Astrologer Predicts That Obama (Leo) Was Born To Lead!

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

obama-abe.jpgMay as well go all the way.

I haven’t gotten off a good rant in a while, and Yahoo! lobbed me a big, fat, slow-pitch softball that I could hack at.

So, I’m reading the Yahoo! bullet points news and I see this, Myanmar astrologer predicts Obama re-election. And the opening paragraphs go like this, “YANGON (AFP) – A top astrologer in Myanmar Monday predicted ahead of Barack Obama’s inauguration that the US president-elect would win another term in office and that he would escape attempts to harm him.

“Obama will be definitely re-elected again. Leos are born to lead others. His card shows the emperor sign,” San-Zarni Bo, 53, who gives daily predictions on a Myanmar FM radio station, told AFP

Why did they shake out some guy in Myanmar for this info? I know a Brit, ex-pat, astrologer in Oklahoma (Hello Twilight!) that would have been a far better choice than Mr. Bo. Twilight has been all over this for months with Obama.

I also slightly resent the fact that he sees Obama’s success being tied to “Leo” and that Leo is born to lead. If that’s the case, then what the hell happened to George W. Bush, also a Leo? I guess he was born to lead The US right into the ground. Then he gets into Obama’s numerology, being born on the fourth, calling Obama “four born.”

Well, if George Lopez is to be believed at face value, when he said during the innagural concert, that “even if one of us does not serve, the rest suffer” well that “four” feels like an appropriate hammer.

While I am on the case, I am very uncomfortable with all of the Lincoln symbolism and imagery being heaped upon Obama. From Lincoln’s hat being shown at The Smithsonian to Obama taking the train from Illinois like Lincoln, to the events taking place at The Lincoln Center, I find it all just a bit over the top, more-than-slightly manipulative and just a little scary. If one goes too far with the Lincoln effect, well, we’re in John Wilks-Booth territory and that is a scenario that would be the absolute worst for this country. No matter how effective or ineffective Obama will or won’t be, any harm that could come to the man would be devastating and send The US into a deep, political abyss, with damning social overtones, especially if the assailant was caucasian. Luckily, Mr. Bo forsees some close calls, but Obama eludes danger for over eight years. This is one area where I want Mr. Bo to be in the know.

Ironically, when I posted my piece on John Titor and time travel last week, he talked about a “Lincoln-like preisdent that would try to bring the country together, but in his mind and timeline, it would be too late. We’ll see. My biggest concern is Mercury Retrograde during the swearing in. We all know what that’s about on some level and it does not bode well. I actually see it manifesting in the uncovering of corruption during Obama’s term and ultimately the undressing of the corporactic body-poilitique.

3 thoughts on “Astrologer Predicts That Obama (Leo) Was Born To Lead!”

  1. I’ve not made any friends either with my views about the President Elect. Having made his announcement to run on a Void of Course moon, being nominated on a Void of Course moon and now being sworn on a Void of Course moon and Mercury Retrograde, something just doesn’t add up. I just don’t see someone with his purported birth date achieving success on these occurrences.

    Maybe the conspiracy theorists are right and the birth certificate is a not a true representation of his birth date, place or time.

    But will we ever know? Probably not.

  2. T

    I’ve just read that piece on Yahoo too, Robert. LOL! Thanks for your kind words about me, :-) but there were many other astrologers and astro-bloggers of the same mind as me, and much better placed to have Yahoo quoting them – Lynn Hayes for instance.

    I didn’t like the rest of Bo’s prediction – about an assassination threat to Hillary Clinton – let’s hope he’s way off the mark with that one!

    All that “number 4” stuff sounds silly to me – such things give astrology a bad name, in my opinion.

    Great day for the USA though – let’s just celebrate the exit of Bush and Co, and put our strongest hopes and wishes for a better future out into the ethers. :-)

  3. a

    So I ask you? What is more exotic? Some street corner starwatcher from Myanmar who happens to have his own radio show? or a British, ex-pat, widower, astrologer, living in Oklahoma, having met her current husband in chat room? I’ll take the latter. :-)

    Beth, you’re right. The aspects have been pretty negative surrounding key moments in Obama’s march to The White House.

    My feelings regarding his presidency is that I am concerned that he has surrounded himself with mostly ex-Clinton types and the cozy vibes between The Clintons and The Bushes goes a lot deeper than most people understand and know.

    I’m also very dissapointed that Emmanuel will be running things on a day-to-day basis.

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