Announcing Two New Webinars!

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

It’s the start of a new (Gregorian) year and it’s Aqua season, so that means it’s time to announce two, new, upcoming webinars that will cover unique territory that will deepen your understanding of astrology from different angles.

WEBINAR I Saturday, February 19th, 12:00PM CST to 3:00PM CST: The Sabian Symbols, Archetypes and Synchronicities by Degrees.

As some of you might be aware of, I love using the Sabian Symbols during certain points in a reading or relating them to what’s taking place on a mundane level.  The synchronistic elements of the Sabian Symbols can be profound.  They can also offer key insights into one’s chart when looking at them for another layer of interpretation regarding key planets and angles.

We’ll take a look at the creators of the Sabian Symbols, Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler and how they manifested them into the world.

We’ll also look at some other degree systems by other astrologers such as Elias Lonsdale, but will focus mostly on the Sabian Symbols.

We’ll be referencing Dane Rudhyar’s interpretations  of the symbols in “Mandala”.

We’ll meet online with Zoom for 90 mins, break, then 90 mins.  Session will be recorded.  Total cost $55.00



Webinar II, Saturday February 26th, 12:00PM CST to 3:00PM CST: The Draconic Chart, A Deep Dive Into The Chart Of The Soul.

What is the Draconic Chart?  How is it determined?  What makes it different than the natal chart and why is it important to understand?  These are just some of the areas we’ll cover as we explore the chart of the soul.

We’ll dive into areas such as incarnation as the soul’s intent, unlocking the potential of your soul through understanding the Draconic chart and why at times, the two charts may seem to be in conflict with another.  But ultimately, we’re going to look at the interlocking pieces of these astrological puzzles.

When it comes to the potential of relationship at the Draconic level certain relationships can have an air of destiny about them, but they are not always easy to fulfill because the soul has uniquely different requirements at times than the personality.

During this webinar I will be working hands on with some people as we can use their charts for a real time, deeper exploration of unlocking this potential.

We’ll meet online with Zoom for 90 mins, break, then 90 mins.  Session will be recorded.  Total cost $70.00.

If you sign up for both webinars your cost will be $110.

If you are a member of the 11th House Club, either Mars or Jove you can attend one of these webinars as part of your membership.  Mars gets to attend one, free webinar per year, Jove gets to attend two.  This is only for current members.

If you wish to sign up and gain membership benefits like this, plus a discount on my services, moving forward, you can do so here:

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