The Dude As Jovial Sagittarian Illuminated Christ

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

“Hey man, one of you is going to screw me over.”

Sometimes realities merge with blinding clarity. Other times, there are fuzzy overlaps that induce eternal chuckles of delight. Occasionally they intersect with forehead smacking irony. I think I’ve just stumbled upon one of the latter.

Over the years, I’ve hung out with channels, consorted with friends and lovers directed by guides and master teachers. I’m pretty convinced that the closest I ever got to realizing such an etheric fraternity was being initiated into astral travel, rather violently, by the spirit of Ernest Hemingway. But I have little doubt that I am in touch with agencies far beyond my mortal ken, or I could not do what I do when I read for people. I am always amazed by the process and the soul dialog that ensues between myself and a client. But this is no high falutin’ discourse on the esoteric exchange of thought into matter, and yet some sublime hidden hand pointed me towards a metaphysical revelation that had me in hysterics. It involves none other than Jeff Bridges, birthday boy, Sagittarian; The Dude.

For some reason, I stopped everything I was doing the other night and re-watched “The Big Lebowski.” I wanted to see if the Coen Brothers were really just indulging in a So-Cal, BOHO, picaresque. In essence, was there anything deeper going on beneath the frothy head of a White Russian?

First off, from a strict astrological perspective The Dude is Sag. He’s avuncular, free-spirited, sloppy, non-judgmental, stony, whimsically ironic, philosophical and even political, sort of. In the true spirit of Sag, he fucks up, falls, and somehow lands on his wobbly feet again. Just when it looks like he’s toast, providence rescues the Dude, even if its just a temporary respite. Sag Bridges is spot on in his Sag-like practice of the “Tao of Dude.” But then weird layers begin to emerge. I kept asking myself, why would “Maude Lebowski” played by Juilanne Moore, who is also a Sag, born on 12/3, just one day before Bridges, 12/4, want to have The Dude’s child? In a strange bit of synchronistic oddity, their natal sun signs are almost exact. In the film they also share the same last name. Aside from the coincidence of both sun signs, what’s going on with the Lebowski/Lebowski, supposedly non-related birth connection? Are the Coen brothers hinting at the selection process of bloodlines in the Big Lebowski? Is this why Maude/Julianne Moore chooses him? Who is “The Dude” anyway?

We first see him in his disheveled finery, sucking down a pint of “Half and Half” at Ralph’s, then buying one with a check for 69 cents. When he arrives home, he’s mugged by two “ruffians.” They keep asking him for money, thinking he’s the other “Jeff Lebowsky,” Maude’s father. They shove his head in a toilet over and over again. The toilet is the “porcelain god” and The Dude is receiving an unholy baptism. In a weird way it reminds me of the story of Hiram Abiff, the Christ figure of Freemasonry. Abiff was accosted by some ruffians, alone one night. This was when he and Hiram of Tyre were working out the dimensions for King Solomon’s temple. The ruffians threatened Abiff so that he would give up the goods on the craft, but he wouldn’t and is killed/sacrificed by the ruffians. The reenactment of the death of Abiff is the first degree of Freemasonry. I’m not spilling any fraternal beans. I saw it on the History Channel.

What’s fascinating is the connection between the two Hirams and the two Lebowskies, both named “Jeffrey.” When The Dude pays a visit to the other Lebowski, he walks across a classic, Freemasonic chessboard black and white floor. The other Lebowski’s office has two pillars The Dude must walk between Boaz and Jachin.

When he re-joins his bowling buddies (at lane 22–the master builder) to tell them the story of his rug being peed on, just before he bowls, he bends backwards, head tilted back, arms outstretched in Christ-like fashion, also a similar pose that Bridges struck in the movie, “Fearless” where he plays another Christ-like figure. More on Bridges and the Christ theme in other films later.

Jeff Lebowski’s wife is played by a dangerously close to underage Tara Reid as the aptly named, “Bunny.” Bunny is The Dude’s carrot down the rabbit hole. She’s also synonymous with fertility and the goddess.

While The Dude is being initiated and humiliated (scapegoat) into his role as illuminist Christ, the other “Christ is decidedly disparaged and mocked in the form of John Turturo’s character, “Jesus Quintana” (not “hey zoos’). Jesus is flamboyant, likely gay and a certified child molesting psychopath. Here is where we witness the degradation, symbolically of the traditional Christ/Jesus in the form of deranged pedophile.

The Dude’s next initiation takes place in the temple of “Isis” where “Maude” Lebowksi flies over him, nude, splattering paint on her canvas below. She then launches into a narrative about the word “vagina” and the sex act.

The origin of the name Maude is “Woman from Magdala.” Yes, the same place where Mary Magdalene was from. Another derivation of Maude is “Matilda,” which means “mighty in battle.” Maude will assume the image of Matilda in the “Condition” dream sequence, replete with with horns that represent the crescent Moon/Isis and Piscean trident. So now, we’ve established that Maude is the Mary Magdalene of The Dude. What’s really strange is that Moore and Bridges will appear again in 2013 in “The Seventh Son” a mystical thriller about sorcery. Bridges will play “Master Gregory” and Moore, “Mother Malkin.” Hmmmmmmm.


The next stage of initiation that takes place for The Dude is his meeting with “Jackie Treehorn” played by Ben Gazara. Treehorn is a porn producer and The Dude arrives at his Malibu mansion while a pagan fire ritual with a topless woman bouncing on a hand held tramp takes place. Treehorn will usher Lebowski into ritual sex with Maude, a prelude in the “Condition” dream sequence. At one point, Treehorn gets a call, writes something down on a notepad, then leaves the room. Lebowksi takes a pencil and shades over the area where Treehorn wrote his note. When he’s finished shading it over, a cartoon image, a figure with a giant cock and balls is revealed much to The Dude’s puzzlement. Treehorn has spiked his drink and Lebowski blacks out.


After The Dude drinks Jackie’s magic potion he slips into a dreamworld cum porn flick called, “Gutterballs.” Here is where The Dude is initiated into the orphic mysteries of sex–the alchemical union. He enters the scene and comes upon a black and white (dual) tower that leads to the Moon and the temple of Isis. The tower is comprised of bowling shoes and the shoe attendant is none other than Saddam Hussein. He hands The Dude a pair of gold (Sun/masculine) and silver (Moon/feminine) bowling shoes and Lebowski descends from a black and white (dual again) pyramid. As he dances down each step, the pyramid is illuminated. Maude is dressed in full viking warrior/Matilde/Matilda attire. Behind her is an obelisk that seems to be getting filled with sperm/liquid light.

When Lebowski comes out of the drug trance, he winds up in the office of the sheriff of Malibu and although his name is never mentioned, the name on his tag is “Kohl.” Kohl is the most ancient form of make-up on the planet. Its origins can be traced back to Egypt, where yes, it was used to evoke “The Eye Of Horus.” In the following scene, The Dude and Maude conceive.

So what does it all mean? Well, the Coen Brothers are mocking Christianity more than just a little by supplanting Jesus with the myth of The Dude, an illuminist Christ.

Bridges plays this Christ role in other films as well. I’ve already mentioned “Fearless” where he is an air crash survivor that has exorcised fear and takes on a Christ-like persona. He was also in “Starman” where again, he plays a Christ figure, this time from space. In “Men Who Stare At Goats” he is the Christ-like figure of the super soldier program.

A bizarre sidelight is that the late Dennis Wilson, Beach Boy and brother of Brian was also born on the same day as Bridges. Looking at Wilson and The Dude, side-by-side, they’re dead ringers for one another. Wilson, along with Terry Melcher, befriended Charlie Manson in Laurel Canyon. In fact the night that Manson and his gang went on their killing spree, they were apparently looking for Terry Melcher and instead found Sharon Tate.

As the world turns increasingly darker both literally and figuratively, I wanted to share a somewhat whimsical deconstruction of “The Big Lebowski.” The next time you see “The Dude” remember, he’s the illuminated Christ and a key figure in the grand, cosmic conspiracy. Don’t let appearances fool you.

Surreal Dream Temple Of Isis Sex Initiation Dream Sequence

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  1. B

    So what is the cosmic joke (or significance) of the fact that Robert Phoenix looks like he was separated at birth from the Dude? You could be twins.

    1. a

      Yes, I am suing the Coen Brothers for royalty infringements on my life. But now that I cut my hair and gave up White Russians, I may have less of a case.

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