Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 12, Obama, The Son Neptune and The Mystery Of His Birth

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The Son Of NeptuneBack when I started this series, breaking down the charts of Obama, Palin and the rest of the crew, I was using a chart for Obama that was cast by astrologer, Joyce Hopewell. That chart had Obama as a Scorpio rising. I have linked to this chart on more than one occasion, and referenced it a number of times as well. Hopewell has since pulled that chart and is now using the more standard Aquarius rising chart based on Obama’s birth certificate. There are serious problems with this scenario that transcend birth/time/place. In fact what I am about to dive into will in some ways prove that Hopewell might have actually been correct in her first celestial pass on Obama.

Rectification is a tool that is used in astrology to determine a person’s rising sign without the knowledge of their exact birth time and place. For the lay person, knowing the rising sign is critical for the complete analysis of the chart. We can determine the angles of a planet born on a particular day, but not where they live in the chart itself. For instance, in my chart, I have a trine between Jupiter and Uranus. That’s discernable simply by looking at the degrees of both planets and their signs. But without the rising sign, those two planets could dwell anywhere in the chart. But since Jupiter is in the my house and Uranus in my ninth, it gives my outlook a particular slant that it would not if say Jupiter was in my fourth house and Uranus in my twelfth. Insetad of writing this blog, I might working on a menu for an upscale, raw foods restaurant. That’s how drastic and distinct house placement can be.

I won’t go into the elaborate details of rectification as it invloves a combination of events during the day, solar arcs and other granular details. If you want more info on this, you can go to zodiac.com, where Dr. Z lays out a pretty clear explanation as to how it all works. What I will attempt to do is go through my own process of rectification based on current events that in my estimation, points to Obama as a Scorpio rising and not the current version of Aquarius.

Before I get into the discrepancies of all the potential candidates charts, including and mostly Obama’s, I think it bears our attention and scrutiny to re-visit one of the first images of Obama that we all connected with. It’s the one where he is emerging from the sea, like the son of Neptune himself. In many ways, this is his birth onto the plane of mass consciousness, rising up and out of the waters of our collective unconscious; shiny, slick, bronzed and glistening, rising up as a star of the sea. Keep this in mind as we explore other Neptunian themes along the way.

Returning to the other candidates, one of the things that I have noticed is that all of the four major players in this election, have some question marks regarding their birth times and charts. I’ve seen Palin as a Leo rising, an Aquarius rising and an Aries rising. I’ve stayed with the Aries rising chart because of Venus in Aries resting almost directly on her ascendant. This would line up with her beauty queen past, and her current status as the pin up gal for The GOP. This makes sense to me, especailly as her Uranus and Pluto live in her sixth house of service, a theme she revisits again and again.

I have mentioned and linked to the fuzzy details surrounding McCain’s birth in The Panama Canal Zone and if he is really a US citizen as well. But I have not spent much time on Obama’s birth certificate as it relates to his chart and how critical this is from a legal and holisitc perspective of the self.

The most recent birth certificate of Barack Obama is currently being challenged by Phillip Berg. Here, in a very succinct post from The Celevland Plain-Dealer, the details of Obama’s birth certificate being challenged by Berg, a former Attorney General for the state of Pennsylvania are pretty clear and defined. The post also notes similar inconcgruities regarding McCain’s birth status.Why is this important?

First of all, if Obama was born in Kenya or Canada (the latter would be my guess) it would render him ineligible to run for the highest office in the land. The same would hold true for McCain as well. But seen through the lens of Scorpio rising, with Neptune on the ascendant, this haze, fog and confusion over Obama’s birth place and time are spot on. Neptune on the ascendant obfuscates identity, has the ability of making the person become whatever they wish while having others project whatever they want onto them. Neptune on the ascendant is lock and groove with Obama’s messiah program as Neptune would color the personality with an aura of religiosity and mysticism.

Throughout Obama’s meteoric rise to the nomination, people have consistently asked, who is this guy? Looking back on his life, he has been Barry Obama, Barry Soetero, Barry Dunham, Barack Obama, and now, just like uber-icons such as Cher, Bono and Britany, he’s simply “Obama.” The multitude of identites feeds right back into the diffusion of self with Neptune on the ascendant.

Let’s look at his religious background and upbringing. He is the son of an African Muslim and a Protestant mother and was born with a Muslim name. He was raised briefly in Indonesia, where he attended what he calls a multi-faith school, while his critics claim that it was a Madrassa school. Some say this is a smear tactic. I don’t know whether or not that the school he attended was pro-Muslim or multi-denominational, I do know that this religious confusion is part and parcel of how a Neptunian ascendant would manifest. Then, when he evenutally matriculates to Chicgao, he joins Rev. Wright’s Black Liberation Theology Church, a relationship that he plays down, then almost comapletely denies.. In a recent interview with George Stephanopolous, he referred to his faith as “Muslim” and had to be corrected by Stephanopolous in that he really meant, “Christian.” Obama, corrected himself. Again, this Neptunian confusion regarding faith is deeply indicative of Neptune on the ascendant.

Lastly, and maybe the most important piece of my own rectification of his chart is that he has run on the charismatic projection as a messenger of hope and change in a truly fractious and turbulent time. Some call it hype, while others call it a special and profund presence, whatever it’s source, Obama has energized his voter base with an aura, a feeling, a sense, a hope, a dream and some might argue, little else. During his tenure as a state legislator in Illinois, he voted present 147 times. Not “no” or “yes.” but “present.” He left as little of a vote trail as possible so as to not be pinned down by any position. Again, the diaphanous, almost vapor-like quality of Obama’s identity points back towards Scorpio rising and Neptune on the ascendant. He is literally running on the fumes of hope and glamour for a nation that is in desperate need of deep transformation, but willing to settle for the only candidate that they can pin their “hopes” on. Some of the same feeling and need has been transferred to Sarah Palin now on The Right

Will this make or break Obama? I don’t know, but keep in mind that when Mercury goes retrograde in eight days, I have no doubt that whether it is Barack Obama or Sarah Palin, or John McCain or Joe Biden, things will be revealed from their respective past that will have a profound impact on the future of what might be the most important election in the history of not only the United States, but of the modern world.

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