An Astro-Holiday Update From A Reader

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

A long time reader and friend sent me this, this A.M.

On December 25th , many of us, around the world , celebrate the joy of Christmas.
Three days after winter solstice the sun has risen higher, out of its deep and darkest lull. Spirits are bright, as the sun, they say, has its groove back.

Astrologically, this is Capricorn time for the sun, and it is of no surprise that Christmas takes on the most cherished qualities of this sign; Tradition, and, of course,
multi material manifestations .

This year, in 2016, we see a slightly mixed bag of gifts from Santa, perhaps, and definitely from the Cosmos, tweeking the traditional Christmas Story ever so much.

We’ve got given to us on Dec. 19, a tricky Mercury Retrograde wrapped up nice in true Capricorn form.

Unfortunately, we can’t take this Cosmic present back, until it returns itself to forward motion on Jan. 9th.

So, during this last week of the Christmas season, we are “going back” in a sense , mentally, because Mercury rules the mind, and it’s in a traditional Capricornian mode we are in….Until , we see on our TV sets the news around the world of mayhem and terrorism attacking the most traditional of places; a German Christmas market.

Our hot-buttered rum suddenly loses its sweet flavor.

With planet Saturn in Sagittarius currently trining Uranus in Aries, one could say it’s adding fire power to an already explosive situation. Or, at the least, subsidizing it. You see,Saturn rules government and the top -down hierarchy, Sagittarius denotes foreign lands……Uranus is sudden upsets, whilst, Aries is warlike.

Yep, put that together and it’s no wonder the collective mind, Mercury, is retreating at this time, leaving us saying , “We don’t want to have anything to do with this radical b.s. terrorism!”

Good old jolly Jupiter in peace-loving Libra is working overtime this year as he fends off the nastiness of Saturn / Uranus trying to disrupt his goodwill.

“Will we ever see peace in the Middle East ?” is becoming more and more replaced with “Will we ever see peace globally?”,especially as Jupiter’s square to Pluto intensifies throughout next year.

We must manage to carry on and be of service and have positive attitudes with real cheer. Energy is always changing ! Cosmos is not stagnate for sure. Keep posted here for your latest Astro news from Robert Phoenix. This was just a little snip of a bird’s eye view, from a long-time reader and friend of his site.

Teresa Winsor

3 thoughts on “An Astro-Holiday Update From A Reader”

  1. p

    I really enjoyed this post and want to scribe
    the synch and vibe
    we’re trying to shuck and jive…

    it feels like we’re FIRMLY across a threshold of sorts and the macro Aquarian downloads are STRONG and only going to get more so…

    re: “going back”…hmmm….jives with the pop culture black mirror teevee shows…

    i’ve personally noticed, everyone, before the elections, but ESPECIALLY after – are hiding in our hidey holes…no one wants to exchange, energy…or at least, not with anyone they KNOW is going to be out of alignment with their preferred exchange…

    and after trying for three Christmases, finally, this year we killed the gift exchange, except:

    that one single thought
    rocked a ball
    of snow to fall
    and roll into the whole

    like a magician,
    flipping the fission
    that was the Christmas Rendition…

    my wife said this is the most memorable christmas season ever – b/c for the first time in her whole life – she(we) didn’t even do the pagan tree rites 🙂 She also noted last night, which gave me a cheshire cat grin, it seems like everything flip flopped this year…

    Enjoy this time for what feeds thy soul – find a mirror with some mistletoe and get busy :)~

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