2010 Horoscopes For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

2010Welcome 2010.

Another Gregorian year draws to a close. It’s been a rather tempestuous one astrologically as we saw a number of eclipses occult the sky, Saturn squaring off against Uranus on a number of occasions, Saturn moving from Virgo to Libra, the big Aquarius stellium and of course Pluto’s arrival in Capricorn. The year ends on a potent Full Moon/partial eclipse which you can read about here. It augurs a portentous beginning to the new Gregorian year.

If we can look back on 2009, the power of the Aquarian stellium kept hope high throughout the summer, while the economy faded deeper and deeper into record numbers. Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron allowed us to face our collective fears and pin our hopes on the future. Chiron in particular was an amazing force that acted like an enzymatic agent of truth. As we looked at the Obama administration and Obama in particular (Leo) Chiron in Aquarius gave us the objective insight into how effective the new administration had been in honoring it’s agreements and pre-election compacts. Chiron in Aquarius gave us a glimpse at the shadow side of progressive idealism and the inability to fully manifest those ideals in the political realm, while the gargantuan energies of the corporatocracy rose to monolithic heights as Pluto stormed into Capricorn.

We saw government become more and more invested in the private sector, while cooperate interests found a home in DC with the likes of Gethner, Summers and Rubin, returning to the scene of previously committed crimes. Through it all, Chiron gave us sobering perspective, while Jupiter expanded our utopian possibilities. It was the best medicine we could get as the cold reality of politics settled in, just after the swearing in of the president elect during a VOC Moon and Mercury Retrograde.

The Tiger Woods scandal broke open near the year’s end and we saw first hand the cold, almost robotic functionality of Capricorn (Tiger’s sign) meet the unbridled and lusty expression of it’s more carnal nature in the same man as well. Tiger’s birthday was on the 30th (yesterday) and I’ll have more on him later. That was the year that was. What about 2010?

In 2010, we’ll see more significant shifts in the heavens, including a rapid transit of Jupiter through Pisces into Aries and the big one, Uranus’ move into Aries, in May. In fact, on June 7th, Jupiter and Uranus will be exactly conjunct at 0 degrees. Anyone with a modicum of working knowledge regarding astrology knows that any sign is at it’s ultimate expression at 0 degrees. The planet of change meets the planet of expansion in the sign of will.

The Summer of 2010 will be anything but dull.

People that have been put off, down and out will say “enough is enough.” By that time, the tea parties will have moved onto harder spirits and might be sipping molotov cocktails instead of Dunkin Donuts coffee. In essence, 2010 will be a revolutionary year, a year like no other. Based on what I can see, we will live through one of the most tumultuous years since the 1960’s. I’ll get into more specific predictions in a following post, but this one is all about you, your sign and what 2010 holds in store for you.

Fasten your seat belts and please make sure that you are seated for the last five minute of this post, and please be sure to keep all beverages away from the computer while reading. Let’s have a look at 2010 for all signs.

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see you as being supremely confident and supremely conflicted. You will have more opportunity than ever before in 2010 while at the same time, your conscience will be reflected to you in the most intimate zones of your closest relations. This is a dilemma that most of us would love to deal with in the coming year. Can you balance the uber energies of success, drive, ego, will and dominance in your local environment, while still remaining in touch with the feelings of others? The opposition between Saturn and Jupiter/Uranus turns your life into a high wire act that stretches between the poles of doing for ones self and doing for others. You will not always succeed in achieving this precarious balance in 2010, but success is not the most important aspect you’ll have to deal with. Your lesson is integration and failure is a critical component of your evolutionary spiral. Even the most insignificant loss can be fuel for forgiveness and spiritual rectification. Your cycle for this dynamic is incredibly fast this year. If you can master the turgid path and quickly right yourself without judgment, you will be on an accelerated course to self-actualization that is almost quantum-like in it’s sheer ability to integrate the entirety of your being.

No rest for the weary as they say. Your 2010 is marked by a restlessness that at best brings about a sense of urgency and at it’s worst drives you closer to hitting the panic button. You are our canary in a coal mine for 2010. If you know a Taurus, keep a close watch on them. They’ll be giving you some very clear signals from time-to-time as to what is coming on the horizon for us, especially as it relates to money. Taurus has a sixth sense in this regard and it would be wise to follow their lead in almost all matters financial. On the work front this year, you work harder than ever just to maintain a sense of balance and equilibrium in your life. The great thing about this aspect is that you will have to lean on others to get what you need to get done. This has the potential for bringing in a partner in your life that can be a working partner, a person that you share a common goal, dream and vision. Together you can work assiduously towards this goal. This is a wonderful reward for all of your toiling in the fields. The key to uncovering your purpose in 2010 is to be open to doing it with the other. That sense of urgency will be tempered by the balance and equilibrium via shared purpose and bed.

A revolution just would not be the same without you. Che Guevera was a Gemini and it was his ideological dialectic that gave Castro the intellectual fuel to fire his takeover of Cuba and the nationalization of it’s resources. Without the detail and fiery compassion of Guevera, Castro is just another psychopath, perhaps exposed earlier on for his inconsistencies. By the way, does anyone really think Castro is still alive? That’s another story. But back to you. Yes, you are driven by a zeal like no other in 2010. Something distinctly magical occurs for you in your career space during the first part of the year that allows you to turn your attention towards more philanthropic and progressive ideals. But this is no mere exercise in generosity of spirit, no, you experience some rather profound realizations and that keen intellect of yours is unleashed towards the realm of equality for all. You are a champion of rights in 2010 and it starts with your own liberation. You can no longer stand on the sidelines, for to do so, you would risk almost all that you stand for and with it a great opportunity to assume a role of leadership in the areas of social networking, mass communication and the awakening of a shared, planetary consciousness. Meanwhile, you are also being forced to find creative solutions regarding your creativity. While you are a light to the world, your realm of intimacy, passion and creative sparks is not a as bright. Do not fear, this is an aspect that will work itself out, but you must integrate the disparate parts of your nature into one, synergistic whole. In so doing, you’ll bridge more worlds than you ever imagined and you’ll find a love that reflects the eternal nature of your soul. Are you really ready to be seen in full in 2010?

I know you’re wondering why the hell you incarnated this go round and whether or not it’s worth it all and based on your chart, I can totally see why. There is no other sign that is stressed like yours in 2010. Core aspects and arenas, like relationship and home are demanding your attention like never before. You cannot seem to extricate yourself or separate from either dilemma for very long as they represent the head and the tail of a fierce dragon you are tirelessly jousting with. I suppose that you might be able to justify this if I were to tell you that some grand and glorious aspect of eternity would be revealed to you in the most intense moments of your epic struggle to hold the forces of chaos and entropy at bay, but I would be lying if I did. No, what you are here to learn now, is to how to fight back and not fold the tent and move onto the next phase of your life with the shame of defeat. You are going to be forged like steel as you face your demons head on and make serious changes that you’d rather not do. You cannot stay where you are, or you will literally be eaten alive. You must come out of your shell and deal with the messy and the uncomfortable. I’ll give you one clue as to how you can do this. You need to be as fearless in your career as possible. You need to take some risks and blaze an entrepreneurial spirit in a time that does not promote it as much as it once did. You will achieve some real victories in this realm and it will allow you to bring some courage to those other parts of your life that you would rather not deal with. Go forth and conquer.

Let me give you the plight of one Leo. Last week, the day after Christmas, my father could not get up and rise out of his chair. His speech was slurred and his thoughts were incoherent. He is suffering from liver cancer and the journey to discovery, through the halls of the allopathic temple has been circuitous, dark and unknowing. We have had little information regarding his true condition for a number of reasons. But last Saturday, he could no longer take the weakness and inability to move from one spot to another, so we took him to emergency and had him admitted. His heart rate was all over the map, he was jaundiced and spoke in confusing circles. We were anxiously waiting for a real doctor, (not the on call triage specialist) to come by and give my father some real care. While we were doing this, he decided that he didn’t want to be in the hospital any longer and wanted to leave. We could not keep him there against his will, so four hours into our post-Christmas emergency, we brought him back home. This is Mars retrograde in Leo, in action. What happened? He went back on Monday, where his liver cancer was finally diagnosed and he was given a course of treatment. But while he was awaiting the arrival of his oncologist, he laid there, alone, in the dark, with the rain coming down hard outside and his mortality a tangible force, like the angel of death itself in the space around him. The on duty nurse talked to him about Jesus Christ and the salvation of his soul. In the morning after his dark night he experienced a sense of relief and redemption. In 2010, your journey will take you to the edges of what had been familiar and especially during the early part, it might not be a straight line. Be prepared to be led towards a much greater sense of soul and the expansion of your identity in the ziggurat of your life. By this time next year, your fears will be reduced to tiny shadows dancing on a curtain of light.
2009 saw you get your shit together in a very real way. You cut away the excess and the extraneous in your life. Whether it was people, pounds or bad habits, you cut it loose. Good for you. You’re thinner, and have more control over life than ever before. Now comes the hard part. You tore down, now you have to re-build, especially in the area of relationships. While you have managed to take some semblance of control, relationships represent the one area of your life that you are not and have not had much control in over the long haul. This is a potent point of contention for most Virgos, but in 2010 you get to practice the fine art of giving your all, without giving yourself away. How does that sound? It implies a steady and vigilant watch over your resources, like time, money and emotions, monitoring these so that you don’t expend yourself and yet, when you are in the moment of loving, relating and being with another, you are completely there and present. You can really drop into the moment, with an awareness that allows you to be both equally subjective and objective, simultaneously. This is no easy feat, but you have earned the ability to begin to master this. Beneath the surface of your nicely controlled being, you have a roiling force of creative potential that is ready to explode. This is what you have been holding yourself in reserve for the past two years and now you have enough fuel, to drive you deeper and deeper into the heart of realization, where you can thoroughly be yourself, without losing yourself in the other.

Your world starts off with a bang in 2010. Well, maybe not so much of a bang, but a very loud and prolonged thud, that could pass for a bang if you were far enough away from it. You know it’s not business as usual with Saturn in your sign. You’re much more serious and sober. It will be a theme of your new years eve and will extend into the rest of the year. Your cool reserve is warranted. You have a sense that things are chaotic and strange and your antennae is picking up the static of unusual patterns that are causing you to be more detached in your day-to-day experiences. Your home life is undergoing some major retrofitting as well. You might be wondering if you should simply walk away from it all, or make one, final and heroic stand to make it all work. I cannot say which path is right for you–they both might be. You’ll have to slog it out with your shadow, but make no mistake, your domicile will be quite different in the year to come, no matter how you choose to deal with it. Much like your fellow air sign, Gemini, you will also be engaged in personal rights and liberties throughout 2010, in fact, you are actually dreading some of the things you might be called on to do in the year to come. Scientists are discovering that people actually respond to events emotionally before they actually occur. This takes place on both a personal and a collective level. While you might not want to shout that the sky is falling, you might have little choice in the matter to tell the rest of us to get out rain boots and slickers, because there’s a nasty storm is brewing on the horizon. Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, prepare to meet the epic love of your life in 2010 as well. Can you handle it all?

You are on a pilgrimage of the spirit in 2010. You are basically ready to re-engineer your life purpose, but in order to do so, you have got to take a journey into the depths of your aloneness. If you have to deal with separation or divorce in the year to come, do not fight against the tide and current. Let it take you under, where you’ll be able to find yourself once again the in the depths of your own nature. During the nineties, many Scorpios had to deal with issues around power, the unclaimed part of their psyches and so on. When Pluto transitioned to Sag, it marked a graduation of sorts for a many Scorpios. You’ve had a good decade or so to really get used to your energy, get in your skin and now it’s time to move onto to the master class. Don’t be afraid of being alone or left behind. You have some deep soul spelunking to do. Your journey is to face your aloneness and supposed sense of separation. As you get clearer and clearer that your fears are nothing more than the aggregate composition of socially held beliefs that border on the superstitious at times, you will begin to see your life’s purpose in an entirely different light. Many Scorpios have been hiding out, but that can no longer be the case. You will be called upon to teach what you know and you will do so from the inside out. One of the things that I would suggest is to write down as much as you can, because you’re going to be using your life as source material for the rest of us.

Your mind s gong through a deep reorientation. It’s not as though you have given up, but you are surrendering aspects of your belief system that used to supply you with all kinds of ready answers and handy paradigms. While you still have some core “beliefs” that are suitable for now, even those might fall by the wayside in 2010. The question becomes, who or what are you if you are not your beliefs? This is when it gets really interesting, because you are emptying your glass, slowly but surely and what re-fills it will be clearer and purer essence of spirit than ever before. Do you very best to not succumb to apathy or it’s evil twin, despair. You are called upon to live in the unknowing until the light of a new day begins to dawn. One of the things that can really keep you afloat is service towards your friends. While you experience the humbling joy of disassembling, you can quietly and lovingly reach out to your social circle. Who needs a shoulder to cry on? A fence mended? A new perspective? A timely cup of tea? This is very relevant to your process. As you step outside of yourself and your limiting beliefs, you’ll be able to have a greater sense of compassion and won’t take your plight as seriously. Home gets an upgrade in 2010 and maybe, just maybe, one of those friends you’re tending to, might become something more than just a friend if you know what I mean.

Whenever I write these scopes and I get to Capricorn, it’s a signal that I’m nearly done, I’m in the stretch run and all I have to do is keep my endurance up, my attention on, and I will be finished in shortly. Capricorn signals the peak. It’s the mid-heaven and the apotheosis of cycles. That’s where you are and where we are as a culture. Your path in 2010 will likely mirror the path of the planet as it evolves around us. What we are going to see is the fall and rise of new systems of economy and governance, some of which will not be palatable to the masses, others that might actually provide some real ballast and relief, especially if the people get involved and have a say. Inside of you are the masses and their need for a collective catharsis as our social systems move rapidly towards collapse. You are feeling it because you are hard wired into the moment. Your edifice has been masterfully crafted and sculpted over a lifetime. You have a keen understanding of your own operating system and yet, it’s about to crash. You also know that you must liberate that part of yourself that knows and understands what is happening. 2010 is a real turning point for you as you move towards the light. Your decisions will begin to encompass far more than what it means for just you or your family. You are thinking big picture. You are thinking long term. The cycles of time begin to extend outwards towards eternity and you can begin to comprehend life against the backdrop of the long now. Not every Capricorn is like Mel Gibson, who has the ability to create a new life in the jungles of Central America with a Russian beauty half his age, but you can make your own stand wherever you are.

You are still guided by the visionary beacon that has been your light throughout 2009. Your bubbling optimism and can-do spirit was really tonic for many of us over the past year. Some of that will change to some extent 2010, but it won’t be as if you’ll be heading off to some dark cave to contemplate your navel. In fact, you’ve the opportunity to really capitalize on some of the great ideas you’ve been promoting for the past year. In 2010, its time to make the visionary real, while putting a few doubloons in your pocket as well. That doesn’t meant that you are free from the magnetic pull of the Plutonian death star though. Everyone has to deal with it and for you, it’s in the land of the shadows, where if you allow yourself. you’ll have vast access to even more knowledge and insight. However, in order for you to attain such riches, you’ll need to face some of your fears regarding the possibility that utopia may not arrive on time or even that the type of world you once envisioned might not be as cool or progressive as you thought. Last night I was reading a piece by Whitley Strieber and he was lamenting over the fact that his work might have opened a portal for greater consciousness around the alien agenda. In essence, through his work, it was becoming more real and as a result the possibility of contact was greatly enhanced. Strieber believes that the only reason we have not had contact yet is that our collective imagination cannot handle it, though he believes that is changing. He also thinks that The Grays represent a type of consciousness which is disturbing to us, almost like a bad LSD trip at times. In some ways, this mirrors a potential lament for you in 2010. You have worked hard towards the end of some goal that is deeply Aquarian in nature, but as you get closer to the goal you begin to question it’s moral efficacy. Lucky for you, the future is fluid and you can still influence events in the world around you. Just don’t stay in the shallows if you want real depth and change.

Mike Leach was a coach for Texas Tech. Leach was considered unusual by many in the Lubbock area, a football savant that marched to the beat of his own drum. He was into pirate lore, skull and bones, and often used pirate symbolism and mythology to inspire his players. He was coach of the year last year in the Big 12 and had done something no other coach of Tech had done for years–he beat rival Texas. Just days before his team was about to square off against Michigan State in a bowl game, Leach was fired. He was due to get a $850,000 bonus tomorrow, if he had still been on the staff. But he won’t be. I won’t get into Mike Leach’s sordid details in your horoscope for 2010, but I bring him up because he’s a Pisces and he’s utterly misunderstood. He’s quirky, odd and a genius. There’s something about Mike Leach that is driving most fish as the inspiration of Aquarius, it’s next door neighbor is adding both innovation and eccentricity to you life, while Saturn is causing you to fight for values and resources that are due to you. Lucky for you and Mike Leach, Jupiter is going to support your quest to be compensated fairly in all areas of your life, even the ones that other people fid odd and off-putting. In order for them to do this though, you’ll have separate yourself from your subjective life and really see how others view you and your actions. It’s not easy for such a sensitive soul, but al it takes is a few moments for it to penetrate your awareness and change your life. You values will go through a major metamorphosis in 2010 as well. You’ll become more comfortable with your inner Mike Leach just as have a greater sense as to how the world perceives you. Everyone likes a win-win, especially if the outcome is win-lose with one of the parities involved. 2010 is a win-win for you as long as you can step outside yourself long enough to view your loving strangeness through the eyes of another.

4 thoughts on “2010 Horoscopes For All Signs”

  1. 1.
    You hint at some hot teabagging action this coming summer and I happen to agree. Several years ago I was telling anyone who would listen that right-wing terrorism was soon going to come out guns blazing, and I think we’re seeing that come into being. The typical militias/racialists will be joined by Dominionist Christians and others like-minded. Would not be surprised to see a lady from Alaska and another lady from Minnesota to come out as figureheads of the movement, along with a bunch of Southern political leaders in Congress.
    I also think there is going to continue to be “soft” disclosure of ET contact in the national media. Sci-fi and fantasy movies/tv/literature will continue to entrain kids, teens, and receptive adults, while pouring grimoires of occult technologies into their brains.
    Recently the CEO of GE, Jeff Immelt, gave a speech in which he feigned regret for the crimes of the corporatocracy over the past couple of decades and seemed to signal a “change of heart” underway in the aristocracy. This would resonate with the signs that Obama is the kinder, gentler, multiracial face of the plutocracy. Not sure yet if immelt’s speech was a sign of actual change to come or more “the beatings will continue until morale improves.”

  2. Watch the days leading up to June 7th. Mars will be opp Chiron & Neptune at the time spread between the 28 and 0 degrees of their signs.

    Saturn will be stationing direct with Chiron and Neptune stationing retrograde, and Pluto still retrograde.


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