A Quick Guide To Surviving The Financial Collapse For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

London’s Burning Dial 9-9-9-9-9

There’s that scene in The Matrix where the sentinels glide over the Nebuchadnezzar, which gets me thinking, why didn’t more parents name their kids “Neo” on the heels of the Matrix? For that matter, how many other Keanu’s have you met? I mean my middle name was chosen for a slightly obscure mid-century movie star of English origin, yet I have yet to meet a “Neo” or “Keanu” and trust me, I run across a lot of kids. Maybe that’s because there can be only one.

Anyway, back to that scene. Most everything from the Matrix is pulled from the Old Testament or The Talmud. The Sentinels are the robotic succubi, the virtual angels of death. At one point, they pass silently by Morpheus and crew. At another they descend upon their house and begin to disembowel it. Reality or what we think of it is like that in many ways.

The sentinels are the turbo-charged locusts of tragedy, shapeshifting from one disaster and calamity to the next. Back in the foggy mists of time, these actions were ascribed to local gods, totemic deities that were carved out, given form, venerated and supplicated so that they would mercifully pass over. Sometimes it took the form of beads and beer. Other times it was a baby.

In our current model of reality it gets played with super hurricanes (Katrina), super earthquakes and tsunamis (Fukushima), super cyclones (Joplin) and super snipers with super fertilizer bombs (Norway). Now, we have the debt crisis. These are the modern plagues, the sentinels descending. We never know where or when or what shape they’ll take, since the malevolence is formless until harnessed and directed. Clearly though, at least through these eyes, particularly the economic crisis, they are engineered.

Back when I first launched this site, I did a series of 11 posts on “The Melting Economy,” the most prescient might be this one. This was on the cusp of Bush II and Obamanhaton. It was when Ben Bernanke and whoever or whatever that Paulsen character was were clearly in charge. It was Big Ben and the zombie exchequer that got heavy with the congress and the senate, literally forcing them to swallow their bailout arsenic. That was the first blow of the wrecking ball smashing against the middle-class.

The 2008 financial crisis has never abated really. They primed the stock market for a while, juiced it up and made sure that a lot more people got in. This past week, the Sentinels descended yet again, leveling legacies, sucking the last bits of flesh off middle class bones. I watched friends lose upwards of $50,000 on the market this past week. In essence, what we’ve seen, is yet another controlled demolition.

Now that its happened; Now what? How are you going to get through a time where hyper-inflation stalks us like ravenous jackals? How will you survive the coming race/class riots and what lies ahead? I’ve mapped out a brief global-economic survival guide for each sign. Its called . . .


Over the next 3-4 years it’s all about re-wiring your identity. You MUST broadcast your originality. It’s an inside out game, which is in many ways contrary to the trajectory your life has taken thus far. But in order to do so, you’re going to have to, HAVE TO really plug into your soul–that’s the inside out part. Bob and weave, from the subtle whispers of inspiration, to the outward expression of aligned manifestation. Now you may not be some frothing revolutionary, foaming at the mouth to fight the power, but you will have to take on the status quo in your own, unique way and thats by showing everyone how to live a life worth living. Do not underestimate the importance of a strong and committed relationship.

You are the face of fixity and purpose, nearly in all things Your constancy and consistency is what is going to be needed, You’re rooted in ways that other signs simply aren’t and in fact, it’s nearly essential that you anchor the dream of this world. Plant it squarely in your heart and water it with inspiration where and when you can. We’re counting on you because you have the ability to turn the seed of an idea into a stalk of vision, feeding and nurturing many. During a stretch where everyone is learning to live with less and less, you’ll be quietly and patiently tending to an empire that will withstand the howling winds of change. To those of great power comes, well you know, backstage passes and bottle service. No I’m kidding. You get it. Unlike that dubious fellow Taurus of yours, George Clooney, we trust you. Don’t worry Frodo, you’ll be fine. Just try not to be so restless.

Every era of need needs a great inventor and over the next seven years, your sign is truly in its element as the most crafty mofos in the whole damn zodiac. Your mechanical muses are working overtime, driving the engines of novelty, producing schemata and blueprints for the future. I’lll give you a hint. Think water. Think purification. Think greatest asset on the planet. Now even if you’re not the next coming of Tesla, don’t worry, because the inventive streak that you have a patent on runs through all areas of your life. Don’t let the gravity and the tenor of the times get you down. The wings of Mercury are attached to your ankles. Move about with purpose. You’re part of the Manhattan Project of the planetary soul, don’t ever dismiss your contribution as being mundane or irrelevant.

You’re in the octagon of relationships and then some. My pal Theo White is the High Priest Of The Cardinal Cross and he has written extensively about a series of crisis that we are staring down over the next twenty years and while I don’t have access to Theo’s cosmic projector, I am in agreement with him and I think you, of all signs might have the heaviest burden to bear. What is your role? You are not, I repeat not supposed to lay down and roll over at the slightest hint of defeat. No. Whether its in personal relationships or life in general, you must stand at the ready and face your morbid sense of what is to come with not only fearlessness, but even calm. There is a wave of transcendent inspiration headed in your direction and if you hold on just long enough, you will catch and ride it through the hail and fire. Have the courage, the COURAGE to change your game, present yourself in a dramatically different fashion as it relates to your work. In 2013, you understand the nature of being a spiritual warrior. This is your lifetime of fire. Dance through it.

The greatest inheritance you’ll receive in your lifetime will take place over the next six years. It may or many not involve dollars and real estate, but I can assure you, it will involve some of the most electric and thought provoking insight and inspiration you’ve ever been gifted with. Now the next question is, what are you going to do when those flashes of vision erupt? What will you do with it? I’ll tell you. You’re gonna get shit done. You’re gonna roll up yourselves and make things happen. You’re not gonna mess around. When it comes to fighting city hall or a shady lender, you’ll take no prisoners and as a result, you’ll be looking after the so called, “Little Guy” as well. You’re a leader right? Well get out there and lead. Get out in front show us what courage is all about. In twenty years, they’ll be telling stories about the great Leos that awoke like lions after slumber from the time of the great sleeping.

You are so damn pragmatic that I will steer clear of the inspirational woo-woo stuff for a few sentences. Your path has to be one of pragmatism. You have got to figure out a way to bring your lucidity to the highest levels of power. Put in the time and work as diligently as you always have, but this time with an end goal in mind and that is t be in a position three years from now, when you can implement deep and systemic change. Plug away, but know that you are plugging in the service of the highest form of service there is; the sustenance of this life, the dream of being a human and a steward of higher consciousness. If you’re lucky, you might meet a genie along the way who will grease your spinning chakras with the elixir of life. But only if you are willing and ready. Your work will not go unrewarded as long as you stay focused on the triathlon of this incarnation.

Banks are bulldozing homes that they have foreclosed on. They are making no pretense whatsoever to re-sell them. There’s a reason why that’s taking place. It’s called Agenda 21 and if you don’t know about it, I suggest you get hip and up-to-speed. Why? Because its the type of social justice that’s gonna be right up your alley. I’m sure that at least a few lawyers out there are Libras and hell, one of them might even read this site. If you do and hear my call, get enlightened about Agenda 21. First of all, it might help save your own ass, but also a few other folks as well. There could be some real confusion of what you think you were meant to do at this time in your life, but I hate to break the news to you; There’s been a change of plans. You’re going to reach a little higher now, extend yourself and what you are capable of. You don’t have to lose sight of your art or creativity but it is going to have to take on a more realistic form. Love? Find it where and when you can, bless it and release it when you need to.

The big shift for you, like the planet itself happens in 2013 and you are at the pilot’s seat and not just you, but a whole generation of kids born between 1984 and 1996. From 2013 through 2016, you and likely them will be driving the bus. But for now, you’re down in the labyrinth of the soul, the catacombs of being. You’re in a chrysalis waiting to emerge. You are dreaming. Your dreams however are about to become the stuff of legend. During hard times, people need inspiration and creativity. They need a tale of wonder and dare I say, even hope? We are living in a time where fiction is a thought superimposed over a set of agreed upon belief systems. In essence, we’re discovering the plasticity of our existence. Thoughts become things and the ones that generate the greatest power of thought control temporal domains. You’ll give us psychic maps to navigate through this time via parables, plays, poems and songs. Words are potent–when they are fused with action, they’re the stuff of creation. That is your role. Create.

Somebody has to slay the fear and it is you. Pluto is re-wiring your central nervous system. By the time its done with you, fight and flight will have merged into one, glorious synaptic response mechanism that resembles that of a cosmopolitan Bushido. You’re in it now, but it will get even more intense, jousting with the phantasms of projection. Once you’ve mastered this, and you will, what you want to do with your life is up to you. But staring right back at the beast is your most dangerous dharma over 100 lifetimes. Your inspiration is mad, totally off the hook. You play with new forms, re-inventing tools of social media along the way. In 2013, you face yourself in ways you never thought you could and you come through it, dare I say, like a phoenix. Just watch out for your neighbors, They might not be who they appear to be.

If we’re going to turn this aircraft carrier around, if we’re going to get through this dark night, if I write another cliched and hackneyed line . . . sorry. No seriously, you horned one are going to have to use the sense of profound destiny that you have been anointed with at this time and steer this hoopty home, through the galactic hood. But you’re going to have to navigate between what is right for the good of all, versus what is right for the good of the one, that one being you. You’re endowed with a pass key to these times. A lot of how the next 3-4 years is going to unfold is squarely in the hands of many Capricorns and a number of people born in the early to mid-fifties with Chiron in Capricorn. But this is about you. Cancer is on the other end of this equation, but in some ways you’re dealing with very similar issues. However their path is as a result of cause. You are cause, which is why its so important that you are conscious in everything you do. I’m going to lay it out there. Your humanity is linked to your legacy. Don’t blow it by being a fucking sell out. Just ask LeBron James how well that went.

Aquarius is in a unique place over the next ten years. Many Aquarians are going to detach from the material dream. They are seeing through the sham and the scam quite clearly at present. Unlike other signs that can take this type of news terribly personally, that is not the case with Aquarius. They see that things are not working and here is the birth of the true Aquarian Age. It starts with disaffection right now. The builders of a new ark are already hard at work in the laboratories of their soul. Now some will drift to the dark side and become bedazzled by the prospect of creating hybrid species or transhumanist agents of immortality and while I do my best to stay open to the inevitable augmentation that is going to take place with our forms, I’m holding out for something more organic, fired by strange and novel bursts of plasma from the Sun, unlocking the genetic codes stored in our DNA from the last great alteration of our cosmic destiny. However it shakes out for you, your genius will be needed and you’re in R & D mode from here on out. Good luck. Remember that we love you. The system may have let you down, but we won’t.

God bless you. All you ever wanted to do or be, is simply “Be.” Well, I am here to tell you, that your life purpose awaits in the coming decade. The fact of the matter is that you really don’t have to do a helluva lot. How’s that? You just need to be the best damn Pisces you’ve ever been and don’t be afraid of being hanged, burnt, drowned or jailed. It, I repeat, it is not your time for that. You are here to emanate love, compassion, forgiveness and all of the attributes of the Piscean Age, which much to the consternation of a few haters resembles very much that man from Galilee. The curtain has not drawn on the Piscean Age just yet. There is some business yet at hand to attend to. You are here, right now, to remind us that our time in this temporal domain is short and that its vitally important to live and love from the soul. God bless you.

I didn’t touch on this in the intro, but I wanted to perhaps lend a little insight into what is taking place with the global riots. These are riots, not protests. They are happening in not just London, but places like Milwaukee and Philadelphia. This is Uranus in Aries retrograde. This is the darkest side of protest. Its anarchy and lawlessness. Pure and simple.
The nihilist youth we are witnessing are a socially engineered by-product fueled by hopelessness and the Fagins of social disorder, shadowy figures that spur weak minds into destructive actions. These will not only continue, but proliferate throughout Uranus retrograde, which ends on 12/10/11. However, protests of different orders will pick up here in the states post September 11th. In fact there is a huge demonstration/live-in being planned for Wall St on the 17th of September. We’re talking tent cities here. Barring another descent of the sentinels upon us, it should be a very, very interesting event.

7 thoughts on “A Quick Guide To Surviving The Financial Collapse For All Signs”

    1. a

      I agree and its a much more complex issue, basically the planet needs a new paradigm. We have come to the end of the road on the fiat ponzi scheme. Until then, we all need to have inherent qualities as individuals that we need to cultivate. Nice to see you commenting again.

  1. Jeez Robert, you just brought super-duper rocket fuel to my launch pad with this!! Yahoo – Scorpio, Cappy rising, Taurus Moon, I’m ready, I’m pumped!! I’ve been dreaming wonderful, great dreams in my little cocoon. And yes, I’m fully aware that with great power comes great responsibility. Believe me, I have serious intentions of exiting this planet having left my mark on it for the good of all. Excellent article my friend, so inspiring and empowering. Many thanks.
    P.S. Congrats on being alcohol free – been there, done that. Life is wonderful without it.

    1. a

      Hi Mandy. Lucidity is a gift but I have to tell you that my Jupiter in Sag first house isn’t that thrilled at times. Thanks for chiming in. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Lift off!!!

  2. S

    I’m feeling hardcore Aquarian right now…There’s are two songs that rule my world right now. They are “Believe” and “Just Doing What I Do” by Marcus Johnson

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