An Unlikely Hero For The Gulf? Plus More Uranian Innovation

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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waterDances with dolphins?

Since the Gulf became more than an inky Rorschach blot upon our collective unconscious, we, as humans do, scramble to rise to the occasion. Left to our own devices, we can be pretty crafty and innovative. When struck with a sense of imminent peril, we can be inspired and lightning quick with our response. Since Uranus has flipped into Aries, we have seen two, fairly innovative solutions to the Gulf stain, rise to the surface. We’re talking some highly developed, Uranian/Aries ingenuity. The following are just two solutions.

I always find it fascinating how life imitates art and occasionally, vice/versa. Take Kevin Costner for instance. Costner’s peak, was not “Dances With Wolves.” Costner’s peak, was “Water World.” “Dances” afforded him the budget and the studio’s patience for essentially morphing Mad Max with The Sub-Mariner. They could have easily titled it, “Wave Warrior.”

In “WW” he spent a huge amount of cash, rigging up a “flotilla” of barges and derricks off the coast of Hawaii. It’s the type of movie making you would not see now. Half of what they did would be CGI, the other would have been shot in Baja, closer to LA and cheaper. By the way, you will not see many blockbuster films this summer. Hollywood’s production schedule is finally catching up to the marinas trench of the economy.

In “WW” Costner plays a hybrid human, who can breath underwater, that comes to the rescue (reluctantly) of a mildly anarchic and unrefined community, who have made their aqueous stand on an old rigging and refinery outpost, which still works, pumps and refines oil. They’re there because some great cataclysm has covered the world in water. Follow me? However, there is a woman, played by Jeanne Tripplehorn, who has a tattoo that is also a map of land. They want Costner, ultimately, to be their Moses and deliver them onto said promise land. He eventually does, but not before he vanquishes a wild, seafaring bunch of S&M attired pirates on jet skis called, “Smokers” who lust after oil/gas to power their jet skies and marauding and pillaging lifestyle.

The leader of the pack is a one-eyed, Dennis Hopper, the late, Dennis Hopper. Hopper chewed up scenery in this film like a MRSA bug in triage. He was on a villainous roll back then; “Blue Velvet,” “Speed” and “Water World.” He was finally redeemed in “True Romance,” where he’s offed by an even more soulless villain, in Christopher Walken, who was on the boat (christ over walkin’ on water) the night Natalie Wood died, who co-starred with Hopper in “Rebel Without A Cause.” Follow me?

So here’s Costner, a demigod, a Neptunian Christ with a bad attitude and an aqua-mullet, mediating the worlds of water and petroleum. Fast forward to this past week, where Costner was one of the human species that sprung into action with the Gulf.

Kostner has been in a major investor in CINC, a company that has developed a technology that can separate 99% of the oil, from oil stained water. He was in Louisiana to demonstrate the device, which uses centrifugal force to disentangle the two substances. Here’s a video demonstrating it’s efficacy:

If that isn’t a whiz-bang solution of can-do Uranus in Aries technoboogie, I’m not sure what is? Looking at his chart, he’s a man for the moment. I never thought I would ever say this about Costner by the way. Let’s start in his 10th House, where Jupiter, exalted in Cancer is in an exact conjunction, with Uranus in Cancer. The Cancerian traits of nurturing and sustaining are highlighted by the lightning swift ability to innovate in an expansive fashion, tending to anything related to water. This is 10th House, big career, life, focus kind of stuff. His South Node is also in Cancer (which might explain Water World, which apparently led to his divorce). He was meant to do this, especially as transiting Capricorn, the craggy sea goat opposes the SN, while conjuncting his True Node, in the same degree of Cap, in the house of Cancer. The house of waves and tides, ebbs and flows. That alone should be sufficient to get the job done, But no, there’s more!


In Costner’s 2nd House, ruled mostly by Scorpio, he has both Saturn and his Pars Fortuna. Guess what? They trine that dynamic duo up in the 10th House. Scorpio is alchemical, it exchanges fluids, changes states. Saturn works hard at it. The Pars Fortuna augurs beneficent outcomes when coupled with hard, Saturnian work in this exact conjunction. You’d think that would be enough? But wait, there’s more!

The Vertex might be one of the most misunderstood aspects in the chart. It’s where we meet our destiny, unavoidably. For Kevin Costner, it’s in Pisces at 13 degrees, in the 6th House of purification and service. I opened right to the page of Rudhyar’s “Mandala” and it reads thus for Sabian Symbol 13; An Ancient Sword Used In Many Battles Is Displayed In A Museuem. Here is what Rudhyar says about this;

“Through the effectual use of his will, a consecrated man, can become a symbol of courage for all those who follow in his footsteps.” Costner’s life is getting close to imitating his art here. He needs to summon courage and will in order for BP and The White House to respond. I never thought I would be looking at Kevin Costner in a truly heroic light. It’s pretty clear, that simply based on the birth chart and transiting Pluto in Cap, that he was meant to do this as Uranus and Jupiter cruise into Aries. But he is not alone. John Kaminski forwarded me a letter of a friend of his who lives in Louisiana. Here is what he said;

“This guy in Michigan is manufacturing a substance that turns crude oil back into a manageble organic substance. When applied to the back of a bird say, the oil coagulates in a lump on the bird;s back and can be washed off with water…and the bird flies away. So, this guy offers to donate 151 million gallons of it to the cleanup effort here. Immediately, Halliburton files an injunction against the guy and the use of his product. Apparently, this product also proves that oil can be mined from a variety of simple above ground materials and there is no need for fossil fuel drilling at all.”

I’ll try to get more info on the source from John, but it’s yet another, clear example of personal genius coming to the fore in a time of crisis, vis-a-vis, Uranus/Jupiter in Aries. Will Costner live up to his Vertex and save the day? Time could be quickly running out, for a Hollywood ending in the precious waters of The Gulf.

9 thoughts on “An Unlikely Hero For The Gulf? Plus More Uranian Innovation”

  1. I don’t think Waterworld was that bad of a movie. And it doesn’t surprise me that Costner is stepping up. I’ve always thought he had an interesting energy, even though I’m not really a fan of his work.

  2. K

    I guess the best way to convince BP to allow someone else to take over the clean up effort would be to come up with a technology that not just cleans the water, but allows for the recuperation of oil for resale. And it seems that the Costner machine could do that. So I have hopes for this one.

  3. A

    I think the key here is that we are discovering that we may not need oil like we think we do. There is only so much Haliburton can buy up and silence. They don’t have to donate anything….just do it! Don’t ask, just do it!

  4. J

    Halliburton files an injunction against the guy and the use of his product.

    This suggests that the disaster is a classic LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose), much like the sluggish response from the feds after Katrina.

  5. B

    You were right Robert… Something has definitely SHIFTED …

    Just saw something on the TV that gives me incredible Hope
    Finally, I see the fear of GOD in the eyes of the pope …

  6. M

    Great article. I’m glad I stumbled across you on Astrodispatch. I have always felt “The Costner” has something special about him too, but never looked at his chart.
    I’ve been finding Ceres a big theme lately with environmentalists and wow look he has it just 5 mins from his IC! Another thing I love about his chart is the Yod to Pluto from Chiron and Mars. Action(Mars) to healing (Chiron) the oil (Pluto) spill. Nice one!

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