Ultrametamegahyper Scopes For The Week Of 5/16, Scorpio Full Moon And Mungolian Jetset

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The week starts off with that Scorpio Full Moon, opposing a mighty force of Taurus, stellium. We’re talking stellium of stars ascending and mending their energies together. This week, we are strong like bull and stubborn too. Prima facie don’t mean jack, Jack. We want deeper, earthier, grittier, rootier, more, more, more. The superficial brownwashing of reality won’t cut it this week. No. We want microbial allies and silica wisdom, coursing up through our soles and infusing our bodies, minds and spirits with the sulfuric matrix of creation; carbon-based-gnosis. In short, you/me/we want desperately to re-connect with what it feels like to be human. That includes a broad spectrum of psychic-nutrients and fleshed out experience.

We are like tribes that roamed the plains in search of sustenance and delight, before the matrices of symbols enchained and entrained our thoughts into woulds, coulds and shoulds. God forbid you might remember that you have a body and it is your astral container for this trip. It’s not about knowing more about the world around you, but the one within. If you are emotionally vigilant and view your life without the blankey of denial, you’ll begin to understand all you need to know and make your physical reality a reflection of it. That is the beauty of the Taurus energy, especially in opposition of the Moon. See our consensual reality for what it is and don’t shirk away. Do something about it!


You’ve never felt more safe and secure than you have over the past few weeks. As Elias (Willem DaFoe) said to Chris (Charlie Sheen) in PLATOON, “Well, the worm has turned for you.” Yes, you’re on a roll and now with all the ground you’ve covered and acquisition of identity you’ve retrieved, you get a chance to make it all even more real with clear action, decisions and choices. First fire melts the lead and then it is cast into dies. That’s where you are now. New forms have been forged and are now about to cool. This is an exciting time for you. Saturn and Cap have been working you hard and the training has paid off. The octagon of life is really just a playground after all. Enjoy the week.


This week, you are the veritable “bull in the china shop” only you’re doing long form Tai Chi and spouting Whitman, while sucking on a cool, young coconut, as you admire your lovely form in the reflection of a Tiffany full length. It’s nice to be the Queen for a while eh? But don’t squander this time and opportunity. It’s merely a warm up, a way for you to get some serious momentum in your life. It’s not easy for a bull to fly, unless they are on the receiving end of an alien tractor beam, but here, in this agreement space, you need some ramp up time to reach max velocity. You’ve got some serious power available to you now and will throughout the whole of next year. As we stumble towards 2012, you’re a big player. You’re an EARTH person and dammit, the Earth and all it’s inhabitants need you. Give us all a good lesson on how to say “no” to “BULLshit” and “yes” to “BULLshift.”


Donald Trump (Gemini) just said that he will not run for president in 2012. That’s because beneath the rattle and the clatter, the prattle and the chatter, he can feel the rumblings of something in the distance that even his wealth would not be able to stave off. However, he did perform his role as Obama’s (tin)foil and birth crusader ably. Once the (cough) proof had been delivered and the bogeyman dispatched, well that was that. There is something in this for all twins to ponder. Your ability to stir the pot is at times unparalleled. Che Guevara was a Gemini and so was JFK, so you can traffic in revolutionary ideas, but right now, I would take a page out of the Templar playbook and do a little soulful R&D in the comfort of your favorite cafe or home office. This is the prelude to the end of 2102, when you emerge from your chrysalis of deep thought with the map for the blue highway out of hell.


My Cancer pal in SoCal is working his life like never before. He’s networking and building teams. He’s taking the goat by the horns and incorporating, turning the tables, telling the establishment to make room. Will it matter if people are sipping Coke Zero in the Rapture After Lounge on the 22nd? Likely not. Will it deter the spread of massive radiation pouring out of four, badly disabled reactors in Fukushima? Doubtful. Will it shower the poor with loaves and fishes? Perhaps no. But it will get his spirit moving in a positive direction, sending out magnetic waves of purpose, rippling and spreading out amongst the masses, broadcasting “the tao of choice” outward and outward, into greater and greater influence, multiplying the forces of possibility and grand outcome in imperceptible ways. Follow his lead fellow crabs and broaden your network of allies and angels.


Here I utter my first words of caution in this forecast. You have been riding such a magnificent wave these past few weeks, that you might take it all for granted. A word to the wise: “Don’t.” You need to remain as steadfast and humble as the sign that follows you, especially as it relates to your career. You don’t have to suffer fools, but neither do you have to undress them, tie them up and slather then with warm lard in the company lounge. You can get your point across without becoming tyrannical sore us. Yes, you are probably right and even though a slight affront suggested that you might not have been, simply accept the apologies and graciously take the lead again. Meanwhile, keep moving forward and making ground in doing what you love. Staying “in love” you cannot be denied.


Consciousness and health are co-mingled for you. As a fellow Virgo, I can honestly say that giving up wheat has been one of the most important changes in my life. I have gone from drifting into sleep after eating a sandwich, to new levels of aliveness. My aching kidney also seems to have mysteriously become better as a result as well. I am sharing this because you of all signs understands the importance of balance in order to experience higher levels of conscious awareness. With all of the Taurus grazing in the fertile fields of your higher mind, make the connection and attune your body to greater revelations of truth, both inside and out.


Libra might actually be one of the most rational signs in the zodiac and with Saturn’s ongoing residence in the sign of relating, ever more sober insights are pouring into the Libra psyche. But that is changing as King Minos leads you down into the labyrinth of your soul. Unexplainable things happen there. Dreams take on a more multi-dimensional force; They’re lucid holograms of alternative universes and life streams. Information comes to you out of the ethers in ineffable fashion. You sketch images of invisible figures before they arrive. You utter words before others speak them. You see headlines before they happen. This is your world now. You’d better get used to it.


Talk about fatal attraction. Whoa . . . If Springtime has not kicked in just yet, this week, ushered in by the Full Moon on Tuesday will make damn sure that you are alive and kicking. You cannot deny the connection. It’s magnetic. It’s kismetic. It’s prophetic. Drop your fears down by the water and dip into the river of life, the river of life the river of life. The rest is up to you.


While Taurus isn’t the most revolutionary signs, with enough energy and force, it can do just about anything. Your work has been in need of a major facelift for a while. I hope you garnered as much imagination and inspiration that you could while the orgy of rams gathered in the skies, because now it’s about putting all those grand thoughts and ideas into action. Your dharma is chopping wood and carrying water, with solar powered chainsaws and grass fed oxen. Now get to work.


Every goat has their day, sometimes two or three, This one is yours. Everything is flowing in the right direction. This scary Moon is really more of a passport for you to explore the erotic and taboo, which surprisingly you do not shun from, Oh if those others only knew. Using the Moon fuel, your imagination is rippling with ecstatic vibrations. In fact, you’re downright giddy. Something is going to happen. We can all feel it. It’s a wave, a planetary burp, a giant methane fart, a belching of souls towards heaven, an outbreak of unmitigated martial hives, whatever it is, it’s stirring and frankly you can’t wait, because of all the signs, you know that energy is just energy.


I just realized that Mehendra Kumar Trivedi is an Aquarius. This is really appropriate as he is getting ready to make a major tour across The USA, his new home, including stops at The Harmony Fest in nearby Santa Rosa. As an Aquarian, he is the anti-guru, or “the unguru” which for his sign seems incredibly appropriate. He’s sharing this new energy, in his new home, in unconventional ways and herein lies your lesson as well. In the hearts and hearths of man, express your uniqueness and make everyone’s place of dwelling just a little more elegant and sustained. In essence; Bring the genius home.


Enough floundering. You are not a fish adrift at sea. You’re solidly on land at this point in your life and you need to look around and find where you can be of service. Lesson time and learning is over. Long over. Get into action and make the world around you better and more vibrant than ever before. The greatest weapon against tyranny is beauty and don’t you ever forget that. You are a dealer of beauty and glamour. I have a marvelous idea for you. Turn that empty lot on the corner into a sumptuous garden, resplendent with orgone statuary and selfic obelisks. Lead us back to return to the garden.

This weeks scopes were inspired by Mungolian Jestset

6 thoughts on “Ultrametamegahyper Scopes For The Week Of 5/16, Scorpio Full Moon And Mungolian Jetset”

  1. “This is your world now. You’d better get used to it.” (Libra)

    Um, trying! Thanks. I thought that having a Scorpio stellium plus a powerful 8th house was more than enough in this arena but I guess not now. Have had weird dreams and experiences since I was a kid and have attracted weirdos since then as well. Not as many good or fun or interesting weirdos as downright creepy ones, unfortunately.

    Anyway, holy eff, did I have the nightmare of nightmares last night. Not one of those scary-movie types but something that could actually happen in real life, like a sudden, unexpected, untimely loss. So many unanswered questions. Grieved more in it than you’ll ever know…

    Oh, this is going to be a super-awesome phase, isn’t it?

    – D

  2. p


    yours truly is libra, libra rising.
    VERY strong stellium in the 1st house (scorpio).

    the horoscope is right on the money.
    have been getting used to it since the past year & decided to just surrender to the process.
    thanks for the confirmation — good to know it’s not my imagination!

  3. A

    Hi Weirdo,

    Of course my dreams have been very vivid for over a month now.. When I sleep w/my head @ the foot of the bed (South) all kinds of weirdness happens.( I have to because my Pisces husband snores and this technique helps me). I need to journal again.
    As Don Juan said “You are either a stalker or a dreamer”. I know I am the latter.

    If you were fishing for Libra’s, I think you found some 🙂

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