Astrology In The Reagan Aquarian Era, Obama (Leo) vs Palin (Aquarius), Part 4

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

joan quigleyLife for me is a series of strange attractions and unexplainable synchronicities. When I begin to mine a particular vein of thought or follow some ley line of meaning, unusual occurences begin to manifest. On the heels of my exploration of Aquarius in the chart of Sarah Palin, aquarius begins to manifest. I just found out that Sheila Fadia, my new health consultant and Thai massage therapist par excellence is an Aquarian and as I type from a hotel on the coast in Santa Cruz, the restaurant under construction here is named, “Aquarius.” I have no doubt that more synchronicities will begin to emerge.

In order to understand the role of Aquarius and what it has and will likely play in the furture of American politcs, lets go back in time and re-visit America’s last Aquarian president, Ronald Reagan. Reagan, known by many as “The Great Communicator” was born on Februrary 6th, 1912. Even though his Sun was in Aquarius, most of his planets were in Capricorn, in fact, Reagan had Mercury, Uranus, Mars and his Mid-heaven, all in Capricorn. Capricorn (The Goat) represents big business and large institutions like government and coporations. It’s no coincidence that when Reagan was in office, trade restrictions, tariffs, interest rates, etc began to be lifted and lowered, The US Govt announced that it was open for business. It was a dramatic shift in the policy and direction of the US as the seismic jolts of Reaganomics are still being felt to this day.

Even though the energy of Capricorn was prominent in his chart, Reagan was still very Aquarian as evidenced by his leadership of SAG, The Screen Actors Guild (Aquarians just love groups and organizations). Under Reagan’s leadership of SAG, he was extremely helpful in assisting Lew Wasserman, the head of MCA. Reagan’s influence in The SAG allowed Wasserman to be both a talent agency and a studio–that was verbotten until Reagan took charge of SAG and allowed Wasserman to have a near monopoly on talent and production. He never forgot what Reagan did for him and helped elect him first to govenor of California, then president. This type of cronyism goes hand in hoof with Capricorn. It’s big business, good ole boy networks and dollars for votes. The Reagan White House however was not just about opening the public coffers to big business.

Nancy Reagan was deeply into the occult, especially astrology. It played a key role in the Reagan administration and Nancy’s personal astrologer was Joan Quigley. Nancy Reagan had met Quigley on the set of The Merv Griffin show in the seventies and developed a relationship with her because she was fearful for The Gippers life. Quigley was the sister of Carroll Quigley, the noted Georgetown professor and mentor of Bill Clinton. Carroll Quigley was one of the few establishment professors who was aware of the fact and wrote extensively about the overthrow of Western politics by a group of elite bankers, businessmen, and acamedicians titled, The Anglo-American Establishement. But I’m getting slightly ahead of myself. We’re merely trying to establish the role that astrology played in The Reagan White House, during Ronald Reagan’s Aquarian presidency.

I met Joan Quigley once in the lobby of the Fairmont in SF, back in 1988. She had just written a book on astrology and was busy promoting it. Madame Quigley was demure to the point of being stiff. But she wasn’t calm by any stretch–there was a nervous energy that churned beneath her quiet reserve.

The difference between Reagan and Sarah Palin as Aquarians is pretty significant. Reagan, for all of the recognition he got as being “the great communicator” and a “uniter” was really all about doing business, big business. He was in some ways more Capricornian, since his mid-heaven, the place where we manifest our life path into the world was at zero degrees, it’s most potent placement. Sarah Palin has no Caprricorn planets in her chart at all and even though she has it on the tenth house as well, her chart is dominated by the eleventh house and her five-planet-stellium in Aquarius. If anything, Palin will be the anti-Reagan.

Ironically, Barack Obama has cited his admiration for Reagan, this goes back to the polarizing, opposite/attract dynamic I mentioned in the first part of this series as it relates to Obama (Leo) and Palin (Aquarius).

When it comes to the executive branch, the preponderance of presidents that are air and fire signs is notable; Dubya, fire (Leo), Clinton, air (Libra), Bush 1, air (Gemini), Reagan, air, (Aquarius), Carter, air (Libra), Kennedy, air (Gemini). Only Nixon, earth, (Capricorn) is the only elected preisdent that was not air or fire in the past 48 years. This obviously favors Obama, a fire sign (Leo) and not McCain, an earth sign, (Virgo). However, Sarah Palin, an air sign and a dragon in Chinese astrology will figure prominently in this election (a rat year) and will most likely be a very favorable candidate in 2012, the return of the year of the dragon.

Tomorrow, the astrological future of The USA as it relates to Obama and Palin.

7 thoughts on “Astrology In The Reagan Aquarian Era, Obama (Leo) vs Palin (Aquarius), Part 4”

  1. E

    Judging by this news story Ms. Quigley did not show much concern for client confidentiality :-) In de UK – Penny Thornton had to surrender her faculty of Astrological Studies diploma for disclosing that Princess Diana was one of her clients. I wonder what Nancy Reagan thought about this? How did the press catch on to the story?? MmmmmLiz

  2. a

    I think her publisher leaked it just before her book came out. I guess Lady Di should have used The Queen’s astrologer instead. :-)

  3. L

    Also, most POTUSes are air and water, since the US natal chart has a Cancer sun. Five presidents were Aquarius, and another five were Scorpio. The most popular were air and water. While fire sign presidents, especially Leos, have been extremely unpopular. Harrison only served one term, because his spending was unpopular. Hoover is blamed for the Depression. Clinton based his economy on volatile and dangerous economic bubbles. Obama has run up the highest deficits to date. Leos are remembered for their economic legacies, and like the kings of the jungle, they are judged for living lavish lifestyles, often during severe hardship.

  4. D

    Just wanted to say that I work at a big biotherapeutic company in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my energy. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to say yes for Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

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