70th Anniversary Of The War Of The Worlds — Orson Welles (Taurus) & Edward Bernays (Scorpio) Stage The Invasion Of Consciousness, Project Bluebeam Early Adopter

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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war_world_welles.jpgThe seventy-year-anniversary of WOW.

Seventy-years-ago today, Orson Welles and his troupe of actors, known as “The Mercury Theatre On The Air” perpetrated one of the great hoaxes of the modern era when they broadcast, “The War Of The Worlds” on Halloween night, 1938. Welles, a Taurus, whose deep baritone eventually became synonymous with cheap wine, was the director of Mercury Theatre, but there are some rather interesting characters that were behind the scenes of Welles’ terrifying radio play that Halloween night.

Mercury Theatre On The Air had no official sponsor, though the show itself was aired on CBS radio–opposite a highly popular program that starred Don Ameche and Edgar Bergen. At the time, The Rockefeller Foundation was very interested in the field of mass psychology and funded The Radio Project which created various programs, including “Little Orphan Annie” (Rockefeller was supposedly Daddy Warbucks). They also employed Ivy “Ledbetter” Lee. Lee is often considered the founder of modern PR and developed what we now know as crisis communications. He was hired by The Rockefeller family in 1914 to become the head of public relations for Standard Oil and then a founding member of The Council On Foreign Relations. So you had The Rockefellers on one side of the production team and on the CBS end, they employed Sigmund Freud’s cousin, Edward Bernays (Scorpio), who became known as the man that invented modern marketing. Bernays employed many of Freud’s theories when it came to marketing and instilling the concepts of “desire” and “demand” in the mind of the public. The eye-popping documentary, The Century Of The Self unveils Bernays’ influence on not just the psychology of marketing, but his imprint on thought and culture in the US during the 20th century. Bernays, Ivy Lee and Welles formed a formidable trio that could launch a very sophisticated program to witness how the masses deal with hysteria in a controlled setting.

Daniel Hopsicker chronicles The War Of The Worlds and the involvement of all of the aforementioned parties in the video, The Secret History: Masters of The Universe – The Secret History of The Federal Reserve. Of course this data has come in quite handy over the course of the last forty years, especially as it pertains to the publics knowledge and existence of UFOs. How the public responded to Welles’ radio play no doubt helped determine how the government would eventually deal with the UFO/alien agenda in the years that followed. Speaking of which, my inbox has been rife with emails about a soon-to-be orchestrated UFO landing. They range from government built craft posing as ET’s and a fake, “War of The Worlds” to a staged landing by ET’s that have already been here for thousands of years, dwelling beneath the surface of the Earth poised to save us from our ecological and financial crisis. With all of the buzz surrounding the recent Texas sightings, to classified info being released by The British government, there does seem to be some momentum building around the notion that some form of contact or contact theater could take place quite soon.

Welles had some interesting aspects in his chart, marked by his natal Moon in Aquarius which was conjunct his natal Uranus in Aquarius, making him an agent of the avant-garde, restless and unconventional, using the technology of radio and film to express ones emotions and influence the populace at large, injecting revolutionary and slightly radical tinge to his creations.

Many astrologers say that we involute through our opposite sign and evolute through our natal Sun, so it would be natural for Welles and in fact many Tauruses to work with Scorpionic elements and giving them concrete forms influenced by Taurus. Ironically, the aforementioned Sigmund Freud shares the same birth date as Welles. Freud and Bernays, Taurus and Scorpio form a potent duad of involution and evolution, one that changed how we think, feel, purchase and consume.

But if the rumors of a soon-to-be staged contact as in the widely and wildly speculated Project Bluebeam have any legitimacy, then it will make Welles’ “War of The Worlds” seem like a Saturday morning cartoon. In any event, Happy Halloween!

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    Anything about War of the Worlds always draws me in! I love the book, all the movies, and the musical version by Jeff Wayne. Coincidentally just last weekend my husband found me a copy of the Jeff Wayne double LP in a junk shop. I had two extracts as mp3s on my hard drive, and used them in a couple of posts last year, but hadn’t owned the whole LP before.

    I’ve followed the links you provide here – Wow! That’s either somebody’s vivid imagination, or something else to worry about! Not that we could do a thing about any of it. I do think that people are slowly accepting the idea that UFOs might be more than imagination, so any trickery by “them” could well be swallowed whole by the majority.

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