All You Need To Know About This Mercury Retrograde And On Gaiam TV With Regina Meredith

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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It’s that time of year again and Mercury Retrograde is with us. It starts at Libra 15 and reverses to Libra 0. So it basically starts in the Aquarian/Uranian Decan and retreats back into the Libran Deacn, which means that on a collective level, the dialog starts with fairness and rights (Libra) at the collective level (Aquarius) and retreats backwards into the Libran Decan where we turn our attention away from what’s not right in the world, to what can I be better at between you and I. So we start off dialoging about refugees and end in talking about abandoned relationships, and lost connections, vowing more fairness in our lives, perhaps even giving people we had written off second chances. Of course this is going to really impact Libras in specific, but also the opposite sign Aries, who are rarely wont to look back. Over the next few weeks, they’ll depart from their forward thinking attack on life and take a rare retrospective journey.

Libra is also supposed to be a very artistic sign and for the most part, it is, but Libras are basically lazy. Yep, I said it. What gives me the right to say and judge Libras so harshly? Well, it’s because I have Mercury/Moon/Venus in Libra, so I ahem, have a little insight into the process. Actually, Libras aren’t lazy (I just wanted to get your attention) they simply have really great ideas that exist perfectly in their minds which unfortunately generally stay there in the ideal atmosphere of the un-manifest. Here’s advice to all Libras out there; Keep your plans and creations to yourself until they actually take shape and form–just sayin’.

As far as September 23rd goes, The Blood Moon, etc., whatever goes down, Mercury Rertrograde in Libra has the potential to remind us to stay polite and retain our social graces as the troops hit the streets to round us up for the FEMA camps. While all Hell is breaking loose we’ll be able to hold the space of fairness for our oppressors; “Can I help you get those cuffs on me?” “Don’t worry, I understand that you have to taze me, I know you have a quota. Go ahead and do it twice if you’re behind.” That sort of thing. Don’t forget to be fair, even with the so-called unfair and that’s really the nexus of this Mercury Retrograde. Life isn’t fair, but it is just (ultimately) and those are two, very different aspects to consider.

Understanding that life isn’t fair is a big, big, lesson in this Mercury Retrograde phase and once we disabuse ourselves of that notion, we are much better off, because at that point we can deal with our lives as they are and then direct them to where we would like them to be. Mercury Retrograde in Libra takes some of the old varnish off of our thoughts and perceptions and that’s okay, because we need to get down to the base and then come back with a new sheen and a brighter shine once Mercury goes direct on 10/10 at ZERO degrees, which equals “Reset.” To hell with Shimitah or the Jubilee where we are given the reset from some other authority. Claim it for yourself.

I’m currently showing on GAIAM TV with my good friend, Regina Meredith as we look at the astrology of the Fall. I’ll give you some insider info. We taped it back in the Spring, which will give you an idea as to how good Regina is at these sorts of things.

5 thoughts on “All You Need To Know About This Mercury Retrograde And On Gaiam TV With Regina Meredith”

  1. H

    Thank you for the laughter. I will most assuredly remember to be polite and retain my social graces when they round me up. And definitely will help them with the hand cuffs and let them taze me more than once.

  2. T

    Love this : ” To hell with Shimitah or the Jubilee where we are given the reset from some other authority. Claim it for yourself.”

    Remember Motah ? He would say “There’s a reason the word SHIT appears in Shmitah .

  3. J

    I am so glad you are back for this interview! Thank you so much for all that you are knowledgeable of and share with us! I would like to see you back on Gaiam with your show again! I relished in each one.

    From a Pisces with Capricorn South Node / Cancer North Node! Yikes!

    Much Thanks! Jeani ????

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