The Sabian Symbols Stack Up In Average Joe Plane Crash

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

austincrashLook deeply into the visage of the very smoke itself.

Yesterday, Joe Stack flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin. It was pretty big news and I have to admit that his manifesto struck a chord with me. His flying plane into a building DID NOT. We’ll get into the astrology of this act in a moment. But let’s try to understand what really happened here by looking at the facts:

• He moves from place-to-place to try to get a leg up on the system and according to him, always got beaten back down by the man.

• He invokes The FED, The AMA and The IRS and The FAA. Who didn’t he leave out?

• He burns his house down. No evidence about his life leftover for any scrutiny whatsoever.

• He steals a plane and flies into one of two IRS buildings in Austin, the one that is not nearly as populated as the other.

• Luckily, coincidentally, The Austin HAZMAT team is right across the street when the plane hits.

• His website, part of which is still archived out there had a whole list of clients, some of them with ties to The US Gov. So Mr. Stack was at least earning a living wage.

So what are we to make of all this? First off, though I respect his frustration and rage against the machine, he is not a hero. Let me repeat that. HE IS NOT A HERO. People like Joe Stack fuck everything else up for other people that are working towards deep, profound, paradigm melting change. He might have made a nice statement for himself or whomever got him riled up enough to do this, but left a shit-stained boxer short for the rest of us to clean up, while the alphabet groups sharpen their pens and tighten nooses. Tax protestors have now just become “Domestic Terrorists” thanks to Mr. Stack or whoever he was.

Let’s say, for the benefit of the doubt that Stack was your modern equivalent of D. Fens, Michael Douglas’ character in “Falling Down.” Let’s say for just a moment that he was real and really motivated by the bitter root he gnawed on day-in-day-out. If he had one scintilla of consciousness, he would have understood what he was doing to the rest of us, what he was leaving behind. If he was that astute, as astute as his manifesto proclaims, he would have comprehended what his actions might trigger. But he didn’t. He didn’t even fly into the most populated IRS office in Austin, where he could have taken out lots of “innocent” folks. Nope. Even in death, Joe Stack could be considered a failure.

The heat has been turned up for the past year in a big way. Job losses, crappy economy, politicians that say anything and do nothing. Escalating wars. Pandemics of the week. The kitchen is starting to swelter. Maybe Joe Stack was one of those guys that was programmed to go off, not by any remote control, but simply by getting cooked in the heat of everyday life. Switching metaphors here, it’s like a big, wide fishing net that’s cast out to sea. If you’re even remotely lucky, you’ll always snag some sort of chum.

But maybe Joe Stack wasn’t really Joe Stack at all. Look at his name. Just an “Average Joe” whose odds are “STACKed” against him. “Joe Stack” Kind of rhymes with “Joe Sixpack” doesn’t it? The common man who just couldn’t get ahead. Maybe. Here’s an eyewitness statement with some very interesting language:

“Stuart Newberg, who was in the area right before the crash, said the plane was flying low and fast when it plowed into the building, according to The

“It was flying low and fast and I did a double take,” Newberg said, according to the Web site.

“I thought it was a play remote control plane. Then I saw the smoke.”

He told the paper he thought the plane seemed “very controlled.”

Now we can infer that Stack was very in control of his plane and that this was no mistake. Purely intentional. Or we could infer that the plane itself was under some kind of control. Who is Stewart Newberg anyway?

Here is another interesting comment from Peggy Walker, and IRS agent:

It felt like a bomb blew off,” said Peggy Walker, an IRS revenue officer who was sitting at her desk in the building when the plane crashed. “The ceiling caved in and windows blew in. We got up and ran.”

He crashed the small plane at around 10AM, Austin time. If we were to cast a chart for that time + place, there are some fairly interesting markers, especially as the planets and degrees relate to The Sabian Symbols. Below, you can see the chart for Austin at that time and date.


The first thing that jumps out to me is The Aries Moon in the 12th House. Aries is a hot, passionate, fiery and feisty moon. There is little patience in The Aries Moon and yet, it is occluded by the shadow of the 12th House, where things aren’t always what they appear to be. The motivation or the surface of the energy might be closer to the skin of things, but beneath the surface something else is going on. There is a completely different motivation on an emotional level. The 12th house can be highly deceptive and can be defined in the old, exoteric sense of the meaning, “hidden enemies.” Okay. We might be able to infer a lot from that placement; Emotions at war. War-like emotions. Moon in Aries. Hidden agendas in the house of secrets. What agendas? Whose? The Sabian Symbol for The Moon at that time is rather peculiar. Please not that I use the Rudhyar degrees and interpretations:

“Through creative imagination man can “fly over” and discover the means not only to escape from the fatality of seasonal decay or deprivation but to assist other living entities to survive through crises.” Migrating birds fly south (Austin) but by establishing partnerships with other creatures unable to escape the wintry deprivation or death, man can maintain the the life of the spirit, steady through all crises, if like a young girl, he is open to the promptings of love and sympathy.” Here’s the kicker, Rudhyar finished of with this nugget: “A the fifth stage of the symbolic sequence, we witness human activity motivated by sympathy overcoming the seasonal phase of impotency. The theme is THE TRANSMUTATION OF LIFE INTO LOVE.

What are we to infer from this Symbol/Degree? The images of flight are very compelling, as is the direction (South). But if we really get into the Aries/Moon Degree, what we’re talking about, addressing is the need to overcome the desolate conditions of the human spirit, in the wintry recesses of our social milieu. It speaks to opening to life and bonding with others (creatures) for survival. Pulling together. Whether or not you agree with Joe Stack or believe that he did it or it was a false flag, or that he was sick, or a coward or a hero, the event is a wake up call. We need to begin to really understand one another’s suffering with as little judgement as possible and when it’s appropriate to join voices and forces to get each through the winter of our discontent. If the deck was stacked against him, push away from the table and get some relief elsewhere. If you know someone that it is going through a hard time, take time to simply listen, let them understand that they are not alone in their plight.

Looking at Mars in the chart, it’s at 2 Degree of Leo, right in the fourth house. Violence in the home. Anger. The fourth house is ruled by Cancer, the ruling planet of The US. Mars there, squaring the ascendant denotes forceful action. The burning up of ones home could very well be associated with a firey Mars in the 4th house. Again, the symbols are eerily prescient:

AN EPIDEMIC OF MUMPS (The spreading power of individual crises through the collective)
“The broad meaning of an epidemic is that one individual if infected by a certain type of disease, can spread the disease to a vast number of persons in his environment, and in some cases, all over the globe.”
Paraphrasing Rudhyar here, he sees “The Leo Man” at this degree as being a would be child an infant of the spirit. He clearly states the following; “What was an individual issue is now seen as a collective danger. Thus we are dealing with THE INFECTIOUS SPREAD OF INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES.

What has Joe Stack or his social engineers hatched into our psyches? Will this be followed by copy-cats? False Flaggers? Was this the beginning of a dreadful domino effect that will increase in yet more rights and freedoms curtailed in the name of safety and security?

LAstly, we look to the Mid-Heave, where the event is launched into our collective psyches. At the Mid-heaven we see Capricorn, sprouting it’s horns at 19 Degrees. Again, Rudhyar hits it out of the park:

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD-CHILD CARRYING A BAG OF GROCERIES(Rising to the occasion when asked to assume social responsibilities ahead of one’s normal development)
Rudhyar speaks to the fact that children in our technologically advanced world are asked to grow up sooner, faster. It’s taking on responsibilities, perhaps before one is ready. It signals a time where youth has ended and it is essential to participate in the larger milieu and get up-to-speed as quickly as possible; “A pattern of ACCELERATED GROWTH can thus be established with both positive and negative results.” In essence, we no longer have the luxury of acting out like or even imagining the acting out of Joe Stack. Our position as slumbering sovereigns awakening from 2000 years of sleep cannot afford it. Whether Joe Stack was really mad and really did it or the system microwaved him into such a cool rage or his plane was remote controlled and flown into the least populated IRS building, he came hurtling out of our repressed psyches, a symbol of utter frustration and as the Mumps would infer, potential impotence. Thoughts are things.

It’s a razors edge and the collective theater of the mind is ALWAYS a projection of our psyche(s) to some degree. When we saw those horrific pictures of Abu Ghraib, we were complicit. We were Lyndie England preening over naked and blindfolded muslims. We were the muslims, brutally defiled and disgraced. We were the puppet masters that trained England and her pals to robotically torture and like it. If you want to inhabit a world where a vision of oneness prevails, we must also be one with our darkest shadows as well.

If we commit to waking up, we cannot dismiss the inequity and the tyranny and yet, we must maintain the poise of a zen master, have the humor of a court jester, the compassion of Christ, the patience of a saint and the steel will of a warrior. One day, without all the theatrics, histrionics and hyperbole a simple, unified, and firm, “no more” will be quite enough.

2 thoughts on “The Sabian Symbols Stack Up In Average Joe Plane Crash”

  1. I had a professor in college who was very fond of the Unabomber due to his outspoken Luddite message and the “courage of his convictions.” I remember saying in class “However worthy his views, now anyone who espouses similar beliefs is going to be labeled a homicidal nutbar.”

    This Austin thing screams of old-school propaganda tactics, like the government dousing people with extreme amounts of acid, arresting them, and then using the resulting freakouts as justification for banning LSD.

    Even the name Joe Stack sounds like a pulp novel character, like a spy named Guy Incognito.

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