubt the Joe Stack story since it steals energy from whatever spell he (or whoever) was trying to cast. Non-violent non-cooperation is the way to go. It’s the only thing that works… so I’m not going to cooperate with this news story.

    I also wanted to remark on your comment that most of the 60’s was staged. I totally agree. Have you ever read the book “Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond” by Martin Lee? It gets deep into exactly what you described, and also reveals some really cool people, like my favorite group, the Diggers.

    On the Tiger (or Figer) Woods happenings… Is it considered cloning if he was already a robot, or just manufacturing? 😛

    I look forward to your next show.

  3. a

    I agree completely John. The Stack story is too weird. It yanked my chain for about an hour and then I got pretty surgical with it. Thanks for listening. I’ll have Patricia Cori on this Sunday night. Should be a good one.

  4. Robert,

    I have not listened to the podcast yet, but wanted to comment on the 60’s. It has never failed to amaze me that the Peace and Love Generation transformed into the Plague of Locusts generation, giving their full-throated support to Reagan and Clinton and a slightly lesser extent the two Bushes, and using their generation’s record numbers and ascendancy on corporate boards to pillage the U.S. treasury and wreck Gaia.

    I also remember hearing a podcast several years ago discussing the 60’s as a Luciferian age, the germinating seed of Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus, which gave us LSD, Icarus-like rock idols, and the “space race” as well as planting the seeds for the Internet group-mind/noosphere that is flourishing around us today.

  5. a

    The psychedelic excess and soul searching of the 60’s led to “The Human Potential Movement.” When Reagan was elected, a very deep study was funded by his handlers. It was carried out at SRI and it was based on what type of language would get the large number of boomers, still wading through self-discovery to punch the card for Reagan. They came up with a language that reinforced peoples idea(l)s around being free and empowered. The rhetoric of his campaign was built around this: “Just elect me and I’ll get out of your way and let you be a better you.” Less government translated into “more self.” Throw in some hefty tax breaks for the upper 2% and it was a slam dunk. Done deal. The boomers got Reagan elected based mostly on syntax. Clinton would take that method to new lows. Obama used it as well as both Reagan and Clinton.

    A lot of people love Clinton. He was, in my opinion as disaster. He passed NAFTA and GATT. Glass/Steagal. He slaughtered innocent children at Waco. He gave away The Panama Canal. He opened the floodgates for Sam Walton. He was everything that the sixties was supposed to stand for and all he did was trade his socially conscious and hip cache in for power and position.

    He had people like Larry Summers and Bob Rubin cooking the shit stew of the economy; Derivatives.

    Clinton was lucky. The Fed cut the rates loose and started the bubble cycle under Clinton. People were too busying McMansions to give a shit about what was happening.

    Life under Clinton was one, big, excessive distraction.

  6. Ken Wilber and other thinkers have pointed out that the Law of Attraction and the Human Potential movement seem suspiciously well-designed to facilitate the rapacious and greedy Baby Boomer ego.

    I used to read about Law of Attraction and What The Bleep stuff until I realized their teachings were totally dependent on on propping up the illusion of an individual self. Too many new agers preach ego-based messages and then apply the ego/individual self illusion to try to make their wacky misinterpretations of quantum physics work. Even deepak chopra makes this mistake occasionally though overall i really appreciate his stuff.

    I did not know Reagan campaign studied esalen folks. I did know he worked with masterful marketers. I’m not against a “less govt” message at all, as govt is mostly the piggybank, police, and private army of the ruling class. And WE pay for it, as it’s for our own good.;)

    BTW interesting article on huffington post today about how current Marfa campaign in afghanistan designed to win support from American public, not achieve strategic advantage.

  7. k

    Ok, FINE. 🙂 Robert, in his all-knowing, all-seeing wisdom guided my lost answer-seeking soul to …lol

    But to be fair, you gave me the address of….I had to search…Is that still stumbling?

  8. I will have to check out montalk and the century of the self. Seems like they both have deep and well-articulated reasons to doubt human potential and law of attraction folks.

    For me, the Law of Attraction was designated to my mental dustbin when I finally started to get my head around the fact that the individual self is a persistent illusion.

  9. a

    Katrina, it was your higher self that was guiding you. I just gave you the wrong URL. :-).

    Mark, “The Secret” like most esoteric strategem are given to us without all of the details intact. It’s like getting a brand new car, without the linkage hooked up. You can start the engine, but you just can’t go anywhere.

    I’ve been reading about LERM. I cannot attest to it’s validity, but it sounds much closer to the truth when it comes to manifesting.

    Check it out.

  10. I think that Augustine deserves to receive a more scrutiny than Paul when it comes to how things have gotten messed up with Christianity. Augustine laid the foundation of duality in Christian Church that led to the rejection of the Sacred Feminine, which I think is at the root of a lot of the spiritual sicknesses affecting the world today. Augustine championed Original Sin and rallied against Free Will.

    Paul, on the other hand, opened up the mystery religions to the Gentiles and started a revolution. Early saints like Martin (a conscientious objector) and Patrick (an abolitionist) I think were genuinely good people and our ancestors grew to love them, accepted their teachings, and emulated their lifestyles. Early Christianity was the enemy of human sacrifice and slavery, and was a force of great spiritual liberation.

    As far as The Law of Attraction stuff goes, I don’t think it’s wise to mainstream magic. It’s akin to Parker Brothers lining the shelves with Ouiji Boards in every big box store. Without enough serious contemplation, can people really understand the Wiccan Rede and know what it means to harm none, including not violating someone’s free will? Without proper safety, it leaves people open to possessions and other confrontations with malevolent forces.

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