A Late-Ish VMA’s Wrap Up, Sag vs Gemini Ritual, And Here Comes September

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

k'ladiesDrugs are shit. I mean it. I’m talking about the legal and illegal stuff. I’m willing to bet my lack of accreditation that about 2% of all legal (antibiotics usually) and illegal drugs actually have some merit in our lives. In the illegal side of things, there are people that have a sacred bond with mushrooms, and Ayahausca and for some of them it has been a Godsend. For others, just another addiction masked as self-improvement. Medicinal marijuana and cannabis oil hold a lot of promise. Juiced leaves appear to have a hand in melting tumors, and soothing inflammation. These would fall in the 2% category. On the legal side, it’s a deadly protocol of lawsuits waiting to happen thanks to shoddy trials and speedy lab-to-market launches. Take your pills, spin the wheel and just wait for some serious looking brunette peddling a class action suit for the eczema medication at around 11PM at night.

The reason I’m writing about drugs is because we’re just on the backside of the Pisces Full Moon. Of all the signs, there are two that are synonymous with drugs and they are Pisces and Scorpio. Pisces covers the gamut, from smack and crack, to ampules of vaccines and antibiotics, with alcohol chasers along the way. Opium dens and crack houses qualify as 12th House locales, hidden, out of sight and occluded from prying eyes.

Scorpio also has it’s claws in the opiates, but also any drug that takes you down into the underworld, including psychedelics as a shamanic transport.

I’m no Quaker when it comes to this realm. I have two cups of delicious, shade grown, fair trade coffee almost every morning. I indulge in a gluten free beer and a frozen margarita occasionally. A Sherman or two has crossed my lips and that’s about it. Just getting it upfront, but when I was trying to survive the 70’s, I was an MK Ultra casualty. Drugs were good. Drugs were fun. They could be the key to enlightenment or they could improve your performance or they could make you less of an L7. For me it was all three—better living through chemistry. But ultimately, even with all of the crown chakra cracking, it was likely a significant waste of money, energy and time, now we’re swimming in drugs on both sides of the blue line.

Legal drugs are a throbbing tumescent in the American psyche; we’re horny for them and the medical industry is more than willing to comply with our insatiable desire for doctor’s orders. Billions are spent on marketing drugs in magazines, on billboards, the net and TV. Drug companies spend as much on lobbying state and local governments as third world GNP. Drugs, legal and illegal are BIG, BIG, business in America—and they’re killing us.

smoking-crackI’m not referring to their malefic effect on our systems, I’m referring to their ability to keep us in a social haze, a cognitive fog. We’re either too stoned to care or dealing with dozens of contradictions at or near crisis level, so when something strange goes down, like what just happened in Roanoke, Virginia, where another crazy man with a crazy manifesto, took a hand gun to a remote news crew on a local station because he had a deep grudge against whites, straights and corporate privilege and most people just swallow it whole. Just watch the video and the ensuing reality actors in their creeped out, monotone confessions of love and revenge on the system that grants easy access to guns. Just watch how they mirror our drugged out collective, state. It’s mass NLP, deepening the trance, doubling down on the dumbing and numbing that keeps us locked into the Big Pharma and Black Market matrix.

The plethora of Pisces has something to do with this. Neptune in Pisces is oceanic and can manifest as collective redemption or the ultimate false flag. It could be heaven on Earth or a great big Blue Beam production in the sky. Chiron in Pisces gets to the root of the wound, the Piscean loss of faith in all things, the collapse of hope, spiritual crisis at ground zero. This was barely hidden in plain sight at the VMA’s, which took place on Sunday night in Los Angeles at the Microsoft theatre located at 777 Chick Hearn court. This was all under the back end of the Pisces Full Moon.

The VMA’s opened with a rendition of “Bad Blood” a massive hit with Taylor Swift (Sag) and Kendrick Lamar. The mixing of Swift and Lamar is part of Swift’s morphing into a mega-pop star across all genres and no longer being relegated to the Country ghetto. This all started when Kanye West (Gemini) humiliated her on stage at the 2009 VMA’s. This triggered her ritual emergence and initiation into the next phase of her ascent and poised to take the throne of “Queen Of Pop” from Beyoncé. But the first step was degradation, which West provided, on cue. Since then, it’s been about the forced miscegenation of America’s White, virgin, Country princess into the shadowy realm of Hip Hop and her occulted connection to Black Yeezuz. Swift (Sag) and West (Gemini) are the perfect formula for the dualistic magical operation. Two signs in opposition, Black and White, Hip Hop and Country.

nicki minaj taylor swift ap vma

Swift’s background is unique to say the least. Her father is a major player for Merrill Lynch and comes from three generations of bankers. Her mother was also an investment banker, having worked for a decade in Singapore, one of the world’s major banking centers. Doors opened wide for Swift at every turn of her young career. As a youth in Pennsylvania, she frequently traveled to Broadway for vocal and acting lessons. That eventually led to a move from her native Pennsylvania, to Nashville, home of handlers and deep programmers for the mind controlled sirens of MK Ultra.

Looking at all of Swift’s album releases, they have one theme in common; They are all released in sign of Scorpio. Someone in her camp knows about fixed energy and stacking it on the front of the holiday season.

The performance of “Bad Blood” featured a duet with Nicki Minaj (Sag) where art imitates life as Swift and Minaj supposedly had a “blood feud.” The performance was soaked in red, fueled by driving tribal rhythms and the evocation of voodoo spirits. Both Swift and Minaj channeled the spirit of Jack Parsons Moonchild, under the swollen light of the Piscean Full Moon.

The VMA’s were hosted by Miley Cyrus (Sag). Are you seeing a trend here? Here are three Sag women and a fourth (Britney Spears) who made her appearance shortly after the opening number. I’ll get into this pretty deeply, but I have to take a few paragraphs to break down Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus has become a fetish for degradation. If Swift is Pop’s virgin priestess, Cyrus is it’s whore, whose job is to “Whore-Us/Horus.” She is the living vestigial and vessel of Crowley’s “Do As Thou Wilt” dictum. Crowley’s strategy was to degrade and abuse himself to such a degree that he could have power over all things. There was nothing he would ever feel shame or guilt over and in this regard would have power over all men who wouldn’t even consider the depths of depravity that Crowley had plumbed. By doing this, Crowley would be master over the sacred and the profane.

Perhaps not by design, but this is what Miley Cyrus is also up to. She has no shame or guilt about anything. This is due in part to her wild Sag style, but it’s also part of the “Do As Thou Wilt” programming. Watch Miley as she debases herself, wearing one strange outfit after another.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 13: Miley Cyrus performs at the Adult Swim Upfront After Party at Terminal 5, May 13, 2015 in New York City Credit: Walik Goshorn / Retna Ltd./MediaPunch/IPX
NEW YORK, NY – MAY 13: Miley Cyrus performs at the Adult Swim Upfront After Party at Terminal 5, May 13, 2015 in New York City Credit: Walik Goshorn / Retna Ltd./MediaPunch/IPX
Watch as she desperately panders to the LGBT mafia to get accepted as a spokesperson, aka one freak to another. Watch her as she plays the Ouija Board in a fake sleepover with rappers at daddy handler Billy Ray’s place. Watch her as she lights up fake pot and slobbers over Kanye’s cannabis. Her newish handler, Wayne Coyne pronounces Cyrus as a “freak.” But as much as I want to disown Miley for her flagrant self-abuse and humorous debasement, there’s something stunningly authentic about her. No matter how bizarre or free, or affected she is, unlike the other Stepford stars, she comes across as somewhat endearing and awkwardly real. Unlike the vicious, Nicki Minaj who can unleash one of her possessed personalities with the drop of bass beat, or the uber-cool and calculated Swift, who hides behind being gawky and nerdy, or the burnt out and blonde husk that was Britney Spears, Cyrus seems likable and really fucked up. Did I mention that all of these women are Sags? They spun around Kanye’s Gemini Black Sun like asteroid goddesses all in opposition sirens of the Galactic Center.

The center of the stage featured a black cube (of course) out of which poured video bleed psychedellia, primary colors that were combined in a nauseating swirl of Technicolor pyrotechnics. It reminded me of watching Frank Zappa’s “200 Motels” on yellow microdot. Was I flashing back or was my central nervous system being assaulted? It was the late 60’s all over again sans the Mod Élan that was ground zero for 60’s style, from Peter Max and Warhol, to Wes Wilson and Robert Rauschenberg. The Rainbow flag has been raised and the primary colors unleashed in a violent torrent of animated display, soaking the youth in perpetual visions of Barney, Teletubbies, My Friendly Pony, RuPaul’s drag queens, twisted trannys, through hazy clouds of dank, the grey scrim of lower atmospheres.

They came for your kids, your precious 12-13-14-15-16 year olds, Pluto in Sag born, inviting them to the Crayola light rave pulsing with neon sigils. Guess what? It didn’t work. The ratings for the VMA’s were down by 30%. The year before, down by 14%. Television as a medium is dying. The news shows are the first to go, since everyone is getting their news from the Internet. MTV and VH1 are barely relevant. Got to Youtube and count all of the views for Taylor Swifts videos combined and you’ll get roughly the population of the entire planet. MTV and VHI are soon to be relics.

Dystopia is over. Taco Bell said so. If you don’t believe me, just watch this Taco Bell commercial below and see for yourself. Dystopia won’t sell to Pluto in Sag kids. That’s why we’re getting stories of heroism and triumph ala the Hunger Games and Maze Runner series. Note how the Maze Runner is based on a team, something that Pluto in Sag would relate to. No, dystopia is over as fashion, over as meme and while the dark shroud, which surrounded it, has lifted, the new fashion, the esthetic is anything but easy to digest. It’s all bright hued chaos, anything goes, animated reality, sort of a peek perhaps into a post CERN activated world. Ah, I got your attention, didn’t I? Well hold on as we’re just getting started for the September to Remember.

5 thoughts on “A Late-Ish VMA’s Wrap Up, Sag vs Gemini Ritual, And Here Comes September”

  1. z

    UUUUHHHHH, Mr. Phoenix-man, the energies seem to be putting some really high octane in your 12 cylinder GTB.
    As to the issue with the slime that somehow crawled from the swamp, the british so-called-intelligence man, Barbaras’s daddy, the Crow-ley one, an eyewitness to an encounter that follows almost verbatim.
    The eyewitness, in a Chateau in France, having been brought there by his aunt who was his legal custodian , a rather well-known author, by the the name of Margaret, and furthermore member of a highly publi-cised ( or pubic-sized ) lesbian couple was a favourite ‘son’ of a some peoples’ biological Granpa, and of some , through ‘Hanbledzoin’ also a ‘Father’.
    So at the witness’ home, as he put away copious quantities of tequila in his garden while observing the sun-rays reflecting from the mountains surrounding¡ Alburquerqe’ in the early morning in his usual side-splitting from laughter manner of relating events spoke of another meeting.
    Seems that Croe-ley man wanted to challenge Granpa in the power game, and drove up to the Chataeu, alone, and parked his car barely some meters along the driveway , past the entrance gate , got out, as Granpa stepped out of the mainhouse, still in his pyjamas, , twirling , with his right hand his handlebar-moustache, parking himself at the edghe of the porch. So , the two each standing some thirty meters away from each other, simply looked at each others’ eyes for what seemed to be an eternity, but was according to the eyewitness, a young adolescent at the time, only about twenty minutes, measured by the time other activities occurred at the Prieure during this time.
    Barbara’s daddy slumped, tucked his rather reptile-looking tail between his own legs which no longer seemed to have patent-leather shoes at the end, but hooves , got back into his car and left.
    Granpa turns to the to the witness, and says ‘ Virtue, and the organ of its action ‘ Remorse-of-Conscience’ Wins . Are you not running late in making my sleeping quarters ? Movements class is about to start and Mdm.deS. gets here soon.’
    May all twelve cylinders run in mutually-inspiring harmony with the highest octane available in Austin Phoenix-man.
    Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear Hug, unuk

  2. F

    …”sirens of the galactic center”…well all those sag girls and a man is spoiled for choice heh heh(I have sun in sag too, not just venus)

    I agree Miley is the cool one…but I always had a thing for Britney…

    I remember when you said the pluto in scorpio kids essentially wanted either personal power over the world or would blow up the world in the process if they couldn’t have it…knowing sag I would say maybe those kids want a higher vision, something to believe in…even at it’s most rigid and dogmatic sag still has a good deal of basic morals and ethics…but then there’s that pesky wild side…

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