Alice Bailey (Gemini), Midwife Of The New Age, Orion/Aryan High Priestess, Cosmic Origins Pt. 1

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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hitler_with_alien_ufo_vril_.jpgA truly secret handshake?

Well it was a very intense weekend to say the least. I’m not sure if anyone else was dealing with the psychic stress of the economy and all of the other unseen energies that are constantly permeating our bio-circuitry, but I certainly did. I spent a good majority of it watching Alex Jones get all revved up about the coming economic collapse and The Obama regime looking to go into Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The I listened to an old radio program of the dead patriot, Bill Cooper bashing Alex Jones, saying that he is an illuminati shill. Then I watched Alex Jones say the same thing about David Icke. Then I watched Alex Jones disassemble Peter Joseph, the producer/director of Zeitgeist. The I watched a video by a Christian named Chris White also dissect Zeitgeist as well. It was a virtual hall of mirrors. But I left off my last post with an enticing hook about exploring our galactic ancestry and I will do my best to weave it all together.

When I was deeply into The Findhorn experience, having travelled there in 1984, when I got out of college, I was first exposed to the writings of Alice Bailey while I stayed at The Sirius community for month. I was part of a group of seekers on a program through The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Our eventual destination was Findhorn, but our month-long-stay with The Findhorn seed community just outside of Amherst during the thick of Scorpio in November shattered my perception of reality. Bailey’s work on groups and the concept of a group soul spoke to me in a very profound way, almost as if I was being instructed from another plane of existence. But who was Alice Bailey and what does she have to do with our cosmic origins?


Alice Bailey (Bateman) was born on June 16, 1880, which puts her Sun at 25 degrees Gemini. Born into a wealthy Anglican family, she eventually matriculated to India where she did missionary work for The YMCA. It was there that she met her first husband, Walter Evans, an episcopalian minister. The two of them moved to The United States where they started a family and had three children together. Bailey eventually divorced her husband, a social taboo in the early 20th century, As she turned her back on her marriage, she also turned her back on her faith as well, leaving the church. She toiled in a factory and eventually had a life altering experience when she was introduced to the works of Madame Blavatzky and Theopsophy. She reached out and became a member of Krotona, the U.S. branch in Hollywood, rising quickly to the position of editor for The Messenger, the societies newsletter. It’s here, where she recognizes the picture of Koot Hoomi (Kuthumi) as a visage that she had seen in her youth that her psychic opening occurs. Bailey had her Mercury in Cancer at 17 degrees, which gave her a retentive and intuitive disposition that had easier access to psychic realms, in the open spaces of theosophical thought and inquiry. Her natal Mercury sextiled her natal Neptune in Taurus which gave her the ability to channel thoughts into the collective. Unfettered, Bailey’s psychic antenna and perhaps creative imagination created a link with an intelligence that would forever change her life and in some ways is currently shaping the social order that is rapidly self assembling around us.

When Bailey first began to transcribe the psychic transmission of DK (Djwalh Khul) The Tibetan, she was met with mild encouragement from theosophical elders like Annie Besant, publishing the first few chapters of Initiation, Human and Solar but ceased further publication, based on what Bailey would term “jealousy and the intervention of lower level spirits.”It caused a rift between her and Besant, which saw Bailey leave theosophy altogether and allay herself with the man that would eventually forge her work into the ongoing administration of The Lucis Trust, her second husband, master mason, Foster Bailey.


In 1923, with the help of Foster Bailey, they founded The Lucis Trust. While Blavatzky set out on a path of creating a world religion, replete with it’s own master teacher, in the guise of a young Krishnamurti, specifically based on the ancient philosophies of Aryan order, working in concert with the possible implementation of an Aryan world government established through dominance of The Third Reich, two things happened; one, Kirshnamurti left the society and two, the Nazis lost. So much for new world order/religion 1.0. One of things that is both ironic ad important to note is the Tibetan connection between both Hitler and Bailey. Hitler and his charges spent a great deal of time working with the tibetans, gaining ancient knowledge and occult secrets that included establishing communication with The Vril. It’s common knowledge that the swastika is a sacred tibetan symbol, inverted by Hitler and his high priests. As an aside, I always thought that the intervention of China into Tibet was some sort of karmic debt that the tibetans had accrued due to their work with the Nazis. But back to our story.

I don’t think that there’s any coincidence that the words “Orion” and “Aryan” are similar in nature and perhaps even origin. I stumbled upon this rather compelling video that entertains such wild notions.

In The Orion Mystery Dr. Robert Bauval, makes the connection between The Great Pyramid at Giza and it’s correspondence with the constellation Orion. The geomantic alignment with Orion is often debatable in certain academic circles. I have looked at both sides and find that Bauval is more on point than not. For a more detailed explanation, you can check out The Orion Theory, here. So why did The Egyptians focus their entire layout in accord with Orion? Is it because there is a possibility that Orions once visited this world and the pyramids are part of am inter-dimensional portal? A star gate?


What was Hitler doing in North Africa with Roemmel? Why was he spending so much time in and around Egypt? The common answer was searching for fuel to aid the rise of the fourth reich. But it seems as though they were on a different quest. One that would encompass the search for spiritual technology and the means to apply it towards the war. Was Hitler and his inner circle aware of the space lineage with Orion/Aryan? Was their study of eugenics not just an exploration of racial purity, but a quest to find a link betweentheir genome and some cosmic other? And what does any of this have to do with Alice Bailey?

Interestingly enough, Bailey has both Jupiter and Saturn in guess what sign? If you answered Aries, well, you get a gold Orion star for your tunic. Bailey’s chart was driven by the expansion of Aries in Jupiter and it’s implementation in Saturn. Single minded in her pursuit, she was driven to channel a system that is inclusive of oneness and singularity, which is at the heart of the aryan mission as well. It is symbolic of Aries and it’s urge for un-idividuated selfhood. The primal oneness of unity manifested though the pure and unfettered manifestation of will.

Much of Baliey’s work with DK is dedicated to fulfillment of this unified, world order. In her works, DK is constantly referring to a “New World Order” especially in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy. Conservative christians have been all over this for years, claiming that Bailey was in league with satan and delivering his plan on platter. While I don’t think she was channeling satan, I do think that her husband a freemason (there’s Egypt again) had a marked influence on her material, shaping it into the hierarchical construct that free masonry has been espousing for ages, a “Novus Ordo Seclorum” a new order for the ages. So the question becomes how much does free masonry play a part in Bailey’s teachings and has the concept of creating a new world order, through a new world religion and the coming of a new age christ been co-opted as a means of control, just like traditional religion, capitalism and other “isms?”

What if all of this movement towards singularity of consciousness manifested through our political and religious models is merely the outward manifestation of our blood? Our DNA? What if deep down inside of us (well some of us) this urge is an attempt to re-connect with our Orion/Aryan nature and that the imposition of the externalized systems are a result of that unrequited desire?

A lot of attention has been paid to the work of Zecharria Sitchin and his claims that we are descended from the Annunaki of Niburi. I’m not going to spend a lot of time either defending or debating his work, but will instead focus on two other, lesser known published works, Will Hart’s, Genesis Race and a channeled work by Robert Shapiro entitled, Shining The Light when I take this up again tomorrow.

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    Very interesting stuff, Robert! Though theosophy, Blavatsky and things related usually feel like wading through treacle to me. I’m wary of theosophy.

    By the way, I’m sure you’re already aware of it – the ancestors of the Hopi are said to have laid out their pueblos and roads in accordance with the constellation of Orion. Gary David has written books on the subject. Website and articles here

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