The Uranian Radicalization Of Colin Kaepernick And The Sports Revolution

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

kaepsitFour-years-ago, I rode Colin Kaepernick’s blazing comet across not just our lives, but also the inner sky in such a connected way, that I was able to predict, to the week, when he was going to start for the San Francisco, 49ers, and along with it, Alex Smith’s injury, which would facilitate the change. I also predicted that not only would Kaep start, but Alex Smith would never start again. It wasn’t rocket science.

Smith was going through his Saturn Return and he is a Taurus (May 7th). Kaepernick, is a Scorpio (November 3rd). Saturn’s transit, would impact both of them. With the Saturn return, opposite Smith’s Sun, he would suffer a concussion against the Rams. The Rams are Aries and Aries rules the head.

Smith had something to work out with his father through then coach, Jim Harbaugh. Smith’s father is a high school principal—a Saturnian character, an administrator, Capricornian. Alex Smith is the type of man, then a young man, who always played by the rules. He was an honor student and even graduated from Utah State early. He was the All-American boy, but he needed to reconcile the opposition between himself (The Sun) and his father (Saturn). Enter Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh took Smith under his wing when he moved up the Peninsula from Stanford to coach the Niners. Smith had been about as traumatized as he could have been as a football player. Being the solid Taurus, he endured the bizarre coaching of both Mike Nolan (Pisces) and Mike Singletary (Libra). Neither knew anything about the offensive side of the ball and both threw Smith under the bus when the quarterback was not only ineffective, but also injured. In Nolan’s case, he not only threw Smith under the bus, but also ran over him repeatedly, even questioning his toughness and manhood. Harbaugh, a former QB did everything he could to reinstate his QB’s confidence. It worked so well, that Smith even caddied for Harbaugh at the Crosby Open in Pebble Beach. Professional quarterbacks just don’t do that.


What makes this even more interesting (I hope you think it is) is that Harbaugh is a Capricorn, a living, breathing, agent of Saturn. He took on the role of Smith’s administrative father, setting the stage for Harbaugh’s ultimate betrayal and Smith’s, Saturn return, psychic integration and becoming a man.

On 11/11/12, Rams linebacker, Jo-Lonn Dunbar delivered a blow to Smith’s head. Concussed, he would have to leave the game and Colin Kaepernick, would replace him and Alex Smith would never start for the Niners again. It had nothing to do with his performance. Smith was one of the leading passers in the NFL that season and the year before was just one game away from taking the Niners to the Super Bowl and this is where it gets interesting. Harbaugh violated one of the cardinal rules of sports; You don’t lose your job to injury. Once Kaepernick stepped onto the turf, Alex Smith’s job was finished. Jim Harbaugh, the Capricornian, Saturnine figure, the paternal stand in, betrayed Alex Smith. This was the first part of Alex Smith’s Saturn Return. He would be traded the next season to Kansas City, where he would take the Chiefs to the playoffs, two years straight. This was the integration and individuation for Alex Smith, where he became a man, his own man.

Enter Colin Kaepernick.

While Saturn was opposing and challenging Smith, it was getting closer and closer to Scorpio, Colin Kaepernick’s Sun. He was about to be shot out of a cannon, and would take the NFL by storm, leading the Niners to the Super Bowl, where they would square off against Harbaugh’s brother, John in an epic game in New Orleans, where the lights would go off for thirty minutes, just after Beyonce’s strobe flashed ritual to Baal.


Kaepernick was “Maximus” and Harbaugh “Proximo,” two gladiators united once again in this lifetime. Unlike the solid, sturdy, Alex Smith, from your above-average, middle-class-family, Kaep was adopted. Born to a single mother in Milwaukee, he was given up for adoption (Moses/Superman myth) and raised by a Smith-like family in Turlock, California. 6’4, 235 pounds, tatted up and raging, Kaepernick quickly grabbed endorsement deals and had the NFL’s most popular jersey from 2012 to 2013, but his stay at the top was short lived, as Saturn would conjunct and move past his Sun and it would be Kaepernick who would have to go through his Saturn Return, in Sag.

His mentor, and father figure, Jim Harbaugh left, abandoned him due to Harbaugh’s ongoing struggle with the front office. The abandonment theme is one that had already been played out in Kaepernick’s life. During the 2013 pre-season, Kaepernick’s mother made the news, wanting to re-connect with the son she had given up for adoption. He not only rebuffed her, he used the energy of resentment to fuel his assault on the NFL. What Kaepernick failed to address, even if publicly, was there was another parent who abandoned him as well; his birth father. Ironically, this mirrors the situation of Danney Williams, the young man who claims that Bill Clinton is his father, but I digress. Just as Harbaugh played out the Saturnian role for Alex Smith, he did the same for Kaepernick, by leaving him.

While Harbaugh was busy turning Michigan back into a national power, Kaepernick was floundering under the comical coaching of Jim Tomsula (Aries) and getting hurt too.

Betrayal is a common theme throughout this story and it plays a role in who Colin Kaepernick was about to become.

In Summer of 2015, the Niners insanely talented but also unstable pass rushing phenom, Aldon Smith was finally let go from the team, this time for violating his parole, as Smith allegedly bashed in a car in the early morning hours. Something was amiss about the story and Smith was livid, telling the press that people would find out the truth. In our TMZ driven society, it didn’t take long at all, as the rumors began to fly that Smith had destroyed Kaepernick’s car for stealing his girlfriend, a young and very pretty radio personality named Vanessa Diab, aka “Nessa” Hot 97’s morning girl.


Diab is of Egyptian descent and is a Taurus (5/6/81 one day before Alex Smith, 5/7) with a super stellium in the sign of the bull (Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Chiron), and her Sun in almost in exact opposition to Kaepernick’s and we all know in astrology, when it comes to men and women, opposites attract. Her Uranus in Scorpio (28 degrees) is conjunct Kaepernick’s Venus in Scorpio, at 29 degrees, adding a radical, trans-personal kick to his life. The conjunction also offers up a look at an unconventional connection, lovers separated by an entire continent.

Just for the record, Aldon Smith is a Libra and Kaepernick has Mars in Libra (more about this later for Kaepernick) and the two seemed destined for a clash over relationship as his South Node in Libra is conjunct Aldon Smith’s Sun in Libra. Interesting to note that two players, both named Smith, played a key role in Kaepernick’s time with the Niners and both were ruled by Venus (Taurus/Libra).

Aldon Smith was released and Kaepernick wound up having a season from Hell. His play was abysmal, he lost the locker room and then he got hurt. Subsequently, he lost his job to a Libra, Blaine Gabbert. Here, again, we can clearly see the Kryptonite of the South Node as it relates to the sign it is in.

While Kaepernick rehabbed in the summer, he began to change. His hair grew out, and he lost a considerable amount of weight. He also changed his diet, becoming a Vegan. It was clear that the influence of Diab, from his diet to his politics, was emerging, though we wouldn’t quite know to what extent just yet.

During the 2016 pre-season, during the third game, he was photographed sitting next to the Gatorade cooler during the national anthem. That’s how far he had fallen. It took people three games to notice. But when he was asked about it, he was opening up the doors of a revolution. We can clearly see this in his chart as transiting Uranus in Aries has been on his Moon (16 Aries) and Jupiter (22 Aries) in Aries since last year. The Moon in the chart is the mother, and in true, astro-sync fashion, his mother’s last name is “Russo” which translates into “red.”

Aries rules athletes and sports, especially football, which is the most war-like. Sag, rules the open spaces sports are played on, like Golf, Baseball, Football and Soccer. Kaepernick has a Saturn/Uranus conjunction in his chart in Sag, so he’s here to impact the mainstream through radical action. As he prepares to start once again for the Niners, this weekend as the Full Moon in Aries, will conjunct his natal, Balsamic Moon, and transiting Saturn conjuncts Natal Saturn, in some ways, Colin Kaepernick has come full circle, with his new father figure in the guise of Chip Kelly, a Sag, who has been supportive of Kaepernick from the moment he came into contact with him. Perhaps this is the karmic pivot for these two men, both of whom have had to struggle with public perceptions of who they are.


In Philadelphia, Kelly’s last coaching stop, he was accused of being a racist by some of his players and while Kelly still rostered Riley Cooper, a player that had blurted out some stupid words at a concert, captured on video, Kelly himself was never captured uttering a racist thought. The universe is an exercise in irony. Here’s Chip Kelly about to oversee the comeback of a player who has publicly challenged race relations and fairness, while become a viral firebrand. The man that was once, unfairly branded a racist in the “City of Brotherly Love” is now the steady hand that will guide one of America’s most controversial and hated athletes because of his position on race.

While I fervently support his right to protest, I think it’s missing the mark though it is supported in the mainstream media, because it is ultimately more correct politically than not. If Kaepernick was questioning the conventional narrative around 9/11 or the brutal practices of the Israelis on the Palestinians, I don’t think he’d be given the same respect he’s been accorded in the space of the mainstream media. Nor would Obama have been as eager to laud and support his stance either. Mars in Libra needs a cause, or else it can be passive aggressive and even a bit churlish. And with Uranus in Aries, spending most of the past year in opposition to his natal Mars, it’s charging and revolutionizing his outlook. As Jupiter in Libra begins its path towards conjuncting his natal Mars, I wouldn’t bet against him on the field.

As far as his relationship with Diab goes, her influence seems to have seeped deep into Kaepernick’s life, with his Venus at 29 Scorpio, dangling on the edge of the obsessive and transformational. Are they two young people being played and paid by Soros’ millions and through BLM or are they both working out their evolution of consciousness, both spiritually and politically, together?

With Kaepernick and his Sun/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio, it’s doubtful that we’ll ever truly know, but with a lack of Earth in his chart, Nessa and her Taurus Sun, opposite his, she is the grounding cord in his life.

All eyes will be on the gladiator that refused to bow before Caesar, this Sunday in Buffalo and for the NFL, no matter how controversial, it will be epic theater and all eyez will be on the adopted kid from Turlock.

3 thoughts on “The Uranian Radicalization Of Colin Kaepernick And The Sports Revolution”

  1. C

    Very interesting. Sounds like a bounce back year for Kap? His contract was redone wonder if he’d stay in SF w Chip if this season goes well…

    1. a

      I think it depends on where that relationship is at. If they are still together, I could see Kaep anging for a move to a city closer to Manhattan to play.

  2. A

    As always it seems we idolize the minimally informed because of their celebrity and what is popular for the moment.
    Your correct the issue is so much deeper and it would be amazing to see any celebrity give up their whoredom to postulate the truth.
    50% of the population or greater would support someone sending a different message especially if it was rooted in truth.
    This was intense and a wonderful read; so many aspects to consider throughout.
    Thank you for putting your all into this breakdown for us.

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