Avatar, Chriron And The Impact Of Planetary Discovery Upon Consciousness And Culture

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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naviThe Face Of Chiron?

I’m fascinated by social events and phenomenon as they relate to the discovery of new planets in our solar system, or new facets of existing planets. One of my favorite examples of course is our favorite ex-planet, Pluto. When Pluto was discovered in 1930, the mob and Al Capone were in full blown psychopathic-twitch-reflex. Capone and his ilk were called “The Underworld” and of course, that is one of the hallmarks of Pluto; sex, death, transformation, drugs, the depths of the psyche, the underworld. Cosmic discovery meets terrestrial uncovering. The planet of the underworld and the underworld on this planet. Ten years later, Glenn Seaborg and Edwin McMillan would cook the fuel for the nuclear bomb at UC Berkeley and name it, “Plutonium.”

The ott-controversial Chiron was discovered in 1977. This “asteroplanecomet” is often referred to the wounded healer of the zodiac. It has it’s own orbit and moves quite slowly through the various signs. Perched between Saturn and Uranus it could be part of the planet, “Fenix” often referred to as “Maldek.” It was the fifth planet from the Sun and supposedly got tangled up into a nasty war between some agro-aliens and had to be taken out for the sake of everyone. That’s one version. Out of Fenix/Maldek, Chiron was ejected. It’s the largest surviving chuck of the former planet. In Greek Mythology, Chiron was a “civilized centaur.” Unlike those other beastly rutters, he was skilled in medicine and surgery. He was supposedly a great teacher and quite kind. And, according to the Greeks, were it not for Chiron, we’d still be fumbling around in the dark, looking for matches. Chiron made a deal with Zeus, that he would sacrifice himself, so that Prometheus, the fire (knowledge) thief, would be unchained from the rock, where human pate was served to birds each and every day. So Chiron becomes a sort of Christ like figure, dying for the sin of humanity, in this case, the arrogance of Prometheus.

When we look back at 1977, it was no ordinary year. Personally, it was a train wreck for me in high school, where I consumed far too much rye mold, if you know what I mean. But collectively, it’s kind of a whoa year. In keeping with the fire/gods theme, 1977 was officially the first time lasers were used in creating fusion energy. This is actually a pretty important development. In addition to the fire theme, something else quite remarkable happened that year and has since set a ripple effect through time, to this very day.

In 1977, a peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia had been in the oval office for just one year, and he had quite a mandate on his plate; peace in the middle east. Then president, Jimmy Carter moved swiftly to broker a peace deal with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin. Their names are quite interesting indeed. Sadat means “master” and Anwar means, “beams of light.” Menachem means, “comfort” while Begin is fairly self-explanatory. Together, the master of light joined forces with the one who would begin the comfort or healing. Carter essentially means, “driver” or “charioteer.” Jimmy Carter was driving the process. It was Carter’s singularly greatest achievement and the accord reached between Israel and Egypt “could have” been a blueprint for peace throughout the Middle East. However two out of the three men would pay dearly for their transgressions against the forces of chaos, aggression, fear and control.anwar-sadat-menachem-begin

Begin had come to the table after the resignation of Yitzhak Rabin, who had started the movement towards Camp David with the Sinai Treaty, in 1975. Under pressure from his own Likud Party, Begin was less than swift when it came to enacting the boundaries agreed upon at Camp David. This according to Wikipedia;

“Begin was far less resolute in implementing the section of the Camp David Accord, which defined a framework for establishing autonomous Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. He appointed Agriculture Minister Ariel Sharon to implement a large scale expansion of Jewish settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories, a policy intended to make future territorial concessions in these areas effectively impossible. Begin refocused Israeli settlement strategy from populating peripheral areas in accordance with the Allon Plan, to building Jewish settlements in areas of Biblical and historic significance. When the settlement of Elon Moreh was established on the outskirts of Nablus in 1979, following years of campaigning by Gush Emunim, Begin declared that there are “many more Elon Morehs to come”. Indeed during his term as Prime Minister dozens of new settlements were built, and Jewish population in the West Bank and Gaza more than quadrupled.”

On July 7th, 1981, Begin ordered the bombing of Saddam Huessein’s Osirak nuclear reactor, thus setting in motion serious events that we are still dealing with today, with even more gravity than before.

Of the three members involved in The Camp David Accord, Begin, “The Comforter” turned his back on the historic agreement. Here we see both healing and wounding, coiled painfully together.

Anwar Sadat was met with an assassin’s bullet and Jimmy Carter had obstacle after obstacle thrown in his path, especially after he cut the jobs of a number of CIA agents and had the audacity to be a man of peace.

Carter and The US would later have to suffer under the heavy weight of Paul Volcker’s 20% interest rates, newly enforced emission standards that made Detroit roll out some of the crappiest cars of the 20th Century, the demands of OPEC, gas shortages, Russia’s incursion into Afghanistan, the boycott of the 1980 Olympics and last but not least, The Iran hostage crisis.

Carter is a Libra and was born to be a peace maker. Throughout much of 1977, Pluto was close to Carter’s natal Sun and was in a six-degree-orb on the day of the accord. Clearly, he was a man on a mission. Even though he was a former member of “The Tri-Lateral Commission” he was a president that was clearly ahead of his time and had a personal vision for world peace.

Chiron started off in Aries, the sign of war in 1977. It shifted into Taurus in April of 1977. Taurus is ruled by Venus in classical astrology as is Libra. Here we can see a man of peace, really attempting to ground that ideal in material form, from air into earth.

The agreement was signed on 9/17/77, however Chiron at that time was retrograde, which may not have been the ideal time to sign the treaty. Had they signed it on June 12th, Chiron would have been conjunct Moon, Venus and Mars, all in Taurus and it would have been so fixed and binding that perhaps we might actually be living in quite a different and much more peaceful world today. But the Camp David Accord and fusion lasers were far from the only Chironic news of 1977.
br>In 1977, we saw the death of Elvis, The birth of The Sex Pistols and The Clash, the great blackout of New York City and the release of “Star Wars” all under the discovery of Chiron.Avatar_direhorses_Jan-2010

So what about now? What’s happening now in terms of planetary revelation as it relates to astrology and consciousness? A lot.

In James Cameron’s ultra-mega-uber box office smash, Avatar, the action takes place on Pandora, where they have discovered the highly coveted “unobtanium.” Well we haven’t discovered Pandora just yet, but there’s a lot happening up there. NASA has recently discovered that Uranus and Neptune could be literally covered in a sea of liquid diamonds. What does the perception of “liquid diamonds” have on our consciousness? What kind of potential resource is it? What does it represent as a symbol? What new level of ourselves is revealed in the cosmic connection, not just as another facet, but a very different type of reflection altogether? What’s fascinating about all of this is the connection between Chiron, a centaur, the god, Pan, Pandora, and the Na’vi who become centaur-like when they merge their biology and consciousness with the “Direhorses.” In essence, they become centaurs–a chironic connection. Chiron is in Aquarius and the message of Avatar, which I have not really delved into on this blog, is clearly Aquarian, in a positive sense. In fact, if one were to extract the best of Neptune meeting Aquarius it would manifest in this film and even the social structure of Pandora, which is far more technological than most people understand. Could the story of Pandora be linked to Fenix/Maldek and ultimately Chiron? I’ll revisit those themes/memes and the themes of two other current films, Sherlock Holmes and The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus in a later post. But for now, meditate upon the possibility of “liquid diamonds.”

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    Avatar: look over James Cameron’s history: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message969230/pg1

    One synch with Avatar is the apparently, induced, directed EQ that opens up Haiti and possibly facilitates, loosens up that vast oil field thereunder: http://www.engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net/

    It is not clear that Avatar will have a net positive effect. Americans just do not get it. All of Cameron’s films were clearly signaling, sounding off about our Big Problems: Aliens, True Lies, Terminator, Titanic..The Beast precedes unabated and the would be Good Guys have been locked and frozen – at least from effective, practical action to fight to win.

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