Angelina Jolie (Gemini) Universal Mother, Bloodline Goddess, Fertility Queen For The New Age, Part 3

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

bradam_and_eve.jpgBradam and Eve?

Well today is Brad Pitt’s birthday, (Sag, Sag Rising, Moon, Capricorn) and today is the synchronistically timed third installment in our Astro-Bloodline trilogy.

So we began this three-part-sprawling odyssey with my gander at a tabloid staring back at me from the check out stand and there was Brangelina and the word “pregnant” leaping out from the rest of the tacky print. I wondered why she was having all of these kids and looked at hers and Pitt’s charts respectively and tried to find some common threads in their lives, both “real” and cinematic.

We saw that they were both part of significant bloodlines that connected them to the likes of Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, Madonna and Dick Cheney. They have both starred in films with recurrent illuminist/bloodline themes, particularly Jolie, who played “Clover/Margaret” (Clovis and Magdalene) Wilson (son of the will) in The Good Shepherd starring Matt Damon (Daemon), who played Edward Wilson, recruited to be in The CIA out of “Skull and Bones” a secret order that claims GW Bush and John Kerry as members. We saw that Brad Pitt starred in Sleepers a film about the traumatization of youths in a detention facility, and we have seen trauma based conditioning lead to the creation of what is called an “alter” or a split personality, which Pitt plays in Fight Club as Tyler Durden and Damon plays as Jason Bourne in the Bourne trilogy. We saw that both Pitt and Jolie played assassins as husband and wife, who led triple lives in Mr. and Mrs Smith.

Head spinning yet?

Then we noted Angie’s goodwill work around the globe, collecting rug rats along the way and that now, she has stepped up to the big time by hanging in The CFR, an organization that was started by John D. Rockefeller and is a veritable who’s who in the arts, entertainment, media, military, science, business and politics.

The CFR floats and drafts policy for governing and it’s members and attendees are groomed at various levels to participate in a systematic program that implements broad scale change and policy towards a global governance.

So, I asked myself, why are they having all of these kids, while theoretically, global warming is at hand, carbon footprints are critical, etc? Why are they having kids while we’re running out of shit? Aren’t they getting the best info they can from The CFR regarding these dire matters? And what the hell is The CFR doing rewarding her for having all of these kids? It baffled me.

So then I added the pieces up, the charts, the bloodlines, the consistent themes that play out in their movies, the affiliations, the global work, all the kids and this is what I came up with.

They know something that we don’t. That maybe the end of the world energy, global warming scenario is more for us and not them. What if they were aware of a very different type of future, one that included a lot less of us and needed more of them, like kids, offspring, the golden babes of two blue-blooded bonafides that are archetypal personifications of adam and eve? Am I saying that everyone on the face of the Earth will be wiped off of it except for the Brangelina brood? Not really. But perhaps everyone except the 3-5% that represent the best of breed, and surely we can agree, that based on their profiles and pedigrees that Brad and Angie get the e-ticket to the next chapter.

Just do a quick Google search on The CFR and population control and you’ll have plenty to gag reflex on. From the conspiracy basement, Jim Keith lays out the strategies that are being adopted to curtail and even eliminate the population at large. From the very mouth of David Rockefeller, comes the call for population control. Then there’s The Codex Alimnetarius, a stringent, across the board control of all minerals and supplements to keep us from boosting our malnourished bodies that are being sustained by Genetically modified foods and cloned meats

Now all of this may sound pretty far out, but let’s look at the facts.

Technology has outpaced humans when it comes to producing massive quantities of goods. In essence, the great majority of us are no longer necessary to man the machines that created the vast fortunes of the wealthiest class. If they do not need us as workers, what use will we be as consumers? Can you begin to see the pattern of the economic collapse and how it will impact the masses, many of whom will be jobless? Oh sure, green technology will replace some lost jobs and generate some income, but still tamp down on the upward mobility that most of us have experienced over the last forty years, because most of those jobs will be the result of a socialized, FDR type program that Barack Obama will introduce.

Now this is a very wide supposition, and I am aware of this, but what if based on all of the connections that Pitt/Jolie have that they are privy to this inside info and they are so bought into to it because they are living mythologies, gods amongst us. Hey, maybe they’re just really hot for one another and have really potent seed and fertile eggs and that Angie’s Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house just makes her really lonely and all these kids are just a process to fill that sad hole in her life. Or maybe, they, like others that tapped for “greater things” are planning for the future in ways that you and I simply aren’t.

9 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie (Gemini) Universal Mother, Bloodline Goddess, Fertility Queen For The New Age, Part 3”

  1. T

    That was an engaging series, Robert! A nice mix of fact and potential fiction. I just wish I could dredge up a smidgeon of admiration for this pair.
    The feeling I get is that of a couple of chronic narcissists of the highest order. They fell in love with themselves at an early age and never got over it, they want to see, and suppose the world wants to see, wee replicas of them all over the place. Maybe I’m the wrong one to be commenting though. I never had any maternal instinct at all ! ;-)

  2. m

    Here is information about what the TSA is doing.

    Click on the “who is behind clear”

    right now it is voluntary…. just wait, soon it will be INVOLUNTARY

    Airports and sporting events are JUST THE BEGINNING.

    I’m sure there is going to be an “event” that will “just happen” that will make people gladly submit to implanted chips.

    It will help keep them “safe”.

  3. m

    I’m sure they have their “tickets” so they can go into one of the underground cities that are built when “the time” comes.

  4. a

    They’re already advocating brain scans (the technology is there) for air travel, to determine if someone has the right mental profile in order to fly. But the tricky part is to be aware of what’s happening but not be so bought into these potentially terrifying realities to the point where we empower them. The challenge ultimately, is to be in this world but not of it. More than just a politcal dilemma, ours is a spiritual crisis where we need to have all of our powers of discrimination and intention intact. If we can undo our belief systems and liberate ourselves from the inherited and mostly agreed upon limitations that adhere to, we can allow a higher order of being to blend with our awareness and alter the very nature of reality.

  5. k

    So glad you mentioned here “In this world but not of it” The more homage we pay to these scenarios and realities of doom, and population control and NWO the more likely we are to experience them…and in full force. I agree We must remember that life here on earth as humans-being…. We are creating as we go, but most important we are creating an illusion…. When we understand this, we realize our own power of creating, our own potential of contributing… and like you said, with this awareness we alter the very nature of our reality.

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