A Brief Astrological Look Ahead To 2016

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The mood is rancorous and the debate is decibel heavy, the cacophony of the new crusade fills the air. Neptune’s waters are rising, crashing against the expansion of Jupiter. We haven’t had this fever pitch since the mid-eighteen-hundreds and the Gold Rush, but this time it’s different, the rush is something you can’t turn off. It’s pedagogery pandering to the Vox Populi. It’s Sauron’s savage army rising up through un-holy abscesses of black crude.

The directors of the reality matrix flash grins, knowing they’ve cranked out yet another, epic blockbuster.

That’s the mood as the digital calendar silently executes its function in the last days of 2015.

What about 2016? What lies ahead of us?

The year starts off with Mercury and Jupiter retrograding. Mercury flirts ever-so-briefly with Aquarius before it goes retrograde on the 6th at 1 degree. Marching backwards, into Capricorn, we’re reminded that it’s really, Winter and while we want to get to the next station, the liberation of the collective ideal in Aquarius, we are reminded of January’s Saturnine restraint. We have two choices; we, emulate Cap/Saturn in our lives, and become the administrative force reflecting the power of the hierarchy or we endure.

Jupiter retreats as well. Christmas gifts go back. Gym memberships go up, as people want to return to bodily shapes they used to recognize.

Gluts tighten and so do wallets.

Mars moves into Scorpio on the 4th of January, hurtling into the fiery way aka “The Via Combusta.” In the USA chart this is group consciousness (11th House), which could manifest in militancy, protests and social justice—keep your eye on MLK’s birthday.

Mars is on a crash course with the USA 12th House, where it hits on the 7th of March the same time as the first solar eclipse (see below). That’s the house of hidden enemies and the meme of the extreme goes full throttle, squaring Neptune at the end of the month. Who do we believe?

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all go or are retrograde in April–patience is very, very, thin.

Mars is a big part of the astrological story of 2016. It stays in Scorpio and Sag from January to September. Most of it takes place in the 12th/11th House of the USA chart. That’s serious unrest, and covert aggression. Sag is a sign that’s given to religious and philosophical extremism. Mars is action. It’s a clash of ideologies behind the veil.
In your personal life, it’s a back and forth between other peoples resources, sex and power, with the urge to be liberated and free.

What are you willing to let go of in order to catapult yourself into sovereign space?

Eclipses are always part of the story and 2016’s take place in March and September.

The Black Sun covers the Asian sub-continent on March 8th. Fifteen days later, a Penumbral eclipse of the Moon shrouds roughly the same area plus the USA and the western part of South America. Ironically, these are the TPP nations. Will something come up and eclipse the Globalists efforts to override local goods, produce and patents?

The Annular eclipse of the Sun happens on September 1st. The dark ring of solar fire drapes across Africa, in Virgo. Does this manifest as yet another health crisis? Fifteen days later another Penumbral Moon shadows Europe. Will issues of more economic austerity in the sign of Virgo surface?

Redemption comes in the form of the Jupiter/Pluto trine in June. If you work hard and smart from the jump in 2016, this is a cycle that will pay big dividends in your life. Also, look for victories against GMO’s around this time as the masses become more health conscious.

Jupiter then moves into Libra and suddenly relationships are back in and peace might just be given a chance.

Finally, we end on the Saturn/Uranus trine at years end. This leaves us with some promise (hopefully) as conservative (Saturn) and progressive (Uranus) elements are in more of a state of harmony. Could this be a surprise candidate that both sides find appealing and workable (Rubio)?

Whatever happens in 2016, the spirit of the Fire Monkey over lights it all. Lighten up and play, mock the dictators and priests who take themselves far-too-seriously and have a good laugh at the absurdity of control.

5 thoughts on “A Brief Astrological Look Ahead To 2016”

  1. a

    Please tell me CERN is not going to open up a portal to hell and let all manner of demons and black goo into our world in 2016???

    And will I make any money out of my invention / discovery? Cause I know I’m not allowed to talk about my discoveries!

    Happy New Year!

  2. M

    Love that last paragraph, especially. “Have a good laugh at the absurdity of control”. As the old saying goes “Laugh at the devil and the devil will flee”. We are sovereign souls and no one, nor, thing can take that away from us…even if appearances seem otherwise. Don’t buy in.

    As usual, Robert, you have written a bang-on piece of soul fodder. Keep up the writing.

  3. S
    Scorpio Pluto 12Degrees

    you forgot to mention neptune finally reaches its second decanate, for some months, to get retrograde to its first decanate til 2017, but at least we are gona have a taste this 2016, and im very happy cause im tired of all this illusions things capricorn pluto and neptune in pisces are creating, a false reality maybe? i know the world needed this time so bad, a time were dreams and what we dream of ourselves would become a reality, but on the downside, people is behaving TOO correct, the combination of the goat and the fishes its just creating somekind of perfection that its just an illusion, im a scorpio pluto and i see that throuhg and through, how people is on this structural edge, doing the correct, like having a job, business, not spending, being responsible with the family, etc, but then having sex with a hoe at night or doing some other sh*t, pretty much hypocrital, not saying prostitues or drugs are wrong, people is free to do what they want to do with their as*, but this correction is sickening me, its almost fake, people is too empathic, its a lie, an illusion, too much intuition, at least on the first decanate of pluto in capricorn, it was reciprocate, we could actually make our dreams come true, intuition was working nice, but then in 2014 the taurus decanate of pluto in capricorn entered, and it seems that the bull direspects the fish, so we have a bit of intution, ten minutes later its broken, it changes to something else, but when we have intuition its strng and people is feeling others smoothly, but with the cancer decanate of neptune in pisces we are gona low our intuition standards, because we are gonna become less empathic and intuitive, but more nurturing and caring, still super sensitive, but not that intuitive anymore, and sorry but for me and many more, thats a bless, all this “right way” lie is gona show as reality is, and people will be like, then it was an illusion? lmao, and it will be more reciprocrate with the taurus decanate of capricorn pluto, more like creating our own dreams, building our own dreams, instead of just magically appearing like it is today, ever since 2011…

    so 2016, and 2017, sound like a more real society, we will finally start to see reality more tuned of how it is, nothing is magic, we need to build everthing, and stop being so spoiled and treating people like servants, because everyone is doind something to have a better world, so yes, even employess are worthy, i think society will start to change this summer… or spring XD, by 2018 the last decanate of capricorn pluto will show off, and 2019 will be another era, but also feels like a catastrophe, last time there was the american revolution by the last dregrees of capricorn pluto, and the warriors were scorpio and sagg, i hope everyone is ready, cause it really feels like somethings gona happen by the early 2020s

    lol, get ready, im a scorpio pluto and our intuions are strong, almost premotional XD

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