As Mercury Is About To Go Direct, Here Is A Direct Request; Site Donations Needed

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Giambologna-mercurio6Moving forward . . .

The type of work I do is incredibly rewarding on so many levels. On the teaching/counseling/healing side of things I get to assist people and derive great satisfaction knowing my Virgo self has actualized in a purposeful way. In the big picture, people often comment that they are grateful for my posts and what I am able to surface. I do both because it is my calling. That said, as in most businesses and practices, there are up cycles and down cycles, and in this field it can be even trickier, since I devote most of my waking hours to the work exclusively. I am currently in a precarious spot as my trusted vehicle has decided to shut it down. The amount of money needed to replace the faulty parts and the service hours it will take will far surpass the value of the car. So as Mercury is about to go direct, I am being as direct as I possibly can. If you read this blog, listen to my radio show and have over the years, I could really use a contribution to my site so that I can get back on the road again. It came at a difficult time when I had to have a significant outlay in cash. I’ve been running this site for the past seven-years and I have not had to do this before, but hey, we’re in Jupiter in Virgo, so let’s see what happens. Also, this is translatable to readings as well. Any donation over $50 will guarantee you a thirty minute reading from me.


2 thoughts on “As Mercury Is About To Go Direct, Here Is A Direct Request; Site Donations Needed”

  1. J

    Thank you Robert for your blog and your insights… I was re- listening to the reading you gave me, in April of this year, and then went to your blog. This entry encouraged me to take the plunge and do the AstroCoaching. I just sent in the PayPal for that. 🙂

    If it wasn’t for your direct approach I may have postponed/procrastinated.
    I’m looking forward to getting going on the AstroCoach. Hope everything goes well with the car…
    Best regards, Jim

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