Astrology For February — Feel That Aquarian Breeze

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

thestarFirst off, I’d like to thank everyone that stopped by to comment on my last post. I really appreciate the support and it reminded me of what is important and that’s our connections, even if they are as abstract as they are in this medium. Part of what the challenge is for us in the days ahead is to build a lattice work of community and support.

It’s a little late, but here’s the monthly horoscope that I pen for Kosmic. AllI can say is, “Thank God for Aquarius!”

That breeze you feel is the invigorating spirit of inspiration, blown into our lives by The Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune, all in Aquarius. While Obama appointees are dropping like flies, buzzing over the staggering economy, something else is moving through the current of our lives. That something else is, “genius.” The interesting thing about genius is that it doesn’t belong to one person, group or institution. Genius is a spirit, a feeling, a vibration that can be courted, more easily than others at certain times. This is one of those times.

Quick astrology primer 101: Aquarius is associated with waves (it’s the wave bearer) and those waves are the higher frequencies of creativity, intelligence, science, art, communication, radio, and television. It’s ironic that The FCC was going to convert the analog frequency to digital in February, but couldn’t pull it off, most likely because it was going to happen during Mercury Retrograde and now, they have pushed the date back.

Aquarius is also radical. It brings swift and dramatic change in a moment. One need look no further than the recent Super Bowl, which saw the game change on a dime twice, for both teams in the last five minutes. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and as one of the peeps over at my site wrote, “The Super Bowl was very Uranian.” Indeed, it was.

So what does this mean for you? Well if you adjust your rabbit ears at just the right angle, the ability to creative problem solve, engage in abstract thinking and come up with original points of view is accessible. Very accessible.

Aquarius is also highly ironic. It is deeply attuned to the energy of the collective, the hopes, dreams and wishes of society and dreams for a better tomorrow. They are usually quite social and yet, they are often loners, living uncomfortably at times with the gulf between their own internalized version of utopia and the world as it is. There is something in that equation for everyone right now. Spend some time alone and let your mind wander to the outer reaches of the rational to tune into music of the spheres and the still, small voice of God.

To read more for each sign, jump on over to Kosmic Life.

2 thoughts on “Astrology For February — Feel That Aquarian Breeze”

  1. s

    Hi Robert,
    Lots of Aquarius, everywhere you turn these days. Mercury joins the mix soon. 2 types of Aquarians.Overly Saturnine, like Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, Abe Lincoln. Other Aquarians embody the Uranian qualities, like Bert Reynolds, Alice Cooper. This signs dual rulership makes it hard to pin down. Sometimes aquarians are great at taking something old and putting a new “dress” on it and making it trendy and hip. The current SA / UR opposition pits these inimical forces against one another, on the world stage. (Think Obama vs. McCain). Meanwhile Aquarians everywhere are just as mixed up as ever!
    See Ya, Shawn

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