Real Time Update On Egypt, The Pluto In Scorp Generation And The Net Revolution

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Egyptian Youth and the internet revolution.

The situation is fluid. That’s the dictum emerging from Washington regarding the revolt in Egypt. It’s midnight in Cairo now and people have not adhered to the curfew. Police have left the streets and the army has taken over. According to CNN, Mubarak’s son and wife are currently in London and according to Aljazeera, many high ranking officials and business leaders have also fled as well.

The energy of the riots/revolt are spreading to places like Jordan and even Albania. Tomorrow, it is likely that London will steal some of the headlines as massive protests are planned for London, Manchester and other cities in England. The protests will center on cuts to services and fee hikes. How has this all come about so suddenly and what do the planets have to say?

One of the key factors in Egypt is the amount of people under thirty. This group, known as Gen-Y, is the largest group of adults on the planet since the baby boomers. Astrologically, they fall mostly under the transit of Pluto in Scorpio. These kids are intense. They are not afraid of death and going to the edge. The protests were fueled by a 100,000 estimated youths, who have been mostly out of work and trying to figure out why their country has runaway inflation, no jobs and just 30% of the population living over the poverty line. This generation is Facebook friendly and Twitter wise and both of these new media tools have played a huge role in the early stages of organizing the protests.

As I mentioned in my last piece, Jupiter in Aries has been a major player in this movement. The energy of Jupiter at the final degrees of Pisces was brackish and stagnant. It felt like a dam was about to burst and in four short days, burst it has. Jupiter (expansion) Aries (The Individual) have converged. Mars and The Sun in Aquarius have also played a significant role as both embody the spirit of Aquarius, which is the celestial expression of democracy and the spirit of brotherhood. Aquarius is also hella rebellious when it feels as though injustice is taking place. Mars is the most strident expression of Aquarius. Of course, Aquarius is also deeply connected to the internet. As we have already noted, FB and Twitter have played a huge role in all of this.

Mubarak has finally emerged, and is addressing the people of Egypt. He has stated that he will not back down and will use force. He also said that he would dismiss the entire government but would not commit to new elections, filling out a new slate with a cabinet of his choice. In real time, I can tell you that the speech did not go over well.

The Sag Moon is currently sextiling the Aquarian Sun and it will catch up with Venus, also in Sag. Emotions will be inflamed and the desire to break free, will likely over ride Hosni Mubarak’s promises for change. Look for Sunday to be a key day in the ongoing revolt and a turning point in the crisis. Right now, until Sunday, the sky is filled with fire (Sag and Aries) and air (Aquarius and Libra). The situation is more than fluid. It’s combustible.

Postscript. This might be the most civil revolt on record. Reports are that protesters are not engaged in random, anarchic destruction, which is prevalent in the G8 and G20 protests. Protesters are showing great respect for private property and individuals, including the army, while directing their anger at all things Mubarak.

1 thought on “Real Time Update On Egypt, The Pluto In Scorp Generation And The Net Revolution”

  1. “They are not afraid of death and going to the edge.” Pluto in Scorpio generation. I think that this ia very potent meme.

    Capitalism’s weakness has always been that nobody will sacrifice their life for a Mercedes Benz. The younger generation do know why there are no jobs, there was four years of economic “reform” where government factories were closed or magically ended up belonging to some crony of Mubarak. In 2006 they saw Hezbollah survive what was supposed to be a death blow and in 2011 Hezbollah runs the government of Lebanon. In 2008 HAMAS was supposed to be weakened by operation Cast Lead, they are still running Gaza. The message is – if you are not scared off, TPTB have to negotiate with you.

    We are seeing history being made.

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