A Deeper Look Into The Pluto In Sag Generation, Pluto As A Generational Force, Ryan Sharkey On FAR And A Heartfelt Thank You

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

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On my Friday show, I had Ryan Sharkey, on for about ninety-minutes. Sharkey has been traveling around the country since May with no money. If you haven’t heard the interview with him, I highly recommend it. Sharkey’s journey is so compelling, that he’s gained over 60,000 Twitter followers in just five months. His message is reverberating with his Post-Millenial generation, the Pluto in Sag kids, who will be lumped into the Millenial bucket, along with their Pluto in Scorpio predecessors, but they are quite different than the they are and Ryan Sharkey, along with my other teen guest from three weeks ago, Nick Urbansky are indicative of the Pluto in Sag quest. They are not into money, or sex, or power. They are fueled by the call of freedom.

In Nick’s case, it’s philosophical and moral freedom. He’s a sophomore at Bowie High in the positively progressive city of Austin, known as the 3rd Coast, symbolizing the liberal ideals of San Francisco and New York. Nick, a Scorpio has called his school out on a number of issues from advancing the theology of Islam, as they’ve been taught the five-pillars of wisdom, in class on world religions, where Christianity was conspicuously absent. When Nick, a Christian inquired as to why it wasn’t covered, he was told that, “Christianity is too controversial to teach in public schools.”

I am not supporting that Christianity be taught in public schools, but if religion in general is going to be studied then an exploration into Christianity would be an important component in an interdisciplinary dialog on the Abrahamic faiths alone. Young people sniff out hypocrisy like a pig can snortle a buried truffle. It’s an insult to their faculties of discernment.

Either teach them all or none at all.

Nick is asserting his will to keep his mind his own in an environment that clearly wants to shape it into a common form of the group mind. Whether you side with his beliefs or not, in the spirit of Pluto in Sag, he is on a personal quest for truth in exerting and expressing his morals and values. This is a key for this generation.

On the other end of the Pluto in Sag spectrum is Ryan Sharkey, who left his home, a well-to-do-home just after his eighteenth birthday, to walk the Earth without any money. After a frigid baptism is the cold waters of the Wichita Reservoir and three chilling nights in the woods, Sharkey was spit out onto the main highways of Kansas, back pack, fishing pole, hammock , sleeping bag and his long board skateboard, trying to hitch rides from truckers.

In true picaresque fashion, his first trucker/ride wanted more than just a little company to the next greasy spoon. After fighting off his advances, he eventually found a trucker with a horse trailer (Sag symbolism) and offered Sharkey a ride if he shoveled the horseshit out of the trailer. He did and his journey shifted into drive.

Sharkey, an Aquarius had an unusual upbringing, The son of a wealthy family, his father drank heavily, even though they likely had plenty of everything, but his father’s misery seeped into the family’s life and even a $500,000 a year salary couldn’t stave off the suffering. When his mother threw down an ultimatum to his father, that it was either the family or the bottle, his father chose the latter.

Whether it was a way for him to find a way out, or maybe he’s just an avatar incarnate, Sharkey began meditating heavily and studying Buddhism at the age of eleven. Along the way, he began to develop a philosophy about having no money or possessions. Ironically, just after his father left, he too departed, to road test his theory like Siddhartha and St. Francis before him. Nearly six-months, countless stories and 60,000 plus Twitter followers later, Sharkey has given birth to a movement of young people wanting to explore the same philosophical terrain of bring free. Although Sharkey and Urbansky couldn’t be more different, they have two things in common; One is a strong religious or philosophical belief (Buddhism and Christianity) and two, the urge to experience the freedom of the mind, unshackled from institutional dictates. They may be young and somewhat innocent, there’s something inspiring about the courage of their convictions.

The early group of the Pluto in Sag kids are somewhat different than the latter members. When Pluto went into Sag in January 1996 (for it’s duration) Uranus went into Aquarius and Neptune was in Capricorn. Uranus and Pluto were in Sextile until March of 2001. The young people born during that period (like Ryan Sharkey) are the ultimate free spirits, blending the intensity of the early degrees of Uranus in Aquarius (Uranus in ruler ship), which is all about following the beat of it’s own electronic drum and Pluto in Sag, which must directly experience the intensity of freedom as a generational and personal quest. Those born from 1996 to 2001 are circuit breakers, paradigm smashers and philosophers beamed back to the future.

The latter kids born under Pluto in Sag have Neptune and Uranus flip flopped, as Neptune is in the sign of Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces. They have a different wrinkle they’ll bring to the social stage as they’ll be truly iconoclastic and hard to put into any box, religious, social or otherwise, but just like their generational elders, they’ll be invested in the notion and motion of liberty and freedom.

When we look at generational cycles , we can see that Pluto is the dominant marker in generational shifts and it has it’s peak/prominence in the Fixed signs, because the fixed signs are like templates or seals that represent the collectivity of the group soul, their contributions and influences, for better or worse.

• 1885 to 1884 – Pluto in Taurus: While the movers and shakers in the early 20th Century, like Rockefeller, Getty, Edison, and Morgan were born under Pluto in Aries, Pluto in Taurus marked the country in deep way. It was the time of the “Indian Wars” and of course, “The Civil War.” It was the last days of the Gold Rush in California, but signaled latter gold rushes in other parts of the continental US, like Oregon and Washington. Pluto in Taurus was all about resources, both human and Earth. That phase of the darkest planet would not only shape the future of the US but the world as well. The second generation of great American wealth like the Astors and the Guggenheims were born during this era and dream makers like Cecille B. DeMille were as well. But it’s the Civil War and the fragmentation of the country which really marks this Pluto phase.

• 1939 to 1956 – Pluto in Leo; This Pluto phase of course encapsulates part of the 2nd World War, and most of the Korean War. It was also the formal death of royalty and the rise of the “democratic state.” And of course it’s the birth of the Baby Boomers who will ultimately shape the 20th and 21st centuries, for better or worse.

• 1984 to 1996 – Pluto in Scorpio; You know them as “The Millenials.” They started off in Orwell’s year and became the first generation born with personal computers entering into the mainstream as well as crack, Hip Hop, My Little Pony and suckled on sorcery, via the Harry Potter books, which would debut in 1997. Now, they’re color revolutionaries, brogrammers and warlocks in training. They’re Arthur C. Clarke’s, Childhood’s End and Crowley’s kids. I like them. They are intense and unflinchingly honest. They’ll either save the world or burn it down.

• 2023 to 2044 – Pluto in Aquarius; This completes the fixed generational cycle that started back in 1855 with Pluto in Taurus where the entire planet was ensconced in physicality, wars, border clashes, the acquisition (often forced) of resources and material domination. At this phase of Pluto, the transformation will be complete and one hopes that new technologies will be there to liberate and not enslave us (I think it will be a lot of both) and the souls incarnating will no doubt shape our lives in ways that we can’t comprehend from this vantage point. Whether it will be the unleashing of collective psychic powers, new levels of relating without personal boundaries or full on communion with intelligent life forms from other planets and stars, the squared circle becomes complete.

It is always the ensuing generations that work on and modify the changes, the mutable and cardinal Plutos, like Cancer, Gemini, Virgo., Libra, Sag and Capricorn. Down the line it will be Pisces and Aries. By the time we reach the Pluto in Aries phase, we’ll truly be in the cycle of the new human, whoever that is and whatever it means at that point. We could be alien android human hybrids with multiple gene pool parents, born in vats on light ships headed towards Arcturus.

Addendum. It’s ironic that I was interviewing Ryan Sharkey about his dollar free walkabout, while I was engaging my readers with a donation incentivization drive so that I could replace my fallen pony. Here’s a quick update. I called my mechanic and asked him if he knew of anyone selling a car and he told me about a guy in Dripping Springs who was selling get this, a “Mercury Mystique,” as my car refused to start any longer under Mercury Retrograde. I called him and in true Mercury Retrograde fashion, his wife is pregnant and close to delivery. I had arranged a time to meet him and check out the car and his wife started having contractions, so it didn’t happen, and guess what? False alarm. As of this writing I have tried at least three times to see the “Mercury Mystique” and it’s evaded me.

I’ve gotten back to most of you who have reached out and will be back in ten days, where I’ll start to book your readings. Thanks again for participating in this unique energy exchange.

Living Free With Ryan Sharkey

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5 thoughts on “A Deeper Look Into The Pluto In Sag Generation, Pluto As A Generational Force, Ryan Sharkey On FAR And A Heartfelt Thank You”

  1. p

    Strauss and Howe (of generational theory fame) cited the millenials start at 1982 (infamous baby on board sign which guess what my early 20’s neighboors just had kids and BOOM that decal is on every car, even grandmas!) I happen to be born in 1983, i am a cusper…tearing into the money power bullshit facade…for all of us…but personal gratification that i could forget everything and still make it 🙂

    keep finding the kids…they’re the fuel to the facade falling…to reveal what is true…

    re: merc – elusive little f#cker eh!?

    ps – dont mind me, i’ve entered a beast mode of sorts of late!

  2. J

    as a Pluto in Scorpio its our job to notice and take care of pluto in saggs as they are younger, just like libras watch out for us, now its our turn, and im glad people has finally started to accept that we scorpio plutos are fairly not young anymore, lol, older generations, specially virgo plutos avoided this issue, but on this year, with all this sagg saturn final entrance and stuff, ive started to finally see that sagg plutos are starting to show off as the new youngesters, possibly cause virgo plutos dont want to feel old. But now that these new group is starting to show off, all the other generations are starting to accept this, such a relief, as the home sign of pluto and magnetic generation, we had so much weight and eyes on us!!!! its finally ending, in any case we are already looking old, so they couldnt call us kids even if they tried… Muahuahuhah (evil mature laugh), lol, we basically are starting to look thirties, believe me its a blessing, contrary to taurus pluto drive to remain young, we as opposite, just want to live from the inside, we give a fck to our looks, and looking thirty, its a blessing lmao, so yeah, coming back to sagg pluto, these guys just know it, they freaking dig it, theyre into it, all the things we scorpio plutos thought and dreamed of, these guys are just making it, talking about, theyre fearless, theyre powerful, theyre next to intuitive, they do have magic beneath them, they have luck, they know where to go, they know how to move, where to move, what to feel, where, how, and they are full of physical power, so a plus for them, they will have not just the guts, but the physical power to achieve it all in the next few years, theyre open to everything and for them nothing is wrong, and everything is ok and if someone disagrees, they wont even care, lol, as long as theyre still free, now theyre turning 20, and damn, ive seen they are having it very hard, much more than it was for us, these guys are really feeling it, you can see it, but they are just facing it, with all that will power and super faith, omg, theyre just the future, i think of them as the kids of the 2020s, once the last decanate of capricorn pluto starts to shred in around 2019, we will start to see them on the media and all that sht, and even more on aqua pluto, damn, i love you guys, if youre reading this, you must know we scorpio plutos will always help you on your journeys, we will be there for you, as we start to pour and rot on our couchs, lol, seriously, we are becoming old, and tired, as for 2015, we are officialy going into the adulthood, the oldest are around 32 years old, and we are facing it like no other generation has faced aging, with grace and gladly, we will give you asylum and a place to stay in our houses since we are not having kids or getting married, lol, so yeah, dont feel lonely we will give you housing literally, if we are not keeping track of our 10 capricorn pluto kids that will save us from future crisis and apocalypse, we will aslo be glad to welcome you, and maybe even your aqua pluto kids, ok now im tripping, LMAO, XDD, greetings, XOXOX

  3. J

    besides these guys are literally of higgher knowledge, i just understand this famous sagg trait until these days that sagg plutos are starting to enter college, they talk really really highly in terms of knowledge, i just adore listening to them feels like youre talking to the most mature civilized person with all the things they know and how they say it, its really a pleasure to hear them give cathedras and speeches

    1. a

      Great series of comments. Couldn’t agree more. You know, of all the Plutos, Pluto in Virgo gets Pluto in Scorp more than most. First of all, our Plutos are sextile and we were born with Neptune in Scorpio, so there’s sympathetic magic there. Also, a lot of Pluto in Scorp also have Neptune and Uranus in Cap, which trines Pluto in Virgo and 1963 through 1970, which is when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. So there’s more commonality than not. Totally agreed on Pluto Sag and physicality. My son in one, 11 and he’s a runner, baseball player, par-course kinda kid. Thanks again and don’t be a stranger.

  4. J

    Lol, i was thinking you would delete my comment as many virgo plutos delete them on many forums or social networks, they may feel that i come off as too intense, and im not the only one, our comments are always deleted or unapproved, just few Virgo Plutos dare to listen to us, and thanks a lot!! for giving a place to throw up all my verbal vomit XDD, i know you guys understand us!!, i know about all this sextile thing, thats why we Scorpios want Capricorn Pluto kids, or why Cancer Plutos adored Virgo Pluto generation, this sextile also means understanding, Virgo is similar to Scorpio, then we are similar to Capricorn, and on. Besides the Neptune thing, i always think about it, you guys have this thoughts and dreams about darkness and illusions, Neptune in Scorpio made you be the first generation, in years, to have these type of thoughts and darker dreams, very adequate to face Scorpio Pluto times and the 80s, you were kinda underground, unlike Leo Plutos who tried to live the hippy 60s, but they were never THAT into the “love revolution” and “summer of love” it was just a trend for them and their neptune in Libra. When Pluto entered Scorpio things get deep, and Leo Plutos backed off with all this sex revolution, cause they know they couldnt make it happen. Just compare it to Cindy Lauper and then how Madonna come off ditching her as 1984 entered. No more tabbos, and actors and singers who were Virgo Plutos just showed it and faced it. So yeah, you really started it all with your Neptune in Scorpio, and your sextile. This also why we Scorpio Plutos are so into this era of recylcing and living from the core of materia, aka, using recycled material, been so down to earth, back to basics, drinking from recycled containers, etctc, all this hipster movement, we are facing it so well thanks to our Neptune in Capricorn. Besides our sextile with the goat, we also have Neptune in Capricorn, so that makes us even more Capricornian, like you were kinda scorpionian, Lol. And thanks for looking out for us, besides the libra plutos helping us in our teens, you Virgo Plutos were THE ones who really lifted us and taught everything we need, aka JK Rowling and Harry Potter, in some other way, you as Virgo Plutos had the urge to teach us that the world has a dark side and we needed to learn to accept it and deal with it because we would be the ones in charge one day. And so today with all this almost apocalyptic financial collapse of Cap Pluto, and all the things coming, we are starting to notice how this world is fuking twisted and full of deep facades, and we are clearly seeing it, we know the lies and fake, and we arent afraid to say “hey i know a credit card is a form of abuse, im not taking it”, we are not afraid of reaching 30 and looking weird about not spending on house credits, credit cards, in other words we are not playing this double standard “civilized” world game, olllld generations ago created. We are not buying it, we dont want it, theres more important things, and as we grew up in the past, you guys showed us and taught us not to be afraid to take our decisions, besides Sagg Pluto was the best time for us to learn new things and accept them. You really prepared us and taught us about the world, so yeah, Thank you Virgo Plutos!!! and thanks for your appreaciation

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