Alex Jones’ And Charlie Sheen’s Mercury Retrograde Faux Paux And Chance For Redemption

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

distortduoPuttin’ a Sheen on Jones or just a put on?

Want to see how Mercury Retrograde can go bad? We don’t have to look any further than the Alex Jones/Charlie Sheen debacle that took place on Tuesday, one day deep into Mercury Retrograde.

Jones has been taking lots of heat lately from people that are claiming that he is noting more than a well paid gatekeeper–Glen Beck with bullhorn and a good conspiracy theory or two to kick around as well. The deep divide that has arisen in the world of Alex Jones is Jones’ repeated refusal to talk about Zionism, AIPAC, etc as it relates to influencing US policy, both abroad and domestically. Jones will routinely shut down callers who call in and want to crack on Israel. He’ll also wipe out comments from his forum if someone calls him out on it. Some folks have made interesting connections between Jones’ lawyer being the same lawyer for Edgar Bronfman. Whether this implies a strong Jewish/zionist connection that can surely be examined and discussed, it cannot be dismissed that this is one, powerful lawyer working for some guy with a x-files fetish.

So with dissent and fracture starting to happen around Jones, Jones decided to call in his old pal, Charlie Sheen.

Some people might be aware that Sheen questioned the governments involvement around 911. Some jokes were made by Bill Maher. Letterman, etc, but it never impacted Sheen say the way it did Mark Ruffalo, who basically said the same thing, and within just a few weeks, found his brother murdered. I guess it pays to have your father play the president on TV.

So Jones calls Sheen in for the “Biggest Story In Jones (suspiciously meteoric rise) Career!” What’s that story? Sheen is going to interview the president! Wow! Charlie Sheen to interview Obama! Fat chance. It was all a ruse, a pathetically faked interview that shot even more holes into Jones’ leaking ship of credibility. The backlash has been significant. George Noory chastised Jones live on “Coast-To-Coast.” Jones couldn’t even admit that he fucked up. He blamed it on the fact that WordPress could not handle more than 16 pages, the length of the bogus interview. Apparently, according to Jones, the missing 17th page, was the one that had the disclaimer.

No such luck.

So what are we all to make of this? Why don’t we have a look at the charts of the two players in this absurd and potentially damaging little prank?

While Sheen is a Virgo (9/3/65) he has very little Virgo emphasis in his chart. Sheen’s own Mercury resides in the much more dramatic and grandiose, Leo. Since Mercury is in it’s fall here, it fits with Sheen’s off the cuff comments that can get him in trouble from-to-time. Whether it’s threats he’s made against his ex, Denise Richards or the 911 broadside he unleashed on Jones’ program. But this current Mercury is in Libra, the sign of balance and mediation. Here, Mercury falls in Sheen’s fifth house of creativity, kids, romance and of course, drama. Transiting Mercury Retrograde semi-squared Sheen’s 11th house cusp, which of course is the gateway to mass media. On the 11th House, Sheen has Pisces resting on the cusp. On this Merc Rec, there was bound to be distortion for him in the realm of mass media. Oddly enough, there isn’t much more that impacts Sheen’s natal chart, so just like he has in the past, he’ll fly off to “Two And A Half Men” or some baseball card convention, or some dark room filled with pulsing beats and flashing strobes, phantoms of bodies in various states of undress, the symbolic reenactment of phallic worship with power as the dynalube for all movement and meaning. What about our pal. Alex Jones?

Jones was born on 2/11/74. If one were to look at birth date for significance in vocation, it would be easy to see why Jones, even beyond his thick connections would be successful in radio and online. His Sun is at 21 degrees Aquarius, just two degrees off of his Jupiter at 23 degrees. This gives him that Sun meets planet disguised as Sun double whammy. Alex has lots of heat, passion and gas. Hot air thats blasted across the airwaves, warming the masses in their cold and ignorant state, just using any kind of light they can to crack the seeds of illusion open. Alex Jones is a gaseous spectral ray that stirs the plant inside the seed to awaken. This conjunction is hard wired for the net. Alex Jones is meant to be where he is. It’s part of his destiny (especially since his papi worked for NASA). I’ll skip over his shrewd and calculating, Venus in Capricorn, his inspired but more than occasionally sloppy Mercury in Pisces and his tireless Mars in Taurus and cut right to the chase. On the day that Alex Jones decided to show the rest of the world that his quest to take down the grand, global conspiracy could be reduced to a joke and a crappy satire, Mercury was retrograde in Libra at 6 degrees, in an exact conjunction with his natal Pluto also retrograde in Libra at 6 degrees. How’s that for some cosmic synchronicities? The astral alarm clock went off.

Libra is about fairness. It’s about mediation and win/win.
But when it goes into retrograde, the justice it seeks can take a backwards movement, a spin in the opposite direction. What Jones and Sheen did was so painfully MR that it hurts. They obviously, on some level want to see some sort of justice take place, but their political, for lack of a better word, impotence, forced them to have a mock interview with all the sturm and drang of teenagers pretending to be Woodward and Bernstein meets “The Lone Gunmen.” So what are we left with?

The ever vigilant supporters of Jones have yet more BS to work through and continue to hoist his flag, which is getting harder and harder all the time. Jones comes off like a buffoon and totally discredits his movement even further. Sheen gets to make more money and keep on grinning all the way. But in reality, this could be a pivotal moment for Alex Jones, with transiting Chiron in Aquarius at 22 degrees conjunct his Sun and Jupiter, he might be able to see where he is weak, vulnerable and willing to undergo the deep alchemy of transformation, especially as it relates to the Mercury/Pluto conjunction, which could take his show down for good.

If I were Alex Jones, here is what I would do: I would admit to screwing up–that’s the first step. Then, if what has been alleged about him is true, that he is a disinfo agent and a well paid gatekeeper, then he could use this to get right, to turn his vulnerability into strength, and really take on the “system” instead of creating a mythology of ex-Nazi’s running around and ruining life for the rest of us. If Alex Jones really wants to deal in truth, then this could be his best and maybe last opportunity.

Just a quick postscript. Isn’t it both funny and ironic that merely days after activist, Van Jones got kicked to the curb by Obama, two guys by the names of “Jones” and “Sheen” put out this puerile little distraction, I mean prank.

5 thoughts on “Alex Jones’ And Charlie Sheen’s Mercury Retrograde Faux Paux And Chance For Redemption”

  1. Hi Robert,

    I really enjoyed this post. I think the NASA connection is very interesting, considering Mike Rivero, an ex-NASA guy himself, has the polar opposite approach towards Israel, quarantining his readers from the mainstream by infecting them with anti-Semitic memes. These two guys promote each other, however, and broadcast their radio shows on the same network… Rivero even posted Jones’ “Biggest Story In My Career!” video prominently on his blog.

    So what does NASA have to do with all this? I don’t know for sure. I’d ask Stanley Kubrick, but dead men tell no tales.

    I’ve been think the archetypal gatekeeper is Janus. When King Numa dedicated the Temple of Janus, he established that the temple doors should remain closed in times of peace and open in times of war. Now in a time of perpetual war, the gatekeepers leave the doors wide open for the curious to wander in. There are great truths to behold in these temples, but also many lies. Many medicines, and many poisons.

    Janus the Gatekeeper, God of Boundaries… Now I mostly see his face on advertisements for mutual funds.

    — John

  2. Wow, thanks for the compliment. I spent a weekend reading Jay Weidner’s work, and his insight is what really cut through Kubrick’s masterful illusion in my mind.

    I have to thank Emily for telling me about your blog. I am fortunate to be able to call her a teacher and friend of mine.

    — John

  3. G

    A guy I know told me to check out your website. This is just the type of information I was hunting for. I wish I’d have found your site earlier.

  4. J

    Charlie Sheen is now a clone. The real Charlie died in a car wreck due to his views regarding 911, which we all know is a lie. Even George Clooney knows its a lie, but he belongs to the CFR and has an e-ticket to the DUMBS for playing dumb. Poor Charlie did not get the memo. Not winning.

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