A Jupiter in Sag (Truthful) Look At The Life Of G.H.W. Bush & Mercury Retrograde In Sports aka Kareem Hunt’s Fall

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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It’s been a while since I’ve taken to the written word, having focused a lot of time and energy on getting the spoken word out via the livestreams both on the “11th House” and “Fifteen Minutes,” and quite frankly when I post an article on FB and get 5-6 likes, it’s not the kind of social feedback loop I’m looking for. I also wonder who reads anymore and whether it’s worth the time and energy to go in depth, when I can just hit play and let it rip for a world with diminishing attention spans and less and less time to spend on two-thousand-word opuses and rants, but it’s what got me started with this blog and in many ways, astrology in general.

It was back in the summer of 2008, when John McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate and and I decided to decode her chart. That single moment and post changed my life and in many ways, changed others peoples lives as well. In the spirit of that original post, powered by Mercury Retrograde, I’m reclaiming the written word, for better or worse. Let’s get rolling.


Last night as I began to doze off to mindless sports banter, a breaking news crawl slithered across the bottom of my screen. The news was that G.H.W. Bush had passed away. Immediately, they broke in on the special on Tony Romo that I’d been watching and went into a long and obsequious soliloquy about Bush and his long standing relationship with football, going back to the first gulf war, where people were agonizing over the choice to play the Super Bowl or not since we were officially at war with Iraq. Let’s be clear, while we were officially at war with Iraq, it wasn’t so much a war, but a slaughter, a slaughter brought about by deceit and Bernaysian styled marketing. The case for the Gulf War was built on a pack of lies.

Saddam Hussein had been yet another U.S. proxy in the middle east, setting up a secular government so that business could be done with less fundamentalist friction. It’s the way that the U.S. and it’s corporate sponsors have always done business.

Saddam had outlived his usefulness and when the Kuwaitis began to slam drill into Iraqi oil, Saddam was none-too-pleased.

He asked the U.S. envoy to Iraq, April Glaspie if he could take care of business, (i.e.) wipe out the slam drilling wells and reclaim the crude beneath Iraqi soil and Glaspie said that the U.S.would not interfere. It was a trap.

Saddam liberated those wells so to speak, but out of that action came the completely false and spurious reports that Iraqi soldiers were filleting Kuwaiti babies at the end of their bayonets, spearing them in their incubators and tossing them out and onto the streets into bloody piles where they were subsequently BBQ’d.

Saddam was also accused of using nerve gas on the Kuwaitis as well. Who was the source of the inside intel? The CIA? The NSA? Nope. A Kuwaiti teen known only as “Nayirah” who provided ghastly accounts to the CHRC also known as the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. This group was supposedly bi-partisan in nature and was headed by Tom Lantos (D) and John Porter (R).

Nayirah turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S. her trip to the US, training and all of the marketing efforts were funded by “Citizens for a Free Kuwait” a group headed by her father. “CFAFK” sent millions to Hill & Knowlton, a powerful PR firm, who basically ran the anti-Iraq campaign, mostly through the testimony of Nayirah that provided the propaganda for an ensuing invasion of Iraq. Once she started going on and on about the barbaric Iraqis, it was game over.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, there were numerous TV and news specials about the dangers of Saddam Hussein, and his tyrannical hold over his people. US News called him, “the most dangerous man in the world.” Evangelicals chimed in, assigning the title of “Antichrist” to Saddam. All done with the intention of invading Iraq and destabilizing it to the point where ultimately, the job would be finished in 2001 and Saddam would finally be routed by G.W. Bush. The oil fields in southern Iraq would be “liberated” so to speak. Who controls the flow of that Iraqi crude now isn’t clear, but I’d wager that it’s “Genie Oil” the Israeli based company who is desperately attempting to secure more crude from the Golan Heights, down into the rest of Syria in another war with a Saddam-like figure in Assad.

This is just the beginning, the unholy bedroc of Bush’s dark legacy.

Bush then assembled a “coalition of the willing” which was the main plank of his “New World Order” declaration. The United States alone could have crushed the Iraqis, but it was vital to establish this as a global effort in support of the burgeoning “NWO.”

Back home, soldiers, ready, willing and able to fight despots and make the world safe for democracy were injected with a vile cocktail of vaccines that would ultimately be called “Gulf War Syndrome” whose symptoms included everything from hair falling out, to extreme fatigue, to degrading of sight, declining cognition, insomnia and other maladies. Spouses complained that their husbands ejaculatory fluids would burn inside of them. A nurse, the late Joyce Riley was an early and fierce advocate for the vets. She would turn her advocacy into a career on radio with her exceptional “Power Hour.” Riley was one of the original truth warriors and she is missed.

So Bush starts a bogus war, kick-starts the NWO, thousands of american men and women are inoculated with a hellish contagion and he is commemorated for having the courage and strength to flip a fucking coin before a Super Bowl, which really became a war ritual with fighter jets screaming above the Tampa skies, as future occult sacrifice, Whitney Houston sang the national anthem.That’s just the sports connection.

Bush signed our future away in 1992 at the Rio Summit aka Agenda 21.Interesting that the summit was held from June 3rd to the 14th in 1992, Bush was born on June 12th, so from an astrological perspective, the power of his pen was amplified with the Sun/Sun conjunction of the event. Gemini is the codec of at least two potentials, two outcomes, polarity and a variable introduced into the original pattern. Gemini is an agent of diversity and diversity plays a role in Agenda 21. The antipode of Gemini is Sag and Sag is broad, encompassing all cultures, religions and people. Through the alchemy and supposed reconciliation of opposites, the idea is create urban centers (Gemini) where diverse cultures (Sag) are disseminated. We see this now through the so called “migrant crisis.” The UN which authored Agenda 21 (Gemini), is now authoring the Migration Compact (Sag) and they’re doing it during Jupiter in Sag to potentiate the energy.

The Agenda 21 Summit was held in Rio for a reason. At that time, Rio might have been the most diverse city on the planet outside of LA, NY and SF. Rio is the model of the NWO at a sustainable, urban level, and it’s also one of the most crime riddled cities on Earth too. In any case, Bush signed our future away with one pen stroke during the Rio Summit. Smart cities, 5G, driverless cars, the new so-called “share economy” where no one owns anything, are all being set into motion, thanks to the asshole that everyone is tripping all over themselves to eulogize.

What other acts of destruction did he participate in?

In 1990, the same guy that would sign our future away in 1992, would set it all up with the Immigration Act of 1990, which has led us to the disastrous immigration polices we’re struggling with today. It was officially signed on 11/29/90 (Sag energy). So between the Rio Summit (Gemini) and the IA (Sag) the astrological circuit was complete. Thanks Bush.

The Bush family has been trafficking cocaine for decades. Their oil company, Zapata Oil, headquartered in Bogota was an import arm of the cocaine black budget operation which fueled the Iran/Contra covert wars. The planes for the operation took off out of Mena, Arkansas, where Bush’s favorite, non-biological son, Bill Clinton was governor, and it snowed 365 days out of the year. In their typical show and tell, hidden-in-plain sight, they released “Made in America” with Tom Cruise portraying dope smuggler, Barry Seale.

They’re about to do it again, with a biopic on Dick Cheney, with Cheney being played by Christian Bale.

The Bush family, led by Papa Bush was at the center of the drug trade in the US during the 80’s and 90’s and if they had competition, they didn’t waste anytime removing them.

Pablo Escobar operated outside of the Bush cartel and was eventually eliminated by a combination of the DEA and “Los Pepes” which were a brutal, para-military squad that would kill anyone with a remote connection to Escobar.

Bushes incursions into Colombia were supposedly part of the ‘war on drugs” when in actuality, he was on a search and destroy mission to eliminate the competition.

When Manuel Noriega wanted a bigger cut of the coke profits, since most of the flights with the cocaine would leave from Panama, Bush wasted no time in invading Panama to remove yet another threat to the family business under the guise of “security.” Hundreds of Panamanians were killed as new and lethal weapons were field tested. And we want to lionize and memorialize this leader of a crime syndicate family? I haven’t even gotten into the Cathy O’Brien material where she witnesses him and Cheney shooting speedballs and then proceeds to hunt down a naked Kathy and her young daughter in a “most dangerous game.” And then there’s the Kennedy assassination legacy which kicks it all off. You’re going to hear a lot of sugar coated bullshit and lies about Bush, about what a great president he was, what great husband he was to Crowley’s daughter, what a great father and grandfather he was and on and on. George Bush could easily be one of the most treasonous agents in the history of this country. Hades welcomes you Mr. Bush with open arms and shackles.


In the past, I’ve always found sports and MR to provide us with both unique and timely examples of MR in action and already, it’s not failing to disappoint. Yesterday afternoon, TMZ released a video of Kareem Hunt (Leo) shoving and kicking a nineteen-year-old woman in the hallway of a Cleveland hotel at 3AM. Hunt is a powerful human and he lunged at the young woman with such force that a friend who tried to intervene was knocked backwards, into her.

The hotel video was from February of this past year.

Talk about Mercury Retrograde biting you in the ass.

Look, I don’t condone this type of behavior at all, but there’s some shady aspects to all of this. The NFL knew about it and asked the hotel for the video. The hotel would only release it to the Cleveland PD and they did. Both the NFL and the KC Chiefs asked the PD for the video. They declined their requests. The PD had investigated the case and considered it closed due to the fact that there were conflicting stories and that young woman ultimately refused to cooperate with the police. Also, there is apparently footage of her attacking Hunt with a lamp inside the hotel room and calling him, yeah, you guessed it, the N-Word, which, if true, likely sparked his outrage. Also, the woman had supposedly been in other incidents at the same hotel. None of this matters though—what does matter is the image of Hunt bull rushing her and kicking her at the end of the fracas.

The Chiefs released Hunt last might, just after 9PM EST. He’s not a marginal player by the way. He’s one of the leagues best at his position. But the question is, is how does TMZ get ahold of the tape while the NFL, supposedly one of the most powerful corporations in the world cannot. There’s only two explanations; 1) The league actually did possess the tape and did nothing or 2) The hotel is telling the truth, which means that someone in the hotel received a tidy sum of money to leak the tape to TMZ, because I guarantee you, that whomever did it, didn’t do it out of some altruistic desire to make Hunt accountable and pay a price for his actions. No, they did it for the money.

Here’s another lesson around all of this. Cameras are everywhere. We live in a pan-optical prison of sorts, where we are almost always on camera somewhere and the all-seeing-eye never blinks. Let that sink in.

In a related part of the story, Hunt’s place in the line-up will be filled by Spencer Ware (Sag), who was a promising running back for the Chiefs until his career got derailed by a serious injury two seasons ago, which led to the Chiefs drafting of Hunt. So Spencer Ware’s career comes full circle under the retrograde and perhaps my relationship with the written word as well.

If you want to understand how to think astrologically and beyond, I’m offering a six-week webinar, that’s in the spirit of my shows at Gaia. It’s about using astrology, symbols, images and synchroncities in our everyday lives. Click Here to find out more.

5 thoughts on “A Jupiter in Sag (Truthful) Look At The Life Of G.H.W. Bush & Mercury Retrograde In Sports aka Kareem Hunt’s Fall”

  1. S

    Saw a video on Bush snr and his eulogy on Gerald Ford. He took an opportunity to label anyone who believed JFK’S death was anything but a deluded lone gunman was a conspiracy theorist. Weird. And obviously devious. Also I have also read conjecture that “Bush” is adtually a “Sherff” from nazi Germany. And that HW was one of the early paperclips from that era. He was apparently initially tasked to shadow Tesla. It’s an mind blow8ng dig, if yo7 have the inclination. And so “Germany” did win the war. Well for a time they have. We shall see what comes of it in these significant years to come.

  2. E

    In honor of Hermes retro, read every word. My preferred media, and thanks for taking the time to focus and put together a needed depleted uranium bio of this being who gives evil a bad name. Trump’s paean was deeply disappointing. I get the Sun Uranus conjunction in his chart, but it is maddening that while he does tell some truth, you can be mercurally all over the place, yet not be full of shit.

    1. a

      You know, at least we get 50% of some truth with Trump, which is a lot more than we ever got from the rest of the clown show. It’s maddening because we know there’s more to be had.

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