Saturn In Libra Preview — The Return Of The Sacred Feminine And Masculine — The Journey Towards Sexual Singularity.

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The sexes come together.

Over the next few days, I’ll be exploring some of the ramifications of the shift of Saturn from Virgo into Libra that takes place at the end of this month and also the shift of Jupiter into Pisces, which occurs in January of 2010. Let’s start with the shift from Saturn into Libra, then see how it relates to Pisces.

While we have been toiling around the subject of work, purpose and healing for the past two-and-a-half years, having an entire sub-generation with Pluto in Capricorn get lit up by Saturn’s transit, bringing them online and activating their purpose, Saturn in Libra will force us to bear down and re-define intimacy, sexual relations between the sexes and in some cases, with them and especially as it relates to poetry and song craft, music and writing as well. In the next two-and-a-half years, the re-emergence of the singer/songwriter will take center stage. But let’s start with the relationship aspect.

The Male/Femaie Dynamic Revisited

There was a stunning revelation by the late filmmaker, Aaron Russo in numerous interviews leading up to and after his last work, “From Freedom To Fascism” which focused on the role of The Fed, fractional reserve banking, etc. The revelation occurs when Russo is talking about his relationship with Nicholas Rockefeller. Rockefeller had befriended Russo and let down his guard, freely ruminating on many conditions that he and his family had enacted in order to accelerate the formation of a “One World Governance.” During one of their casual conversation, Rockefeller admits that they (The Rockefellers) started feminism. Russo asked him, “Why?” and Rockefeller responded thusly; “It gave us more income tax revenue with another parent out of the house and we got to the kids earlier, through daycare and pre-school.” Related to this interestingly enough, there is a lot of info on The Net regarding Gloria Steinem’s work with The CIA.

If we go back in time to see where Feminism really takes root, the seminal work, ‘Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan, was published on February 8th,1963, Saturn was in Aquarius and the whole concept of rights, not just women’s rights was front and center. The bulk of the civil rights movement, which leads to the momentus March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s brilliant, “I Have A Dream Speech” on 8/28/63 also taks flight during Saturn in Aquarius. These are broad, far reaching, social issues that still impact us to this very day, but they happened at a collective level, fueled by a healthy dose of idealism, as Jupiter was also in Pisces during that time as it will be in 2010. However, with Saturn in Libra, I believe that the manifestation of these planets will have a markedly different impact this go round.

The Fallout From Feminsim

Henry Makow is a rather controversial figure. The Canadian psychology professor has taken on “The New World Order.” “Zionism,” and of course, “Feminism.” He has been called everything from a “self-hating jew” to a “nasty misogynist.” I don’t always agree with the author of “Save The Males” but his research at times is pretty solid. Here, in this piece, Independence? Women Rue Becoming Wage Slaves” written from September of this year, Makow compiles some very interesting stats, from a poll run by “Womens Day.” Here is what he has to say about the piece and the statistics: “More than ever, women have a sense of betrayal and frustration because their “leaders” sold them on careers and being “strong and independent.” A new poll of nearly 4000 working women conducted by Women’s Day, found that a stunning 57% dream of quitting their jobs to stay home with their kids and 63% viewed their work as “just a paycheck.” Two-thirds said they would “change what they do in a heartbeat.” Four-fifths would NOT want their daughters to follow in their footsteps. Nevertheless two-thirds are worried about losing their jobs and would work longer hours just to keep them. (Talk about a wage slave.) In 1950, less than 30% of the workforce were women. Today that number approaches 50%. In 1956, 35% of all women worked. Today 60% or 72 million do. If the 1956 level had been maintained, 30 million American women would not be in the workforce today. They would be looking after their families, their homes, their communities and themselves.”

This does not sound at all fulfilling to me.

Does that mean that all women need to immediately drop what they are doing and follow in the footsteps of Michelle Duggar? Hardly. But between the uber equality at all costs feminism and the model of archetypal biblical wife lies some median that might be more towards the feminine mean which provides a sense of nurturing and balance in a woman’s life. To do this however, society and our culture would need to re-assign it’s priorities. The re-balancing of the sexes and their roles, honoring the feminine in the feminine and the masculine in the masculine would have to occur in an environment that was supportive of such re-calibration and I can tell you without hesitation that it is NOT the current end game capitalism that is bearing down on us like the barrel of a cheap, saturday night special. The new social milieu that would allow us to re-balance the needs of our spirits and our sexes would take place in community, committed, stable, intentional communities where duties are shared and the burdens of leaving the home day in and day out would be considerably lessened.

Technology’s Lie Of Luxury

The promise of technology that was served with relish during the 50’s and 60’s was ultimately a lie. We were promised ease of use, leisure, luxury and more time to spend doing the things we loved. While some of this has come to fruition, we are more the servant class to technology itself than the other way around. We have less leisure time than ever before and ironically technology has helped isolate us in many instances. An article from USA Today, circa 2006 details the fractalization of our society:

“The trend toward isolation surfaced in the last U.S. census figures, which show that one-fourth of the nation’s households — 27.2 million of them — consisted of just one person, compared to 10% in 1950 In June, an authoritative study in the American Sociological Review found that the average American had only two close friends in whom they would confide on important matters, down from an average of three in 1985. The number of people who said they had no such confidant soared from 10% in 1985 to nearly 25% in 2004; an additional 19% said they had only one confidant — often their spouse.”

In my perception this isolation has been furthered by the fracture between the sexes, most of which, in my estimation, based on what I can see, has been socially engineered. Combine that with the promise that technology was going to make things easier and voila, we have a nation and quite possibly a world, that is becoming more and more dehumanized with each passing day. The way to cut this off at the pass and heal the planet’s lonely soul is to re-connect in forms of community that will encourage us to be more reliant on one another and less upon the gadgetry that makes our world go go go. As we do so, we will be able to step out of the prescribed roles that we now almost automatically inhabit after four decades of deep and steady indoctrination. In a world of intentional community, we just might have the opportunity to hold fast to our humanity.

The Return To Sexual Singularity

David Deida is a somewhat controversial researcher and writer on the relationship between the sexes. Simplifying his deep and complex work, It’s his contention that after a period of social innocence and ignorance, followed by a split in the cultural ideal and manifestation of typical male/female relationships (The Saturn in Aquarius phase) that sexes are yearning for a return to balance, where the sacred feminine is met in kind by the sacred masculine. Deida sees this as an elevation of the feminine in women, not an outright rejection of it, which many of the second wave feminists actually encouraged. In this sense, the re-balancing of the relationship between the sexes will resemble some form of singularity, a return to a place of potential wholeness, but not without the informed input of our shared experience, our collective data gathering and our planetary dance in the grand ballroom of illusion and separation. We come together again, more enlightened through the results of our choices. But that only addresses a certain aspect of our culture, that more or less relates to heterosexually. What about those that don’t?

While Saturn in Aquarius stressed peoples rights, broad and all encompassing across the spectrum of the western world, Saturn in Libra is much more personal. It is the right to engage in any type of relationship based on equality. I see the rise of Gay rights also taking wing during Saturn in Libra. It will be ironic to say the least as women begin to reject the feminist roles that they thought would bring them freedom and thus equality with men, and men will re-discover what truly being a man is at the same (I will get to this later), that Gay rights will also be a hot button issue as well for the next two-and-a-half years. Unfortunately, it could also result in deeper polarity as people begin to reclaim more fundamentally classic sex roles, but from an enlightened perspective. It’s not a divide that the country, nor the world will need, and yet, as we will see with the reclamation of the sacred feminine and masculine in our collective soul retrieval, so too will we incorporate the messy interzone of same sex feelings and love between men and men and women and women. The core of this experience is of course oneness and again, fueling the rocket ride towards singularity.

In the back drop of the first year of Saturn in Libra, Jupiter will be in Pisces and it will add some mystical breadth, a luminous sheen that all things are possible if we simply merge in the greater being. This will serve as the perfume, the scent, the allure to find love again for many when coupled with Saturn in Libra. Look for a return to a rise in romance. But the real fireworks for Saturn in Libra will take place in 2011, when Jupiter moves into Aries and opposes Saturn yet again. In my estimation, rights will move to front and center on the world stage, but they won’t be restricted by what they mean for either sex or sex in general. 2011 will be the year where people demand answers.

My pal, Molly Hall over at About sees Saturn in Libra really effecting the Pluto in Libra generation. I couldn’t agree more and the next time we dive back into this, we’ll spend more time on what I call “Generation Ex” as in the divorced generation.

For more sobering statistics on the unhappiness of women, go to this piece on Huffington Post.

9 thoughts on “Saturn In Libra Preview — The Return Of The Sacred Feminine And Masculine — The Journey Towards Sexual Singularity.”

  1. A

    difficult words to read but honest. Just picked up Barbara Hand Clow’s book on The Mayan Code where Carl Calleman writes the forward. Interesting pod cast of Carl too!

  2. Lovely read Robert, was very excited to see your write on Saturn in Libra as I am of course a Libra. Though I know it wasn’t meant for me personally, it sure did hit the nail on the proverbial head for me when you wrote: ‘return to writing and singing’, which I have done and the muse is impelling me to put energy and action into also. Very cool.
    With Saturn conjunct my natal Venus now as he squares Pluto, I feel the rumbling up from the deep and Saturn’s controlling measure exacting me. I expect to see some of the same relationship issues come to the fore now too, for me and the planet as well, so right on there. Bravo again.
    Also; go to this piece on…..where? We are all hanging~

  3. Wow, wow, wow. Brilliantly written. A great analysis of Saturn in Libra.

    You know what I feel will begin to transpire as well in the next couple of years? Social grace, for the love of the cosmos! We really could win over companionship, whether professionally, platonically or romantically, with just a little honey. And, quite frankly, I can’t wait for people to realize that no one
    wants to work with a big, mean grouch in order to get something done ’round here.

    To earn respect, not only must one respect oneself but also GIVE respect. Relationships involve a “give and take”, not just “take”.

    Keep up the great work, Robert!

    1. a

      Hi Debby,

      I agree with you on that. Libra is actually pretty big on social graces. Maybe it’s time that we re-learned them and started being nicer towards one another.

  4. B

    Dear Robert you are a true light in the dark…
    The unhappiness of women…hmmm… let me think… could it be because we see the system and the world totally tilted towards patriarchal tyranny… or that most crime is against women…or that our children face a future of debt slavery…or that the only employment for most will be the military…Grrrrr
    I predict/pray pidgeon-hole words (feminism, socialism, communism etc.) thought up by the mindswiped and used by the mindless will become as irrelevant as the peeps that spout them…
    Nostradamus saw it as a tidalwave of female fairness overcoming all patriarchal systems of suppression…”Put so low they could sew little gold” were his words describing the plight of the wOman…

  5. D

    Hi Robert … as always I find your work inspiring and insightful. I found your site through Avia Venifica. My thoughts on this entire topic, all astrology aside, is that every woman is in charge of her own happiness. I, for one, could not stand being at home, but I have had choices that have enabled me to have a child and still maintain a career and my art/writing knowing my child is taken care of. I think maybe the key to women’s happiness is choice. Does she have enough choice at the time it matters most? Or is she thrust into motherhood before her time, before she is ready. The choices are there, but frequently the knowledge is not, while the natural urge to procreate always is … and so women are not empowered to choose when it matters the most.

    I wonder … does it have to be an issue about women/men? Or maybe it can just be about people?

    Great article.


    1. a

      HI Donna,

      Thanks for stopping by. One of the things that I do my best is to champion freedom, freedom of choice, so of course if a man or a woman sets out on a particular course of action, one that they feel is right for them, then who am I to question their intent? However, if you spend any amount of time on ths site, two of the themes that I work with here and in my own life are; Are our choices really are own? Are our thoughts really are own?

      The reason I put the Makow, Russo and to a lesser extent CIA, Steinem info in the post is to illustrate that in many instances, at the core of massive social movements also lies social engineering. In many instances, this can also align with astrological aspects as well. In that regard, it is “my belief” that we are
      more synthetic beings than organic. When I use the term “synthetic” I don’t mean that we are running around with polymers in our veins, although their are those with Morgellons, who might beg to differ. What I mean by synthetic is the installation of some override program that is constantly driven and reinforced by the media in order to legitimize it. As a result, we move further and further away from our organic nature and the inherent design, which if allowed to unfold, unimpeded would likely yield “whole” beings, versus “fragmented” selves in an increasingly polarized social and political climate.

      Sine we cannot go back now, we must go through the synthetic adaptation and arrive at some new level akin to what Blake calls, “Imagination.”

      As I alluded to in this post, for me, it’s like a collective soul retrieval and we are bringing the parts of ourselves that we left behind into current time, with new perspectives.

      It’s not just a “people” thing as you mentioned, only because Saturn in Libra is the essence of one-to-one relating. Ultimately, as we hope to achieve balance during this Libra/Saturn period, it does become about people, but this go round, men and women need to grieve, make peace and renew their vows to love one another from the most sacred and honored spaces.

  6. K

    Hi Robert,

    I’m trying to piece together what Saturn in Libra could represent in the microcosm of my 5th grade classroom. I have several boys that create a lot of animosity in the class. The line they give me so often is “It’s not fair!” I find that kind of funny. This week I am seeking mostly to teach them about taking responsibility for their actions and choices. What is “fair” is a key element this week. Plus, we had a school trip at the Supreme Court of Canada yesterday…I wonder how the scales will tip by the end of the week. (I have been in their class since last week only, as a long term substitute.) This week, I have been focusing on one-on-one interventions with these boys and it seems to be paying off…god I hope it pays off! I’m hoping to develop a new way of relating between the students. Will the sky be of assistance in this venture?


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