Astro Ephemera And Star Syncs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The dual duel

My kid is into Beyblades. Astrology plays a large role in the Beyblade mythology. I ran across this the other day when we went to the store with the ancient Sun symbol with man in the center. I thought it was pretty funny in some ways, but then as Mercury retrograde continues to stir the pot, I was watching a doc called The Panama Deception, about the invasion of Panama by GHWB to grab his old pal Noriega, who got far too big for his britches. Anyway, one of the tactics the U.S. used was implementing something called “Project Pisces” which entailed freezing Panamanian assets as a prelude to Noriega’s forceful ouster. There’s a woman who shows up in the film named “Sabina Virgo” who is a political activist. You can’t make this shit up. Must be the run up to Virgo. Mercury is rising.

14 thoughts on “Astro Ephemera And Star Syncs”

  1. T

    Wait… Isn’t your son a Pisces? Do you two just laugh at the package-writing ? . . Cuz i know you know Pisces is not evil ! <3 most have the kindest hearts.

  2. T

    I am losing my ElizabethTaylorPisces beauty sleep over this! Using my EinsteinPisces power, I have detected
    that this is an anti-Romney communist ploy using typical ObamaClintonite NLP marketing; “labeling” !!
    I will not stand for this!

  3. T

    …And the entire Astrological Community should not stand for this!! Who do they think we are, nobodies?! I have over 80 Astrologers as a Following on Twitter— and there’s 1000s more! Hasbro better lawyer up– cuz I’m sure there’s going to be at least 1 traumatized Pisces by this! What if they said “Evil Cheerleaders,” or “Evil Boy Scouts,” or “Evil Italians,” etc… ?! They’d have Alred on this case in a minute. I may have to contact St. Clair against my best judgement; he’s a Pisces, a lawyer, and an Astrologer… although, he’s also… oh, never mind. He did tell me once there is nothing Evil in Cosmos when i asked him about Scorpios… lol.
    Ok, I’m ramblin… and going back to sleep if i can. ; )

    1. a

      Don’t fret dear one. There is also a Cyber Pisces and a Thermal Pisces. Evil Pisces is just one manifestation of Pisces Beyblade consciousness,

  4. T

    Well, do you think Edgar’s new body; Wilcock will get as passionate about this as i am! ? Poor, sweet, innocent Pisces! I am really perturbed by this; on the verge of trauma… and will have to be scouting for a good Virgo lawyer..

    1. a

      I’m sure David predicted this as well, since he’s predicted just about everything else. That’s actually a pretty good strategy. Predict everything and you’ll never be wrong.

  5. T

    Okay… so you’re saying there is no Sign Discrimination going on here. Feeling a little better, thanks.

    ps(checkout RMN real quick, before headlines change).

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