Angelina Jolie (Gemini) Universal Mother, Bloodline Goddess, Fertility Queen For The New Age, Part I

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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jolie.jpgIs this the new Eve for a future world?

I love the tabloids. They remind me of lower level astral entities that you can get interesting info from, but can never really trust the source. They’re a fascinating lint trap of the sordid and surreal. That surreal quality came into clearer focus when I was grabbing some eggnog this weekend and saw a beaming Brangelina staring back at me from the racks of the check stand. It seems as though that they are pregnant–AGAIN! Does anyone else find this just mildly disturbing? Let’s do a quick role call on the Pitt-Jolie kids.

First there was spunky, punky and spikey Maddox. He was supposed to be the familial super-glue between Angie and Billy Bob. But little Maddox proved to him freak him out even more than his knife collecting and blood swapping vampire queen. So Thornton took the permanent road trip and left Angie with her cute little Cambodian baby behind. The two of them were out on their own while Angie was forging how shall we say, a unique relationship with agencies like UNHR (a humanitarian branch of The UN), making pilgrimages to underdeveloped countries, During one of her goodwill trips to Africa, she than adopted a young Ethiopian girl, “Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt,” formerly known as “Yemsrach,” born on January 8th 2005 (January 8th of course the same birthday of David Bowie, Elvis and R. Kelly). It’s right around this time that she films Mr. and Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt. It’s a mildly interesting film on it’s own terms, but taken into a larger context, it could actually be The Rosetta Stone for The Pitt/Joile connection and why they were not only drawn to one another, but have been on an urgent mission to seed the planet in their own likenesses.

We’ll take brief break from the Brangelina family role call to have a quick look at her chart.

Jolie was born on 6/4/75 (22 master number life path). A Gemini Sun with a Cancer rising, her chart and life are like an open book for most astrologers. The connections are so obvious that her chart could be used in astrology 101. Venus in Cancer, right on the ascendant confers beauty and grace upon her. It’s her calling card to the world. But Venus in Cancer is also very much about nurturing, and her role as Universal Mother can be seen as the focal point in her chart on her rising sign. But the beauty, grace, universal motherhood are prompted and driven by Saturn in Cancer in her twelfth house. Deep within the labrynth of her spirit, Saturn in Cancer in the 12th reveals a troubled family life, disconnected from either parent and the inability to really understand the inherent loneliness associated with this aspect. It drives her deep seated need to be surrounded by progeny. But it gets really good when you get to her ninth house, which is almost as crowded as the Pitt-Jolie nursery.

Jolie has a stellium in the 9th starting with Mars in Aries, Moon in Aries, Jupiter in Aries, Mc in Ares and Chiron in Aries, sitting right on her mid-heaven. The Jupiter/Moon conjunction in the 9th house is a clear explanation as to why she’s become the Mrs. Winchester of collecting and breeding kids. She expands through maternity. The more she procreates, the more she adopts, the more she feels herself as a massive and potent creative force. However, while all that martian/aries/jupiter energy might be great for digging up rug rats in the remote corners of the world, and keeping Brad in a constant state of heat, it doesn’t really make for a great mom. Aries is rash and often impatient, judgmental and onto the next project, person or place, especially in the attention depleted space of the 9th house, especially in it’s hot and arid connection to her natal Moon in Aries.

Chiron on the mid-heaven in Aries shows someone that is a real study in contradiction. They are martial, angry, and fiery and yet since this is where their wound is, they also deeply want peace–peace for themselves and the world at large as represented to it’s proximity to the mid-heaven. Her personal maxim for this placement would be almost Orwellian in nature, “resolution through conflict.” The Aries/Aryan overload in her 9th house is noteworthy, especially when it connects up with bloodlines as we’ll see later in relation to Brad Pitt and what might be the motivating factor behind their push to breed the new Eden. So hopefully, we have established the astrological connection between Jolie and her frenzied mating spree.

Getting back to her children, she had her first baby, “Shiloh” with Pitt, whose pictures fetched enough to supplant the GNP of some of the developing nations she visits. Then, on another humanitarian mission, she adopted “Pax” a young Vietnamese boy. Along came the twins with Pitt (Knox and Vivienne) and she is now rumored to be pregnant with twins again. She’s up to six with at least 1-2 more on the way. While she’s been pumping’em out, she also became a member on The Council On Foreign Relations and made a number of films ranging from lending her voice to Kung Fu Panda, to playing Daniel Pearl’s widow in a Mighty Heart, to a super spy in Wanted. Her choice of films is interesting to say the least. She dabbles in motifs that have spying and double lives at their core; Mr and Mrs Smith, The Good Shepherd Changing Lives and Wanted along with films that portray her as the archetypal, universal mother, bearer of heros such as, Alexander and Beowulf. Occasionally, she occupies both realms, as she does in her latest film, The Changeling directed by Clint Eastwood.

So let’s briefly recap where we’ve been. She is a Gemini with Cancer Rising, Venus on her ascendant, thoroughly dominated by her 9th house, a super breeder, a global humanitarian, an actress that stars in films with consistent themes of mothering and spying over and over again and has done most of this with Brad Pitt, her astral opposite (Sag), who has been recently linked to Barack Obama, Dick Cheney and George Bush via bloodlines. What does this all mean and how does it explain why she keeps having babies from a non-astrological perspective? We’ll find out more tomorrow.

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    I can’t stand the woman and now I know why…. Oh my Gawd…. she is a member on The Council On Foreign Relations ….. that just sums it ALL up. We now know what her true intentions are.

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