Angelina Jolie (Gemini) Universal Mother, Bloodline Goddess, Fertility Queen For The New Age, Part 2

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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pj.jpgHoly bloodlines Batman!
So we return to the life and many lives of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I am currently watching The Good Shepherd again and like clockwork, clues, hints and prompts in relation to Jolie abound. Yesterday, we looked at her chart, Cancer Ascendant, Gemini Sun, Aries Moon.

Her Venus in Cancer right on her ascendant is her calling card to the world, conferring grace and beauty onto her persona in abundance and a packed 9th house filled with her stellium in Aries (Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Mc and Chiron) makes for a busy, baby making momma. There are other slightly salacious aspects that I left out, such as her Pluto in Libra in her third house, the sign of sex and taboo in the house of siblings. Hmmmmmm? But let’s leave tacky those tabloid details alone for now.

The motivation behind the original intention of the previous post was the confounding news that Jolie is pregnant, yet again. I asked myself, with all of the hype surrounding global warming, carbon footprints, overpopulation, etc., one might think that The Jolie/Pitt clan would take a slightly more conservational approach to begating, especially since Jolie has toured the globe and seen the effects of overpopulation and poverty up close and personal. Perhaps the adopt one/have one philosophy has been co-opted by them to carry out some sort of macro-biological balance in the grand scheme of things, or perhaps, there is another intent behind their copious breeding.

In The Good Shepherd Jolie plays the long suffering wife of Edward Wilson (Matt Damon), a CIA lifer who graduated from Army intelligence to the first iteration of The CIA at the end of WW2. She meets Wilson (Damon) at a Skull and Bonesman retreat. Wilson (Damon) is Skull and Bones, as was his father. Jolie’s character, is the sister of Wilson’s Skull and Bones brother and she goes by the name of “Clover.”

Let’s stop the film right here for a second.

Not just anyone gets invited to Skull and Bones. It’s a highly selective group that is usually designated by bloodlines. Skull and Bones members include both GW Bush and John Kerry, who conveniently opposed one another during the 2004 election and when all hell broke loose in Ohio around the voter roles, and Diebold machines flipping votes like slot machines across the country, John Kerry conveniently stepped back in defeat, not challenging the veracity of the election results for a single moment. Without dissent, no debate about voting irregularity could take place. I suppose membership might have it’s privileges.

Here’s a brief bloodline rundown of the relationship between Bush and Kerry from “The Hubpages”;

“In 2004 George W. Bush ran as a “Republican” against “Democrat” John Forbes Kerry – his 16th cousin. These cousins, related to the same British and French monarchs, are also secret society brothers in the infamous Skull and Bones fraternity. John Kerry descends from King Henry II of England and Richard the Lionheart, leader of the third Christian crusade in 1189. He also has links to royalty in Albania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Persia, and France, but still not enough royal genes to top George Bush.”

So Jolie’s character is born into a bloodline as was Damon’s character. Ironically, her nickname is “Clover” which is derived from the name, “Clovis,” who happens to be the son of Childeric, who was the son of Merovee. Merovee was said to have two fathers, one, a human, the other a sea beast, or “Bistea Neptunis” according to the historian, Priscus. Another name for the sea beast, was “The Quinotaur” or “Sea Bull” which is closely related to the “Sea Goat” or it’s modern version as “Capricorn.” Clovis united France under one faith, Christianity. He did this because his wife was a Roman Christian, but he also realized that a mono-theistic faith made it easier to rule and govern over people.


Jolie is related to The Hilary Rodham (Guyon) bloodline which comes from France, to Canada. Also related to Jolie are Madonna, Shania Twain, Alanis Morisette and Celine Dion. Clinton/Rodham is rumored to also be descended from The Kings of Navarre, but this has never been proven. Jolie’s baby daddy, Brad Pitt, is related to Barack Obama and Obama’s bloodline runs through William “The Lion King” of Scotland and Henry II. He and Pitt are also related to Cheney, Bush, Carter and Roosevelt. Bushes lineage can be traced back to Vlad The Impaler, Caesar and into the the dynasties of Egypt. So Brad Pitt, through his lineage, is related to the Merovingean bloodline. Together, he and Jolie form a blue-blooded-power couple.

As I’ve attempted to show in previous posts, the bloodline membership allows one wide access to a number of select organizations. The Rockefellers, one of thirteen blue bloodline families founded The Council On Foreign Relations, an organization that Jolie is now a member of. Before I go any further with Jolie’s bloodlines and groups, we need to take a look at Brad Pitt’s chart.

Pitt is a double Sag, Rising/Sun with his own stellium in Capricorn (Mars, Mercury, Moon and Venus), there’s that Sea Goat again. Interestingly enough, in an early scene of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Pitt’s and Jolie have just spent their first night together in Bogota, and Pitt brings Jolie some coffee in bed and says, “I had to milk a goat” to get it.

Most of the activity takes place in his second house, with Mars near the end of the first. Pitt is a credible athlete, having excelled as a tennis player in high school. This stellium, along with Pitt’s Sun in Sag form a powerful opposition to Jolie’s Sun and Mercury in Gemini and her Venus and Saturn in Cancer. These oppositions result in an attraction/repulsion dynamic of epic proportions. This is a couple capable of having memorable fights and disputes along with powerful and cathartic make-up sex.


Pitt has Jupiter in Aries right on the cusp of the 4th/5th houses. We saw that Jolie also has Jupiter in Aries. Pitt’s Jupiter conjuncts Jolie’s Moon and has a wide conjunction with her Mars. The two of them may have their ongoing disputes, but they agree on the concept of bearing and raising children in generous proportion. The connective and expansive energy that Jupiter evokes is a shared as a link between them, especially as it rests on the line of the home/family, 4th house and children, 5th house in Pitt’s chart. There in the fifth house is where Jolie’s stellium in Aries takes up residence. Pitt is deeply attracted to Jolie and as she anchors his fifth house, he’ll go along with just about anything with her.

Much like we saw with Keanu Reeves, who had Pluto and Uranus directly on his ascendant, Pitt has these two titans conjunct in his chart though directly on his mid-heaven. Pitt is here for big things. Uranus in the ninth represents freedom of thought and speech to the extreme and as it rests on his mid-heaven. Pitt ultimately sees his life as being interconnected with a more free, open and philosophical society. Pluto just on the other side of his mid-heaven makes him a force onto the world. This is a man on a misssion.

Looking at some of Pitt’s films and characters, we can easily see this played out. In 12 Monkeys, he plays Jeffery Goines, the son of a well known scientist. Goines is an insanely radical animal liberator who is working on a virus that wipes out humanity and leaves the animal kingdom intact. Here we see Uranus, radical in the 9th, which rules of all things, animals and it’s in Virgo which is connected to science and immunity.

In Fight Club he plays Tyler Durden, the psychopathic alter of Edward Norton’s character. Together, they organize an underground anarchist network that blows up financial centers and wipes out the foundation of credit/banking, thus hitting a re-set switch on society. Here we see both Uranus and Pluto working in concert. Pitt also starred in Sleepers, a film about the brutalization of a group of young men that are brutalized in a detention center over ten-year-period. Psychic trauma plays a key role in splitting personalities and creating alter selves. The term, “Sleeper” is used for alters that are programmed, like, here we go, Matt Damon’s character in The Bourne series. Pitt also co-starred with Robert Redford in . . . Spy Game.

The whole concept of alters and alternate identities plays a huge role in Jolie’s and Pitt’s characters. In the aforementioned Good ShepherdJolie plays “Clover” who also goes by the name of “Margaret” which translates to “Magali” in the Provencal dialect, which is where “The Knights Templar” settled and where it is rumored that Mary “Mag-dalene” settled with child and becomes the foundation of the illuminist, bloodline ideology. So in one character, Jolie’s name has a connection to “Clovis” and Mary Magdalene. Coincidence?

In Mr and Mrs Smith both Pitt and Jolie have dual lives as assassins/spys and they don’t even know the others secret identity until they have to make a hit on the same target, working for separate agencies.

The movie itself is one of those strange confluences where reality collides with cinema in absolutely surreal ways. There is one scene where Jolie’s character is at a holiday gathering and she has to hold a baby. Pitt spies her from across the room holding the baby aloft and it becomes a symbol that is shared between them. Vince Vaughn plays Pitt’s company pal and it’s Vaughn, who picks Jennifer Anniston off the curb that Pitt kicked her to. it seems to me that while Jolie’s chart reads like the book of her life, her non-cinematic life, Pitt’s chart plays out more onscreen.

So we’ve looked at their charts, established that they appear films with recurring themes regarding covert operations, dual identities, and films that have overt esoteric symbolism coiling through them like snakes. So where is it all leading?

Hasta menana baby.

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