Jupiter/Uranus In Aries Dominates Predictions For 2010

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

crystal_ballLook into my crystal ball.

I’ve done my scopes for all signs for 2010, and when I do them, I do my best to synergize as many astro elements as possible and give them a semi-intuitive narrative. They’re for growth, humor and some form of epiphanous reflection. In essence they’re for levity and food for thought. I have been thinking about some other predictions for 2010, most of which are based on the stars, some of which are simply more intuitive. The heavy hitters this year, Jupiter/Pisces, Jupiter/Aries, Uranus/Pisces, Saturn/Libra all have a major role to play. Let’s have a look at what I see coming in 2010.

Israel Attacks Iran
I would be very surprised if this does not happen by June. According to astronomer, Mike Molner, Jupiter in Aries is the alignment for Israel. If that’s the case, then when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in June, if the conflict had not yet begun, tensions will be at an all time high and Israel will be itching to strike. Most of the world will not be in favor of the possibility of a strike and will let this be known through Saturn in Libra. Israel will not likely heed the prevailing global opinion and strike anyway. This will trigger a series of smaller conflicts that will bring us dangerously close to a global conflict.

Massive Peace Marches
Saturn in Libra will usher in the return of the peace march, only this time people will hit the streets in upwards of a million people at any given location. This is a world wide phenomenon and will originate in Europe. I see Spain and Italy leading the charge and the movement will take on a world wide significance. As a result, we’ll also see more and more troops deployed in record numbers to make sure that the demonstrations are peaceful. Which leads me to the next prediction

Martial Law
For the first time in the history of the US, we will see US troops on it’s soil. This is not very far off at all. We could be looking at 30-60 days and it will not happen all at once. There will be an event that will push US troops onto the streets (likely the crash of the dollar) and their presence will be gauged and determined how much more and how quickly the troops will escalate.

Fall Of The Dollar
It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. I would look for this to occur between the end of January and the end of March.

Rash Of Mystical Sightings
With Jupiter in Pisces, we will have an increased number of mystic-religious sightings. The Mother Mary will begin to appear to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Jesus sightings will take place as well, but not like the Mary visions. They will add more speculative fuel for end times signs.

California Will Have A Major Earthquake
This quake will be centered in LA and will be in the high sevens on The Richter Scale. It will be one of the more destructive quakes in the history of The US. April/May seem to be the months that this energy is highlighted.

The Year Of Death
There will be a record number do deaths due to illness. Cancer rates are going to go through the roof and the new health care system (yes it will pass) will buckle under the weight of increased mortalities. Pet death will also be up sharply in 2010.

Homegrown Technology Explodes
There will be a wild rush of new technologies that will start to hit in 2010. It will be a trend started by a group of young people, ranging from 17 to 23. Most, but not all of the new technological developments will revolve around computing. There will be one technology in particular that will involve multi-media transference of files that will revolutionize how we experience media.

Strange Occurrences In Phenomenon
The laws of physics will appear to be incredibly mutable. Object will begin to pulse in and out of phase as will people at times. It won’t be that uncommon to be walking with someone and have them disappear for a moment or two then re-appear. Most people will be unaware that this is happening. There will be more contact with disincarnate spirits than ever before. By the way, the above picture was recently sent to me by a friend, from a friend. It was taken in her new apartment.

Breakaway States
We’ll begin to see the first real signs of the sovereign movement in The US. There will be major activity around the mid-terms that will begin to address seceding from the union. The states that will lead the charge will be Nevada, Idaho and Oregon.

Breakaway Countries
In addition to breakaway states, we’ll see breakaway countries, countries that will not want to be part of some larger order. Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela will be in front of this movement.

The New Men’s Movement
Men will move further and further away from the concept of metrosexuality and reclaim their masculinity. These leads to . . . . .

The New Women’s Movement
This will be based on the sacred feminine versus the ideal of unisexuality.

The Fall Of Birth Rates
We will begin to witness for the first time in decades a slight decline in the birth rate as fertility becomes a real issue from 2010 moving forward.

A Small, Independent Film Will Steal The Public’s Heart
There will be a small, indie film that will be a wild success, based on the purely positive power of it’s message. People will see it 2-3 times. It will become a deeply viral event for many people.

Teabaggers Form Own Party, Candidates In Midterms Run
The Teabaggers get organized and galvanize a potent, populist movement that challenges the status quo. One Teabagger emerges as their spokesperson, This perosn could quite possibly be controlled opposition.

The Year Of The Whistle Blower
2010 will see a number of people come forward with top secret information that will threaten to blow the lid off of some deeply buried stories. In 2010, we’ll see some initial revelations come forward regarding chemtrails. There will also be a few whistle blowers who will be feeding the public misinformation, though they will not know this as their memories will have been implanted.

Debt Forgiveness Demands
Countries will begin to question the legitimacy of their debt and the people will start to demand that their leaders default on debt that was for the most part accrued under corrupt regimes.

Alien Contact
Most people are predicting some form of this and put me on record as well. I’m not sure if they’ll be the real deal or if they’ll really have our best interests at heart, but the day is coming and I think that year is upon us.

So that’s it for now. Come back in a year tell me if I’m a prophet or a fool, or both. 🙂

25 thoughts on “Jupiter/Uranus In Aries Dominates Predictions For 2010”

  1. B

    Great post thanks Robert
    I so hope you’re wrong about misrael striking Iran …
    Debt forgiveness … hmmm … for any bank to ADMIT to a bad loan will call all other ‘assets’ into question and the bubble the wanker bankers have been balancing will burst( as you and Nostradamus predict)… maybe the collapse of the dollar will be seen as a cleansing process… all the bad bad energy associated with that worthless bit of paper and so much of it planted in corrupted hands and hidden bank accounts… and the new currency will belong to the people and not the fed aka wanker bankers aka neck-tied retards … anyone with assets of $10 million or less will automatically recieve the equal amount in the new peeps freedom dollar…and all funds over $10 million must be completly accounted for… that would flush out the cockroaches doncha think?

    …And also the weather(man-made?) affecting food production this year which will bring on the famine of 2011… Also seen by the genius Nostradamus
    This coming famine will be covered up/ignored by the msm with the ‘news’ about ETs and UFOs… …
    …” IF YOU CAN ‘SEE’ THEM …YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THEM” — Advice given to me by a wise 5th dimensional energy…

  2. B

    Dreaming on… away from this planet called …The Place Of Unnecessary Suffering
    The peeps will create a health care society totally financed by a new lottery also using the vast taxes gouged from all the corporations producing the toxic crap that makes us all sick…ie fast food…tobacco… alcohol…DU …vaccines etc…
    And all occuptions and ‘wars’ will end …and the money saved will be spent on an education system which will provide free up to and including university level …also via the internet to developing countries until our new nurturing infrastru cture has built the necessary schools etc…
    Maybe then we’ll no longer be a failing species …?

  3. A

    I do agree in two things: First, that Dollar is in its ending phase, they **want** it to be left aside, for the debts of Us economy – grown even by the Stimulus Package, inevitable – **must** be unleashed and discharged and released on the whole world, but of course the Plan is far bigger; Second, the return of marches for Peace, especially in Spain and Italy, for sure…
    Two nations always under the risk of fascism, endemic in them, Spain does not appear today but we have to consider how much time Spain remained under fascism while Italy not… And so, for the Nemesis Law, Italy today leads the tendency to the return to **devious** forms of fascism…
    It **must** bring a balancement all this or world has no sense, or astrology misses the nucleus of things…

  4. A

    And the attack of Israel against Iran? On one side it is very possible for today it is clear tha actual government will not stop notwithstanding strong protests of many Iranian people… But on the other side it is clear that an act like that is very dangerous for what Phoenix wrote: This will trigger a series of smaller conflicts that will bring us dangerously close to a global conflict… Even Bilderbergres have been cautious on this point **not** for they “love” Iran but for the danger of a global conflict…
    Either they find a way to release the long charged Israeli attack on Iranian Nuclear sites without it to unleash a more global conflict or…
    It is a global conflict what they – at least **a part** of them – want… In Daniel Estulin’s inside report from Bilderbergers it results that, even if they share a common goal and a global vision, they are divided in order to what is the best way to achieve it…

  5. Agree with you on several predictions.

    Teabaggers are the largest astroturfed grassroots movement ever, yet I can’t shake the feeling they’re going to start getting really violent.

    As much as I would like to see states declare sovereignty, I have not come upon a good explanation as to how they’ll do without federal government cash, infrastructure, and national guard. Also, I thought Nevada had more than a few military bases in their state. No doubt the Feds would want those bases to remain untrammeled.

    Most health care “reforms” don’t happen for several years so don’t see how illness this year will cripple new system.

    Unfortunately, I agree with you on Israel and I think there is a large contingent of power brokers in the US getting the wet squishies in their panties over the prospect. But probably not the current administration. Hoping, but doubtful, they’ll be able to prevent it.

    Would love to see reawakening of divine feminine and corresponding men’s movement, but am not sold either sex has broken out of their conditioning enough for it to be “massive.”

    I would agree with you on the dollar, but I have a feeling the countries that own the most US debt will just keep holding their noses and smiling.

    Yes on aliens and extraordinary phenomenon. Not sure yet if aliens will be just sophisticated bread & circuses or the real deal.

  6. a

    Thanks as always for the feedback Mark. On the succession front, I agree with you on Nevada, re Are 51/Dreamland and the proposed nuke dump, waste site, but the rumblings are already there and I actually see it as more a of bio-regional movement clustered around southern Idaho, northern Nevada and southern Oregon. This is where it will start. I don’t think that the entire state or states will follow suit, but the energy seems very ripe in those areas.

    This admin may not have a choice in regards to Iran when it comes to Israel. Some of it depends on the different factions working inside of the new administration.

  7. i

    “There will be a small, indie film that will be a wild success, based on the purely positive power of it’s message. People will see it 2-3 times. It will become a deeply viral event for many people.”

    I am curious. How did you come up with that?

    1. a

      I see Jupiter in Pisces as exalting film and the magic of film. Uranus in Aries is the essence of independent media, really taking the power of the media back in a personal fashion. Then I add a little intuition into the mix and voila.

  8. a

    Yeah, it does leave for two months. You’re right. Still feel it. I’m not sure about lack of Neptune not creating real art or change, but I can see the author’s point as it does lack some significant aspects to other planets in 2010. However, we did see it dance with Jupiter and Chiron throughout 2009 and that would supposedly birth art and change and quite frankly, unless you call Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert high art, the music world certainly did not benefit mightily from Neptune, though Aquarian Lambert most certainly did.

    What we did see on the change front, really didn’t resemble change at all. More war and more soaking of the public trust on many levels, really a softer version of the Bush/Neocon agenda. I guess what I’m getting at is, that even with potent Neptunian aspects in play, the best we can really muster up is “Avatar?”

    I’ve posted earlier that Saturn/Libra will support the re-birth of the singer/songwriter as well as protest and political songs.

    Time will tell.

  9. a

    I think that Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron has been much more subtle and a real spiritual tonic for the troops. It’s helped us get through a pretty depressing time actually.

  10. i

    For some reasons this point amuses me. maybe because it is not a doom and gloom prediction. But I believe “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” could be our indie hit. Release august 2010.

    1. a

      Well that depends. End of Cancer, beginning of Leo, if LA was your home for acting, TV, Film or Music, I might want to ride it out and see where it went, because obviously, unless you want to work for some trance factory in Orlando, pumping out mind controlled teen stars, you might not have any other options.

      But if you weren’t, I’d do my very best to listen to my intuition and higher self, regardless of what an astrologer might say, because ultimately, it’s your journey.

      Pray, meditate and listen.

  11. K

    can’t help but suggest to hannah…….

    “if LA was your home for acting, TV, Film or Music, I might want to ride it out and see where it went, because obviously, unless you want to work for some trance factory in Orlando, pumping out mind controlled teen stars, you might not have any other options.”…….

    OR….there IS Austin…..

    (if you’re leaning towards thinking out of the box). ;D

  12. Israel attacking Iran: “The picture is painful; it is dangerous. It is clear that the pivot points of all these observations are the Plutonic push from Iran, the victimization of Israel, and the front-and-center caught-in-the-middle position for the United States with more than enough of its own dire problems.” [The Rites of Spring – The United States, Iran, and Israel]

    Martial Law: “The last time Uranus was on Scheat: 03 May 1926, The British general strike in support of coal miners started. Over 1.5 million workers walked out which lead to the government declaring martial law.” [Cardinal Crisis – Scheat 2010]

  13. j

    It’s now early Spring 2011, Aries Sun. I actually found this link via the image you used to depict the womens movement. Magically, here I am. Having read your predictions for last year. Very interesting. And… accurate. Curiously, the reclaiming of the sacred feminine and the drop in fertility I see as separate yet equal counterparts. Both, counter intuitive to the other. For the record, reclaiming the sacred feminine tugs in all facets of spirituality, when pressed up against the patriarchal design of our bound up and chaotic society. She isn’t going away. Perhaps you could say this strength and intuitive grace and awareness could serve as a powerful ally to the rebirthing, or preservation, of blessed masculinity. All good things, n’est pas?

    1. a

      Yes. Perhaps I was a bit myopic in my view. Women (and the feminine principle) are and continue to be a great source of inspiration for me. I was going through a challenging period with a divorce and it colored my perception to a certain extent. However, I see the dark and shadowy manifestation of this as well, in the unholy triumverate of Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Powter, who were the three muses of war, leading to the debacle of Libya, which could likely lead to a larger and even more dangerous war.

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